Thursday, January 21, 2010

Color Week: Not So Thorny

to find some bright color.

Taken December 31, 2009.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Alien creature looking for a victim to pierce with those thorns. Menacing eyes.

    The cold is abating. More the rattle-the-bones coughing stage now.

    Maria, wonderful news about the short stories. Short writing time but sounds like you enjoy writing them.

    Beth, way too early to think about alcohol, but make mine a gimlet-gin this afternoon. Fruitful hunting for the position you want.

    Farf, glad you can move back into grandpa mode. Children moving in and out is still a strain. You are WonderPop.

    Waves to all as off to work on story. Thursday winking at Friday.(except for Maria--your Friday be here)

  2. Lisa always sees the most amazing things in andi's pictures. Thanks to both of you for starting my day off right every morning!

    Hope the cough goes away soon, Lisa.

    Thanks for the support - job search will continue. But I'll be focusing on playing with my family primarily - they don't visit very often. Art Walk tonight, I think, depending how patient Daryll wants to be. And maybe more yard work - we'll see.

    65 this morning - frostbitten plants are the only reminders of our cold snap. Sending warm waves north!

    Happy Thursday, y'all - hope it's a wonderful day.

  3. Morning, gang! Loads of sleep last night with weird dreams of me and Severus Snape (go figure!). ::g::

    Thanks for the congrats on the new projects--it will be a challenge, but fun.

    Beth, definitely don't settle. Get the job you'll love and you'll be way happier. Life's too darned short for trudgery.

    Lisa, glad you're feeling better!!

    I'm done with the furniture buying, turns out the Ikea chair bed makes a decent actual chair. Who'd'a thunk? Now to finish the book unpacking...after I get some writing in. :)

    Off to the mimes in a bit--you all have a great day!!

  4. I saw aliens in the photo too, Lisa! Tiny alien universes hanging from a mothership: or something like that anyway!

  5. Greenbriars are way too plentiful to feel alien, Lisa, but they are definitely menacing. Glad to hear the cold is easing up on you. Next up on the agenda, getting the kids to do the same. :D

    Beth, fun with family sounds a whole lot better than job-hunting to me. You go, girl! ;)

    I'm kind of sorry you're done with furniture buying, Maria. It's been fun following your adventures in interior design.

  6. Those briars make my legs wince...but they look pretty in your picture, Andi. (btw, I was awake for the sunrise this morning, although pretty incoherent).

    Having taken a job just for the sake of having one last year and having to grit my teeth through the experience, I say keep searching, Beth.

    Hope everyone has a great day! I'm reviewing some slides for work today, so I need to get moving.

  7. Thanks for the reminder, Erica. Been there, done that. I need to remember lessons learned!

  8. Hi, all. I love the alien image. Once said, it is all I can see.

    Lisa, feel better soon.

    Beth, hold out and enjoy the Basil Hayden while you do (always glad to spread the word!)

    The sun is out and I am enjoying it.

  9. In honor of great British writers and aliens, Nicky, I'm renaming this post (at least in the comments) Day of the Triffids.

    Apparently you're addled enough, Erica, that you forgot to be CG. :)

    I am jealous of your sunshine, Dina. The combination of rain, gloomy skies, and winter makes photo-taking a real challenge.

  10. Wow, that is a spectacular photo, Andi. Am I really seeing water droplets with reflections in them?! ::makes big eyes::

    Beth, well, it's definitely confirming that they "hired" you, but life-affirming that you turned them down. :) Dos Equis in a glass with salt around the rim, and a slice of lime, por favor.

  11. The background sort of detracts from the alien-ness for me… otherwise, it could be one of those "creatures trapped in fluid pods for the menagerie" thing.

    Rain finally arrived last night, it was kind enough to wait for me to get home. Mason was kind enough to sleep almost until 8 this morning, but that was only because he was rockin' and rollin' late last night. DoubleRed took over, against Mrs. Fetched's better judgement but got him to sleep, hooray! Oh, and I put up a pic on the blog of him getting his first semi-solid food.

    Thanks, Lisa… I don't feel like Wonder-much-of-anything most of the time. More like Wondering-how-I-got-myself-into-this. :P

    Y'all stay warm. The mimes are calling, but so is lunch.

  12. If we're ordering drinks...make mine a Lagavulin 16 yo. Neat.

  13. ::furiously scribbling drink notes::

    I've learned more from y'all re drinks than I have spending years in bars! Plan to try all of them, in time.

    Thanks again for the support. Gotta find something that I can live with, rather than leaping into the first opp just because. Will keep plugging - and keep you posted.


  14. Wow again!! Are those red lumps new shoots already? That would be great! I love the reflections in the drops too, and the perspective is so interesting. Great shot!

  15. The monster's green tentacle, dripping slime, reached out for Sniff ...


    Nice to see some green. All I'm seeing is gray. When I'm lucky to see anything, we were fogged in for days. But now it has lifted and rain has replaced it.

  16. oh, now I see that Beth is taking drink orders. Well, it's five o'clock somewhere. I'll join Andi in a gimlet - a Grey Goose Gimlet.

  17. Nancy, they aren't reflecting -- they're magnifying what's behind them.

    Love the pic, Farf. But judging by his expression, Mason is looking for something a lot more gourmet for his next meal. :)

    Beth, by the time we're through, you'll be able to call yourself a very experienced bartender.

    CF, the red stuff is probably the hint of reach-out-and-rip-my-skin-off-growth to be.

    Mary, Sniff says he thinks you know he'd never stand still for that.