Monday, January 4, 2010

Do Mondays Make You Feel Topsy-Turvy?

Taken December 4, 2009.

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  1. Alright Andi, That was a low blow. Had to grab my desk and another cup of coffee to continue.
    Glad Giddy got her moment of fame. She is patient to let the other two hams in the pack star in many pics.

    Waves to Jim and Toni off to class. No fair Jim--No kids today. They changed our calendar several years ago and our workday isn't for a couple of weeks when the semester actually ends. Of course those that plan these things are not in the classroom.

    Beth, We'll be on opposite sides of the football game tonight. This is TCU's best showing ever so gotta root the neighboring Ft. Worth team on. This may be one of the better bowl games.

    Jen, that soup sounds yummy. Give me details please.

    Kelly, Hawaii--sounds like you've been there before. I don't even have a snow shovel in my hands and can stand right next to Nancy with a wishing you well/why the heck don't I get to do such things grin.

    Gotta get ready and get in early, still prep work to do for little darlings. Counseling tonight, so this is my longest day.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  2. Morning. Mason woke up at 6:15 - too early to get up, but too late to go back to bed. Coffee and lots of it. That pic didn't help… Andi, is that a reflection shot or did you just rotate it?

    From yesterday: Jim, that was actually the wx report for Saturday morning, actually. I figured since SPP was coming up I could hold off for a day. The wind here has only knocked over pines (that I'm aware of) — Mama Nature's going "clean it up yourself" or some variation thereof.

    Have a good time in Hawaii, Kelly (he says, trying not to imitate Nancy's growl). I guess you need it more than us… we've been stuck in below-freezing since Thursday night & may get above 32 tomorrow & Wednesday before dropping back under for the rest of the week. Winter #1 on Planet Georgia. I can handle this concept of "cold" but that doesn't mean I have to like it…

    Lisa, Beth, hope you guys have a great game that ends in a tie! Good luck with the kiddos… they'll maybe be a little mellow/exhausted from their time off & won't cut up. Much. Yeah right.

    Maybe the mimes won't be too terrible this week. I threw a draft of The Manual From Hell to the wolves last week, so maybe they'll be too busy chewing on it to gnaw on my legs much… Meanwhile, there's a new White Pickups episode up, and I've created a contents page & added links to all the episodes.

    Waves & hugs, see ya later!

  3. Sorry Lisa -- it was just too perfect a picture for a Monday to pass up. Maybe the thought a silly photo will help you get through your long day.

    It's a reflection, Farf. See above for apology. ;)

    And adding to the jealousy and good time wishes for Kelly's trip to Hawaii. Jim and I especially loved Kauai -- just gorgeous hiking. IMHO Koke'e State Park is the place that isn't a national park that most deserves to be one.

  4. Ha! That's about how I feel today. :)

    Another bout of Insomnia!Wand, with new improved blasts of sleeplessness last night. Bah humbug. That alarm sure came way too early this a.m.

    Off to the mimes in a bit by way of the library and post office.

    Cheers, all!

  5. Even upside down, she is just such a pretty pooch.

    Lisa, the potato and cauliflower soup recipe I plan to make is from a new cookbook I just received as a gift, Martha Stewart's Cooking School: Lessons and Recipes for the Home Cook. It is a fabulous resource book. In addition to the well illustrated recipes and lessons, it also provides great reference pages on all the things one uses in the kitchen. The soup is built up from a base of sauteed onions and garlic and is seasoned with cumin and coriander. The recipe does not call for roasting the vegetables but I probably will. Once fully assembled, all the flavors are let to simmer together on the stovetop, then pureed, then finished with cream/buttermilk and topped with some shredded cheddar. Will be served with crusty bread alongside cucumber salad and meatloaf... least, eventually, heh. This plan coming off today depends on how much energy I have after writing. Plan B involves grilled cheese sandwiches/takeout. ;) I hope you're able to ease back into the swing of things at school before those kids start swinging from the rafters, and I hope your bowl game includes lots of excitement.

  6. Good luck returning to the mimes today - I guess the holidays are truly over. I'll leave Christmas up til my sis and her hubby get here this weekend, then it'll come down. At least the eggnog is finally gone (oink oink)!

    Sorry about the wand, Maria - for some reason I'm sleeping 8+ hours, which is very unusual. Not that I'm complaining - I know how easily it can change. Sending you all of my extra hours.

    Last week of quiet before visitors come for a month - plus it's 37 out there - so I'm struggling to force myself to leave the house. Plus there's that job-hunting thing - no more excuses, sigh. Maybe I'll start tomorrow...

    Stay warm, everyone - I have the heat on, and am wishing I was going to Hawaii with Kelly! Winter comes to Florida - at least ours should just be for a couple of weeks. Hopefully.


  7. Photo looks right to me.

    Beth, I'm truly sorry about the Broncos game, and I'm not being snarky. We picked a bad time to win one.

    Jen, I'm going to take a look at that cookbook. I think I need to start getting more good warm food into my mom. Please promise me I won't gain 20 pounds.

    Sending bon voyage to Kelly and a firewood to the rest of you!

  8. Sigh. Stoopid Broncos. But if anyone was gonna beat us, it would be the Chiefs. Looking forward to our coach growing up by next year.

    Good win, Nancy. Sigh.

  9. Back to work today. Ugh.

    The snow is over and it will go up to 31 degrees or thereabouts. Better than 18 I guess. At least the b2 boy got to go sledding.

    Waves to all. Hawaii sounds good right about now.

  10. Happy New Year to everyone, let's hope it's a good one.

    Cold and bright here and everyone's gone back to work and school. And tonight I'm off to Weight Watchers to get rid of the blubber I've accumulated over Christmas! (Not much overweight but would love to go down a dress size - me and most of the female population of this country!)

    We made turkey and parsnip soup in industrial quantities after Christmas and the freezer's full of it.

    Waves to Lisa and Nancy and all...

  11. Nancy, a firewood is very well received here in the land of no temps above freezing for as far out as the professional weather people are willing to make guesses, omgwtfbrr. ;p

    I will make no warranties on the durability of pants sizes, but I've been substituting olive oil for butter and things are still turning out delish. It's a pretty basic recipe collection so it is easy to sub in or out for fat or allergens etc. The big draw for me was the clear and detailed presentation (Martha seems to assume that either you know nothing or whatever you already know is probably wrong so you'll have to relearn it properly under her tutelage, heh), and the great reference info. It includes pages on the various kinds and uses of pots, pans, knives and utensils; herbs, spices, onions; how to buy and cook a long list of veggies; which cuts of which meats are best cooked in which ways and are done at which temps, and on and on. I have been reading it in bed at night like a novel, lol.

  12. Giddy says that if you would just feel a little more like her, Maria, you'd never have to worry about insomnia.

    Oh Jen ... yum, yum, yum.

    Beth, visitors ... for a month! Okay, just the thought of that would make me run away from home (hey, just what you've been looking for -- an excuse to escape the lockdown).

    Nancy, good cooking has no calories. At least that's what my mom says as she puts another slice of brisket on my plate. And if your mom says so, then it must be true -- right? Right! (says my mom)

    I'm jealous of your 31, b2. We might break 20 -- which is where the highs are going to hover for most of the week (except when they drop even lower). I think I might trade some snow for some more degrees.

    Happy new year, Nicky. I love parsnips in soup so your stocked-up freezer sounds pretty good to me.

  13. A couple worth-repeating tweets about the game:

    "The fans showed up in Denver, so did the Chiefs. It's jut too bad that the Broncos chose today to go skiing..."

    "Chiefs just "threw a big upset log on the Denver fire" according to CBS.... Ahhhh, sports metaphors..."

    But perhaps the weirdest thing I saw yesterday was when The Boy was checking his MySpace… and he showed me a clip of Children of Bodom (a metal band) covering "Oops I Did It Again." The combined ICK was almost 180° out of phase, making it a lot less icky than expected.

  14. Jen sez: "Martha seems to assume that either you know nothing or whatever you already know is probably wrong so you'll have to relearn it properly under her tutelage, heh"

    This is hilarious and a perfect summation of Martha. Her tombstone will read: UR DOIN IT WRONG

  15. When my sis said, "We're coming down for a few weeks," it sounded like a good idea. As it gets closer, I'm getting the heebie-jeebies about people in my space. They'll be back in March, apparently - I'm not sure about February. And other friends are lining up - guess all those years I complained cuz no one came to visit are paying me back, now!

    Hence, enjoying my peace and quiet this week...I just MIGHT have to find an excuse to escape at some point!

  16. Visitors seem like such a good idea when they're not actually, you know, here. All present company accepted, of course!

  17. They pretty much invited themselves but it's family, so it'll be fine (she keeps repeating to herself).

    Last week my sis sent me a Dear Abby column, from a guy whose family invited themselves to visit him in FL and when he tried to get them to alter the visit, they got huffy and went to Vegas instead. My sis asked, "Did you write this?"

    I'm learning about the realities of living in FL, in more ways than one. I'll just have to get a job so I'll get a little peace and quiet...

  18. Even present company is included as far as I'm concerned when it comes to people visiting for more than a few days. The idea of having to be nice (and sweep up dog hair) for extended stretch of time is completely horrifying -- being a meal in a zombie movie would be comforting in comparison.

  19. Funny--I wrote present company "accepted," when it should have been "excepted," so you can tell I really do love youse guys, even while wearing Freudian slips.

    Of course, this is easy for me to say since we have no room for guests, lol.

  20. I guess I read what you meant, NP! And you are a wonderful hostess - maybe that's because at the end of the day, you get to go home alone! :-) Looking forward to our next adventure...assuming I ever find the road again.

  21. I thought I was exhausted when that picture first popped up on the screen. I'm glad to know that I haven't lost my remaining marbles.

    Hi everybody!

  22. Lolz at Martha's epitaph — good one, Nancy!

    Gee Beth, I was going to bring Daughter Dearest down at spring break to stay with you & let you show her all the fun stuff. Fortunately, she said, "um, no." giggles (And I haven't even been drinking.)

    The Boy came & got Mason this afternoon… mixed emotions there; I'll sleep all night but I still miss the little guy. Unmixed emotions: DoubleRed decided to not come home tonight - YAY!!!! Just me & Mrs. Fetched. Mr. Sunshine was here playing Wii Golf with me for a couple hours, but he got sleepy & boogied.

    Had a DV tape jam up in Mrs. Fetched's (expensive) deck. I managed to tickle it enough to get it to spit the tape out, then massaged the tape case to get it unjammed. Not wanting to stick it back in the expensive deck, I got out the old camcorder with the fried imager — it will play back OK, which is what we need right now. If this tape hoses up the transport, we won't care much. I just hope the tape is salvageable… it represents several hours of my life at the chorale last fall.

  23. Like Toni I thought the problem was with my eyes - tired from work.

    Jen - yuuuuuuuummmmmm. When you get the whole meal together you will have more visitors than Beth in Florida. :)

  24. Maybe if I tell folks I don't cook, they might change their minds about coming...I always forget folks expect me to provide food. I have soy milk and cereal - isn't that enough??

  25. Toni, you're a teacher -- it's a given that you've lost your marbles. ;)

    Farf, being a well-raised child I'm reading right past your jam up in Mrs. Fetched deck as if I never saw it.

    Hi Mary. I guess I need to work on more restful images.

    Beth, I think promoting your continental meal plan of soy milk and cereal sounds like a great to get guests ... to leave in a big hurry. :)

    Night everybody.