Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hope Sprouts Eternal

Taken December 31, 2009.

Taken December 27, 2009

Taken December 25, 2009.
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  1. continued from yesterday ...

    Beth, definitely wishing you good luck with the job hunting ... and I know you can survive the hits to the ego -- 'cause just like all of us, you know you're good.

    CF, the water was still running. There was a better shot from the other side but then I wouldn't have had my comparison picture.

    Nicky, there wasn't much of anything about gym class that I didn't hate. One of my happiest moments was when I and a bunch of friends burned our gym uniforms after our last class ever.

    Farf, I know it's cold because every time I go outside, it's freaking cold out there. :)

    Drive by good morning to you, b2.

    FM, I hope the computer problems clear up soon. We don't want to have to miss you.

    Back to today ...

    No VGW for Lisa or Beth today.

    Good morning everybody.

  2. Since I woke up early today, thanks for no VGW, andi!

    Love shots that don't have snow in them - reminds me that winter doesn't always have to be buried in the white stuff. WHICH THEY'RE PREDICTING TO FALL HERE ON SATURDAY. Granted, it's just a few flakes but still...I moved to Florida to get away from the cold. Frost yesterday bit my banana trees, and now they're saying we might see snow Saturday morning. Sigh.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, andi. I'll keep repeating that to myself as I take the plunge.

    And I always hated gym class. Never had a uniform to burn, though - that would have been very satisfying!

    Off to do something, even if it's wrong. Stay warm everywhere today, folks!

  3. Teach me to get up so early - forgot to check the box...

  4. Pass the Coffee Andi, mines still perking.

    Love the alien scapes you are discovering this time of year. I'm wanting to see the planes that fly and land with those mini wind socks. I'm thinking Dragonflies of a sort.

    Grateful to have no new Kiddos this morning. Have gotten 15 so far this week. It was nice to leave school on time and spend some relaxing time with Hubby. We've been watching Burn Notice that I DVR'd over the holidays. Action, humor and not too much heavy thinking. Just right.

    Tonight's the big game--Hook em Horns.

    Hasn't gotten into the teens but is predicted for today. The big thing is the wind 20-30 with gusts to 40 that will be major yuck along with freezing drizzle possible.

    Throw another log on the fire.
    Waves to all as goes to work on story a bit.

    Thursday winking at the Weekend for all but Maria with an early Friday.

  5. I'll be rooting for your Horns tonight, Lisa!!

  6. Snow day!
    I'll make it up in April, but today it's a snow day!

  7. Relish the day off, Jim.

    Thanks Beth. We'll need plenty of positive energy.

    Off to the Mimes for me.

  8. Beth, I must have had a premonition that you'd be getting here before Lisa. Hope the cold weather and snow spares all your flora.

    I like that windsock imagery, Lisa. I guess we won't discuss what the top ones might look like. :)

    Snow day! Oh noes! I have to put up with Jim all day! And it's not even summer.

  9. Morning, gang! Beth, I think you took our snow--we had a forecast of snow for Friday and it's vanished now.

    Lisa - Burn Notice FTW!! Love that show.

    Jim, w00t!! Have fun today.

    Andi, words fail me at the beauty of the pics today. so very amazing, as always. You continue to rock!

    Very glad its my Friday. Worked last night on research for my sekrit project--took me back to my univ days doing term papers. ::g:: I do love it, though.

    Can't wait to tell you guys!!

    Happy Thursday, snow day and whatever to all!

  10. We have snow! Granted it's the blowy powdery kind that isn't good for sled riding or snowballs, but is good for closing all the schools. I've had a cold the last few days so I think it makes a good excuse to stay home and truthfully I don't think it would do my cold any good to go out and shovel and drive in this.

    A bruised foot and a cold is not how I envisioned starting 2010.

    Have a good day everyone.

  11. More stunning photography, Andi. I love the images in the drops on the top photo. Even without the drops it would have been awesome. The little bells in the lower left are very cool. And the strings of pearls on the little vines in the lower right are gorgeous. You caught everything at just the right moment. It's hard to believe the brilliance of the green in the top photo. Thanks so much for sharing these.

    We have a ft of snow predicted today for NE Ohio so it must be a different glop of snow from yours Andi and Jim. Happiness is having an All Wheel Drive vehicle for the first time. Front wheel drive is pretty good but AWD is even better.

    Cheers to all of you in "the gang". All the best to everyone.

  12. I lived on a mountain in the woods of NE Washington for years, and drove an AWD (yay Toyota!). I could make it through a foot of new snow on a steep forest road in my Corolla wagon - never worried about the snow. Ice was a different story (and why I live in FL now) - but AWDs are the best. Be safe on those snowy roads, folks!

  13. Morning all! Those are hope sprouts, Andi? They kind of look like cattails to me. :-P Like the butterfly bush, Crazy Rhodo is a bit wilted but still quite green. The flower buds will probably blacken & snap off, to be followed by another set.

    As a Michigander born & raised, even after spending over half my life on Planet Georgia I still get amused at the outright panic that ensues over a forecast of UP TO an inch of snow! It's a relatively balmy 25F out there now, with no wind (compared to 14F and a stiff breeze the last couple mornings, that's quite an improvement); the fluffy white stuff is due to arrive this afternoon. I might try to get a shot of Crazy Rhodo dressed in white. Y'know, the GW denialistas are having a wonderful time right now, conveniently ignoring the minor detail that this system would have been much colder 20 years ago. We'd have been below zero F here.

    Happy daze to all of you… I have to get the Manual From Hell into the approval tool then review a bunch of plans & docs from other folks today. See ya later!

  14. Heyo! *waves to everyone*

    Love the top pic.

    Out the door for Hawaii tomorrow, so mostly off net till we're home. Have a wonderful time wherever you are and I shall take joy in seeking fresh fish and good waves.

  15. Good morning everyone,

    After many tries I finally got the computer started. I'll have to see how long it lasts today.

    I was saying over in the cafe that everything happens in three. First the computer, second the heat went out for the house. I'm just waiting on the third thing. Hopefully the repair man will be here soon and we won't have to suffer through a cold house all day.

    I hope everyone is doing fine and ya'll stay warm for me.

  16. Maria, damn I hate deferred gratification. I wanna know now. ::whines:: (P.S. I've got the proof on my shelves that words don't fail you ... or you them.)

    Sorry about the cold and the foot, Mary. But staying home all snuggled up on the couch is always a nice way to spend a cold day.

    A foot, CF? Ugh, that's about 6 inches more than what I considered a nice amount. But I'm with you all the way on the AWD vehicles. I think your snow is part of the same system as ours, though.

    That snow looks pretty with the barn, Farf. We got a bit more snow than you.

    Have a great trip, Kelly. I hope you take some time from watersports to go up to visit the Alakai Swamp in Koke'e State Park and Waimea Canyon.

    FM, what a bummer on all the problems -- especially since it leads to very unslackerly behavior in tyring to solve them. :(

  17. G'night all!

    You've gotten very good at closeup shots, Andi!


    Morning, All. If the link works you'll see that the whole of the UK is frozen! This is very unusual and the whole place has ground to a standstill. Needless to say the children are loving it!

  19. WOW Nicky! I grew up in London - that's just amazing! I don't even remember snow, in all my years safe, and hope it starts thawing soom!