Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Color Week: The Gift of a Winter Evening

Sunset view generously provided by bare trees.

Taken January 17, 2010.

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  1. Intensity captured, Andi. Burst of color welcome in the gray months.

    It is a balmy 60 here right now, and supposed to get to 75. Having a heat wave.

    Thanks so much for all the well wishing. Feel a little better this morning.

    Nancy, I saved toddy time for evening when I can do it in the recliner.

    Jim, you got that right. Preparing for a sub is more work than going.

    Beth, family good to have around. Glad you are enjoying the time.

    Jen, hope you on the up side of your ills.

    Waves to all, conserving energy for the day. Still packing kleenex and mints to suck on the minimize coughing. Will try to keep germs contained.

  2. I'm not that jealous of your 75, Lisa, because I really like my four seasons to actually be four seasons but we are in for a long seige of gray days and that does make me jealous of anyone with cheerier weather.

    Beth, so here's my sunrise/sunset comparison. To me, the colors look pretty much the same but the intensity is different.

  3. ::yawns:: Morning, gang. A wee bit of a visit from the insomnia fairy last night. Oh well. Probably due to the fact that I'm about to sign a contract to write a short story for the Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance 2. Is this my sekrit project, well, no. This is actually another new project--Trish, the editor invited me to participate yesterday. :)

    The sekrit project unveiled: I am writing an essay for an upcoming SmartPop Books anthology on TRUE BLOOD!! w00t!! My essay idea was accepted and now for research and OMG, FAST writing, as it's due 2/15. The above-mentioned short story is due 4/15. Embarrassment of riches? Yes, absoluately.

    Love the sunrise/sunset pics, Andi--can't help but earworm the song from Fiddler. And yes, the sunset is more intense. Probably has an utterly mundane explanation, but in the meantime, I bask in the gorgeous color.

    Lisa, I think you should bask in the lovely temps. Our faux!spring just ended. Today we expect a possible wintry mix. Oh well.

    Wonderful Wednesday to all!!

  4. Maybe it IS the intensity down here too, andi. I'll have to do some research - which means going to bed before midnight, so I can get up at a reasonable hour. Thanks for the comparison!

    Glad you're feeling better, Lisa. Hopefully the warm temps will help. I like 4 seasons, as long as they don't include icy roads and countless gray days.

    Congrats, Maria!! All kinds of good news in your world!! That's just great!

    Job interview this morning - still amazed that dropping off 3 resumes resulted in 2 interested managers. Will let you know how it goes.

    Deb and I went to a craft show yesterday, then did a little shopping, and watched sunset from my potential place of employment. No clue what we're doing today, but it'll be fun.

    Think of me at 11...have a great Wednesday, all!

  5. Fire on the horizon. Run!

    Beth, it doesn't surprise us. :)

    Maria, that's WONDERFUL!!

    Still struggling to wake up. Stumbles off.

  6. Maria, both of those are way, way kewl!!!

    I'll look forward to research, Beth. As for the positive reactions to your resumes, I'm with Nancy -- not surprised at all.

    Hi to you, b2. Did you want to order anything from the drive-thru window?

    Trying to wake up at 10:30 a.m., Nancy? Either you are the world's slowest getter-upper (stealing that title from the current holder -- Jim) or you are fantastic at sleeping in. If it's the latter, I am so jealous.

  7. Hi, all. Maria, wonderful news and congratulations.

    Waves to everyone else.

  8. Agree with the others, Beth, no surprises.

    I had to flip between the two shots, Andi. Studies in red & blue. And I laugh at your four seasons… we have four more winters and four more springs to get through here! Looking at the end of the 7-day forecast, we might start sliding toward Winter #2 early next week.

    Maria, I saw your short story info & left you a linky that might be worth following.

    Mason is starting to figure out the self-propulsion thing. I put him on the carpet last night; after a minute of struggle, he got his knees under him and pushed forward, then did it again. I'm sort of glad for the TB02 error (i.e. The Boy has moved back in) because it means he & Snippet will be doing the bulk of the baby-care & I can slip back into granddad mode. And maybe have more time to write.

    Back to the mimes…

  9. ::waves to Dina::

    It's fun watching babies become toddlers, Farf -- especially if someone else has to do all chasing around once they get mobile.

  10. Thanks for the kind words and good vibes - you guys are just too wonderful.

    Good news is they hired me. Bad news is I have to be a waitress til a spot opens in the bar - which could be weeks/months. Didn't care at all about bartending school. I decided not to wait tables 30 years ago, so will turn down the position and keep trying for a true bartending gig. Need to call the first place back tomorrow and see what they're offering. Can keep dropping off resumes, if the results are this positive. Y'all are just too sweet to be so nice. Can we have a virtual bar, and I'll be your 'tender??

    More tomorrow. Thanks again for liking me. xoxo

  11. Beth, I'm sorry the job wasn't what you wanted but it's still good to get the offer. So congrats anyway.

    I'd have you mix me up a vodka gimlet but I'm ready for bed so maybe tomorrow. :)

    Night everybody.

  12. Thanks, andi - you're right. Toasting you with a virtual vodka gimlet. Sleep tight.

  13. Beth, I am sorry about the job. Here's hoping for good news soon.

    In the meantime, I'll take a Basil Hayden on the rocks!

  14. Thanks, Dina. I'd never heard of that before, so Googled it. Sounds yummy - I'll have to try one, in your honor!

  15. Bummer about the job, Beth. I was wondering if someone would try to pull that one on you.

    Rum and coke for me, plz… lots of rum. ;-)

  16. I love getting to say (kindly and with love) "I told you so". If it was a high class restaurant, maybe the tips would be really good???

    This photo is fabulawsome!!

  17. "High class" is relative in SWFL, CF. Nothing fancy in this part of the state. Sarasota, Naples, Venice might have good tips - not Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda. But it is a nice place, and I'll eat/drink there in the future. Just not going to wait tables on my way to being a bartender - the two skill sets aren't the same. Sigh.