Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Color Week: The Gift of a Winter Morning

Sunrise view generously provided by bare trees.

Taken January 14, 2010.

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  1. Beautiful morning, Andi.

    Dragging my crappy feeling body to work. Only four days this week, so won't complain--too much. Drink and drugs are my weapons to battle the germs. Don't get sick often so don't do it well.

    Terrific Tuesday to all.

  2. Lisa, I hope the day goes really fast so you can come home and collapse on the couch.

  3. Lisa, I hope your day goes by quickly and you feel better soon.

    Andi, I love the colors in the sky. I keep thinking I'll get to see the sun come up while somebody is having his breakfast, but I'm too good at keeping my eyes closed and falling back to sleep. :)

  4. Morning, gang! Lisa, hope your day goes by like most deadlines...with a whoosh. ::g:: Feel better, 'k?

    Love the sunrise pic, I'm still waiting in RL for the sun to finish coming up, darn it. Expecting warm temps today (up to 56F)--more faux!spring, I suppose.

    Glad it's a 3 day week for me. Love these Monday hols!

    Hope everyone has a gread day!!

  5. Our sunrises look suspiciously similar. Think we maybe could be on the same planet?

    Top of the morn to all the rest of you heartless squirrel-hating %@*&$#(*, and thanks muchly to Beth for remembering that I am but a delicate flower. ;)

    Meanwhile, I hope you are all well. I'm still sick on top of sick, and this layered malady bit is no fun. (CG, there will be a little somethin-somethin heading your way as soon as I can get to the post office, couple more days maybe, I don't want to send you germs!) I'm very grateful to have some creature comforts, however; because I've heard all the rumors I'm watching Mad Men on DVD. I'm just starting the second season, and WOW, it's really good. Highly recommended grownup tv.

  6. Lisa and Jen, hope the day sees you feeling better.

    Dropping by before I go to the pool for a quick hello to all.

  7. Pretty pretty picture! Funny how the colors differ in sunrise/sunset - all gorgeous, tho.

    You're welcome, Jen. I looked at the link and thought "ICK ICK ICK poor little squirrel oh no Jen will hate this."

    Hope you sickies feel better soon - I prescribe garlic, vitamin C, chicken noodle soup, lots of rest and a soft blankie.

    Loving having my sis and BIL here. Yesterday they assembled my new BBQ grill (that they gave me) and made yummy steak and salad for dinner. We had cocktails at a waterfront bar and watched the sunset. AND they walked the dog - Keeper loves his new uncle and aunt.

    More fun today - putting off the job stuff til tomorrow. Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!

  8. Lisa, a see nothing wrong with sipping a hot toddy while teaching. Be well, be drugged.

    Maria, how's your poor beat-up bod?

    Jen, lol, nice planet. Nice to look at, anyway.

    And to all the rest of you delicate flowers, bloom on.

  9. I hope that you're feeling better soon, Jen and Lisa.

    It's warming here, 40s today!

    Back to work after the "long" weekend Ugh.

    Happy day to all!

  10. CG, you could always bundle up Finn and take him out for a sunrise breakfast. :)

    Ah Maria, it won't be really spring until you can complain at 7:30 a.mm. that the sun's too bright.

    Jen, I'm happy being on the same planet as you but I sure hope you feel better soon and not just out of the goodness of my heart either -- I'm beyond ready to come over and visit. ;)

    Morning Dina. Do some laps for me -- I love seeing (or in this case, imagining) other people exercise.

    Do the color differ down there, Beth? They aren't really that different here. And oh wow, guests that bring you grills and walk the dog -- you are living the good life, my dear.

    Eh Nancy, it's more like wilting time here -- everything is pretty blah and gray and it's going to stay that way through at least Friday.

    Sorry about the return to work, b2. But I hope you and the boy had a fine 'guys day' yesterday.

  11. Maybe it's that the colors are more subtle at sunrise - by sunset they're brilliant and loud and bold. More oranges in sunset - more purples and blues in sunrise. But that just might be my perception...

  12. I agree that sunsets are more intense -- I think it's the difference between gaining light and losing it. At any rate -- !!spoiler alert!! -- you'll be able to compare Indiana sunrises and sunset tomorrow. :)

  13. Yeesh, it's definitely Virtual Monday when you can't even check out the state of the universe until afternoon… oh well.

    Andi, as always, thanks for capturing beautiful sunrises so I don't have to drag my arse out of bed to do it! I've seen similar colors in sunsets here, just depends on the cloud cover and the moment you catch it. Futzing with white balance settings on a digital camera can accentuate the blues at the expense of the reds (or vice versa) if you so desire.

    Hey CG, sounds like you have a baby in the house too? Ours is a grandbaby, and except for the "I'm too dang old to be getting up in the middle of the night" thing, he's a lot of fun to have around. OK, maybe cutting firewood yesterday had somewhat to do with it… but like Lisa, I'm dragging a bit today. OTOH, I did manage to write a couple hundred words at lunch, first time I did that in a while & it felt good.

    Maria, sounds like DC is on its own planet (like Planet Georgia) too, with >4 seasons…

    Jen, sorry about the public squirrel-hatin'. Hope you get to feeling better soon, too. Hard liquor of choice doesn't cure the cold, but you stop caring. Unless of course, you have to drive somewhere or it plays hell with your chronic illness… in which case, forget I said that.

    Beth, I agree with Andi… having visitors who grill steaks and walk your foster dog is a wonderful thing. I wouldn't mind a few visitors like that.

    I'll be posting some new Mason pix tonight or tomorrow; Mrs. Fetched fed him some rice mush yesterday & I got pictures. (Spoiler alert: he really did get most of it in him vs. on him.) Until then… back to the mimes…

  14. Lisa, there are two good things about going to school sick. One, there's a chance you'll give it back to whoever gave it to you. Two, you didn't have to write sub plans. I hope Wednesday's better.

  15. Farf, I'm glad I can be of service. :)

    Night everybody.