Friday, January 22, 2010

Color Week: Moving Up in the World

Taken January 19, 2010.

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  1. Mother Nature's Green Beard.

    Farf, you have the house full. I have the house empty. Daughter decided to stay in Austin to see friends coming into town and Hubby is having testosterone weekend with the guys at Cherokee.
    Just me and the critters till Sunday. Weird.

    Fabulous Friday to All.

  2. Love that bright green, andi! Reminders that winter will eventually end...

    Enjoy the peace and quiet, Lisa.

    Hot/humid/foggy/windy today. Tornados around St Augustine yesterday - crazy weather. We could use some of the rain that's drenching the west!

    Art Walk last night, then music at an irish pub. House concert tonight with one of my favorite TropRock artists from Texas. Sis and BIL house-hunting and helping with projects around here - we're having a blast. Job hunt? What job hunt?

    It's Friday, y'all - hope the weekend is going to be a fun one!

  3. Mother Nature's Green Beard.

    Mother Nature needs no beard, that splendid lady lets her all freak flags fly. ;)

    Andi, is that really moss? Do you know what sort? It looks so much like a vine. I know other people hate them but some of the fragrant flowering vines are my favorite plants, and I know they're generally not good for buildings but I think vine-covered brick/stone walls are the prettiest walls.

  4. Um Lisa ... beards grow down, not up. ;)

    Beth, that sounds like a great night. As for jobs ... jobs, we don't need no stinking jobs (well we sure don't need to think about all the time, anyway).

    Jen, it's moss not a vine. Or if it is a vine, it's the tiniest, most moss-looking vine I've ever seen. I wish I knew what it was -- I've been photographing a lot of moss lately and I'm starting to really appreciate just how many varieties there are. I think I need to find a book.

  5. Morning, peeps! Woken up by spam phone call. Grr. argh. :(

    Today's "wintry mix" is just rain -- temps too high (38F). Still glad I'm not going anywhere.

    Jen LOVE this: Mother Nature needs no beard, that splendid lady lets her all freak flags fly!! I'm all about letting the freak flags fly. :)

    Andi, moss? Pretty nifty. I imagined the green alien from yesterday finally spawned and this is its offspring, climbing home. ::g::

    Ooh, Beth, Irish pubs + Irish music = FTW!! I think I was a Celt in a former life as I adore the music.

    Lisa, take advantage of the empty and write! Or just take time to indulge yourself. :)

    Hope everyone has a great Friday!! I've got another 4day weekend (thanks to the fact I have to work next Friday for a meeting), so I'm going to enjoy every moment!

  6. That's a cool photo, Andi.

    Thankfully it it the end of a hectic week. Two days of rest! Woohoo!

    Good day to all!

  7. Hi, all. Love the green.

    Everyone enjoy the day.

  8. Maria, I hope you are on a no-call list so you can get the people fined. Happy long weekend.

    Happy normal but very welcome weekend to you, b2.

    Hi Dina. As we are in the midst of many, many gray days in a row, I'm happy for whatever color I can get.

    So, Jen, I went to the library website and am glad to see they have a book called "Ferns, Mosses, and Grasses" -- maybe I'll be able to tell you what this whenever I get around to going to the library.

  9. Love it ... Great eye to discover all these small wonders in your vast woods ... :D

    (Hi everyone! Been having some internet connection problems the last week, but hopefully they are resolved now.)

  10. I could have sworn I dropped by earlier. Oh well. Jen definitely wins the quote of the day!

    Nice wall of green for winter, especially up north. We might get Winter #2 next week, but the equinox is like 8 weeks from now.

    Hooray for Friday! This has been a week, for both me and Daughter Dearest. Kind of looking forward to cutting wood… nobody to tell you it's gotta be done four weeks earlier than they said it had to be done last year, which was like six weeks earlier than the previous goalpost… you get the idea. Taking out my frustrations on a dead tree sounds like a really good idea.

    Well, I guess Andi will be around shortly to close up shop, so I'll see you sometime tomorrow.