Saturday, January 23, 2010

Color Week: We Lichen the Moss

Taken January 18, 2010.

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  1. Andi, Mother Nature does the unexpected so down can be up.
    If yesterday was a beard, today seems to be her down under.
    Like CF, I'll be interested in hearing what you are able to identify with your library book.
    Those are the kind of things that fascinate me. You are a fabulous observer and we are lucky to have your eye to introduce us to such wonders.

    Beth, so glad the time with sis is great. Football coming to an end soon, so enjoy the games this weekend. One friend is rooting for the Saints, but I'd like to see Brett Farve do well too. Amazing what the old man can still do. Not only young whipper snappers can play. Though I imagine his pain meds are plenty.

    Maria, May the words flow freely for your two projects so little stress of deadline. I like how you are even more flexible with work and days off.

    Farf, You enjoy every moment with that tree. I love to mow the yard myself. A job that can be done and appreciated--no gripping that I'm not fast enough.

    Last full day alone, so will enjoy it.
    One week into new eating regime and 3 lbs lighter. Jeans will be so grateful. Seams had been moaning. Now to up my exercise. This is why I need to live closer to Andi and the pack.

    Mini Springtime has been nice. Feb usually our coldest month so know more winter awaits.

    Waves to all as off to work on story.

  2. I really enjoy "seeing" the woods (and I'm grateful to olivia who inspired me to take those closer looks), Lisa. And I hope you enjoy your writing and the quiet weekend.

  3. Atishoo! At last Saturday's book launch I kissed a lot of people and one of them was definitely a frog - a frog who gave me a beastly cold! ('I am dying, Egypt, dying...')

    That photo is clearly a sporran, Lisa. Didn't know Mother Nature was as Scot?

  4. Sorry about the cold, Nicky. I didn't know what a sporran was but now that I've googled it, I can see that the Scots have clearly raised their freak flags in honor of Mother Nature. ;)

  5. Lots o' early chit chat this morning!

    I love how andi finds life in what I always think of as a dead forest in wintertime. I know it's just sleeping but still...thanks for the peeks into the life that lies under the snow (and mud).

    Congrats, Lisa! Slow and steady - and yes, walking with the Pack would be great exercise!

    Sorry about the cold, Nicky - chicken noodle soup and lots of garlic, and a good book and warm blankie. Hope you're better soon.

    Enjoying the family time - though I took them to a house concert last night that went WAY late, and they turned into pumpkins. Can't wait for football tomorrow - hard to choose between the Saints and Vikings, but will definitely pull for the Jets all the way.

    Off to walk dogs today - FL residents can earn a free day at Disney for volunteering with an approved org, so I'm helping a local shelter. Homemade pizza on the grill tonight, the cooks say! I'm never letting them leave.

    Have a wonderful Saturday, all - take a breath of forest air for me, andi.

  6. Hi, all. Nicola, hope you feel better soon. Everyone else, stay healthy and enjoy the day.

    I have to work but it is proctoring so I can read during the test! Yeah.

  7. Morning, gang! Wow, bunch of you all up early today. :)

    Nicola, love it--definitely a sporran! Sorry you're ill--hot toddy?

    I'm about to become scarce again. My editor emailed last night for me to expect BLOOD HEAT notes today. Eep! When it rains, it certainly pours. Oh well. Trying to get a head start on the essay this a.m. so I can switch gears later on.

    Cheers, all!

  8. Yay, Saturday! I'd be out cutting wood, but The Boy & Snippet have been down at Cousin Splat's since last night so I'm here with Mason. When they get back, I go!

    Blogger (in Draft) now has pages — I'm copying a few posts that would work best as pages to them now, but not deleting the posts JUST YET…

    Feel better, Nicky. Lots of water with the hot tea.

    Off to see what else is going on out there…

  9. Hi Beth, Dina, Maria, and Farf.

    Well I've got to say I'm really disappointed that I've gotten all the way to sign off time and no one has come by to tell me what an awful pun the title of this post was. :(

    Night everybody.

  10. I saw it right away, andi, and smiled to myself. But didn't say anything. I just expect you to be witty and punny. :-)

  11. I noticed your pun. But my family is so pun-happy that the rule is always - don't encourage it by noticing it. :)

  12. lol maryb ... we try that in our family but it doesn't discourage ... :)

    Love the colours in this shot A -- look at that neon green!