Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lace Maker

Sunday Poetry Post is taking the week off while Jim deals with some computer problems. Poems in the comments decidedly welcome.

Taken January 6, 2010.

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  1. Boo to computer problems! We'll await your return, Jim. In the meantime, song lyrics are my favorite poems.

    (My family is staying an extra week, yippee! And leaving their car here, so they have to come back. Football today - go Jets, go Saints! Hoping everyone is having a peaceful weekend.)

    Solitude - Kelly McGuire

    Oceans of blue, to the horizon
    I hear voices through my quiet mind
    Solitude can make you lonesome
    It can take you to another place and time

    Feel the breeze straighten the telltales
    Hear the mainsail firm and turn to foil
    Wind and wave pulling me forward
    Rhythm of the world stays so loyal

    But I just can't trust emotions on the mainland
    Every port is just a bittersweet prelude
    I guess I'm destined just to sail before the trade winds
    'Cause one thing I can trust is solitude

    The ocean swell rocking me gently
    Ghosts of lovers past come to call
    I wish I could tell my heart not to listen
    On waves of passion it's so easy to fall

    But I just can't trust emotions on the mainland
    Every port is just a bittersweet prelude
    I guess I'm destined just to sail before the trade winds
    'Cause one thing I can trust is solitude

  2. Fascinated by how delicate Mother Nature can be. Andi, that's a great pic. The contrast between the delicate white "lace" and manilla husk of the stalk.

    Jim, cyberhugs for quick computer solutions.

    Beth, Love the lyrics. They seem so YOU.
    Yah, to more family time.

    Nicky, heating water for a cuppa and fluffing pillow and tucking a bright quilt around you. Rest and pamper self.

    Went to see Avatar yesterday. 3D experience was much better than I expected. Great special effects and world building. Sigourney Weaver gives a new meaning to prolific. That gal has been a quirky character is so many movies. I love her. That was my treat to self. Hubby comes home today but don't know about daughter. So will work on story this morning so can hear their adventures this afternoon/evening. It has been nice to be solo for a bit but know I'm pretty boring company after a while.

    Relaxing Sunday to All.

  3. Jim's computer problems are fixed.

    Beth: Go Jets? On an Indiana blog? You got some chutzpah there, kiddo. :P

    Also Beth, good to know that you and Mary noticed the awful pun but I think it's especially mean that Mary refuses to give punners the pleasure of the disgusted groan reaction. ;)

    And also also Beth, nice poem. Perfect for Florida.

    Hi Lisa. The snow was kind of amazing that day -- it was hard to how it could be so delicate and yet stay in place. And you're great company, Lisa -- you should just need to talk to yourself. :)

  4. Oh yeah, Indiana - Colts. I always think of your woods as their own little state, andi...

    Are you buying this?

    I'm sure Peyton will stomp all over the Jets, but I always root for the underdog - which is why I've followed the Broncos for so many years. Sorry for the geographic faux pas!

    Those are snowflakes?!? I thought they were dandelion-like fluffies - wow. Even more cool.

  5. Beth, all depends on how you think about underdog. I'd say a team ensconced in the middle of flyover country competing against a team from the part of the country where people see themselves as the center of universe and barely acknowledge that we exist is the real underdog. ;)

  6. Sorry I've been absent for a few days. Oh, no one noticed? Oh well... :-)

    Things have been a little nutsy here, but in nice ways.

    This photo is awesome, fantasulawsome even. Very cool

    Hello to all and All the Best to you all.

  7. Hi, all. Love the picture and can't believe that it is snow!

    (Very quietly - go Jets)

  8. Coneflower--How great to have you back!!! Missed hearing about future garden plans or cute pup or...

    Beth, I saw your football faux pas but the deed was done.
    Go Colts. Go Saints.
    I'm dancing with the blogger than brung me.
    I'll root for the Saints. Our secretary is from N'Orleans so will be rooting with her too.
    Realizing I'll be there in spirit but not likely in front of tv.

    Jim, glad puter problems are past.

    Andi, Didn't realize it was snow making that delicate pattern. Even more impressed with your catch.

  9. I did wonder where you were, CF and now I'm glad you're back. Sure am glad things were nutsy in a nice way.

    Hi Dina. (Very quietly so Beth won't notice -- it's okay for you to do that since you live in the neighborhood.)

    Lisa, you get the 40 acres gold star today. :D

  10. Glad to hear/read Jim's computer woes are vanquished ... must remember for future problems that arise to get both Beth and Lisa's computer well wishes since they work so well and so quickly too ... ;-)

    Andi - it almost looks like snowflakes captured as they fell. Pretty!

  11. Foo'ball… go whoever. 'Course, if the Jets win, I'll have to tweak BrandX and Evil Lad NOT, my Colts-lovin' nephews.

    In honor of Jim's computer getting fixed, I'll drop a senryu I wrote about 6-7 years ago:

    My legs are burning!
    Blast furnace? Desert summer?
    Pentium laptop.

    Cone (sorry, don't want to use CF, that has another meaning for me) was virtually wandering around FAR Manor, so I didn't know she was gone. ;-)

    I've had a couple people recently asking me about the fireplace insert; one said TFM was the only place on the net with any info! Now that Blogger in Draft has pages, I've gathered the links I had and some general info and stuck it in a page. Also copied the landing posts for White Pickups & FAR Future to pages.

    Got lots of wood cut yesterday. Plenty more where that came from, but it's raining today. One of the downed trees snapped over about 20 feet up… I'm hoping the winds we're supposed to get today & tomorrow finish it off.

    Andi, that's quite a shot — that's actually snowflakes? Did you take it at night & use a flash?

  12. It probably wasn't not very long after they fell, olivia -- we'd just had a little snow shower about 10 minutes before I took the shot.

    Farf, yes on it being snowflakes, yes on the flash, and no on the at night.

  13. Christina Rosetti:

    A cold wind stirs the blackthorn
    To burgeon and to blow,
    Besprinkling half-green hedges
    With flakes and sprays of snow.

    Through coldness and through keenness,
    Dear hearts, take comfort so:
    Somewhere or other doubtless
    These make the blackthorn blow.

  14. Writin' in a coffee shop,
    PorchSally nearby;
    We both look up,
    and holler out, "HI!"

  15. ::waving at the coffee-drinking poets::

    (pretty poem, maryb!)

  16. Nice choice for the picture, Mary -- even if it made me chilled.

    So Nancy, I guess that makes the perfect illustration for why you're a fiction writer. ;)

    And Beth ... Flyover country wins! Flyover country wins! :P

  17. Congrats, andi!! It went as I expected - when Peyton's on a roll, it's hard to stop him. See you in Miami in two weeks! This game should be really good...enjoy!

  18. Thanks for the great poems, Beth, Farf, maryb, & Nancy. I'll be back next week barring life having other plans.

    BTW, if your iTunes library ever becomes corrupted, abandon all hope or at least a weekend or two.

    To those licking their football wounds, remember there was a time when the locals refered to the team as the Indianapolis Dolts.

  19. Love MaryB's Rosetti poem, which has jogged my memory about a bag of sloes in the freezer, waiting for me to turn them into sloe gin. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, blissful and very, very alcoholic! Let me see, I have sloes, I have sugar and I have gin - oops, make that I have an empty gin bottle! Back to the drawing board.

    Feeling tons better, thank you for kind wishes. And yesterday the sun shone!