Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Center to Edge

Views of the lake's edge taken while standing on the frozen lake, January 13, 2010.

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  1. Love the welcoming arms of Mother Nature.
    Yesterday's outstreached limbs edged in snow were great too. Winter from afar ain't so bad, says the winter wimp.

    Beth, ask you family to come to Texas after Indiana.I'm thinking you could create a Gypsy clan that goes across the country fixing problems around the house, does a bit of gardening, cooks meals, and goes with you to have fun. Might not be a bad life. Actually Beth, that sounds like a great career for your wanderlust.
    Sonboy got your bartender job, though I'm not sure Durant,OK would have been your town of choice. So hard to see the sunset over the ocean from there. He did have to put in time as a waiter to get there though.

    Kelly, I'm so sorry that Hawaii is so familiar you don't take too many pics. Pardon me while I adjust my green-colored glasses and gritted teeth. Welcome home.

    Nicky, hope you are feeling better.

    Waves to the rest as off to work on story a bit before school.
    Wonderful Weds. To All.

  2. Good luck to Sonboy on his new job, Lisa. I'm pretty sure Beth isn't going to be especially jealous of him though. Jealousy over people who have been to Kauai when you haven't, isn't really jealous, though; it's just good common sense. If you're looking for a place to visit and you and hubby retire, that's a good one for top of the list.

  3. ::yawns mighty wide::

    Woken up a few minutes ago by UPS guy banging on my 7 a.m. Dude.

    No mimes today b/c of eye doc appt (I am pretty darn sure I'm developing a cataract), plus I'm waiting for UPS to deliver the new rugs. No, that wasn't the wakeup call--instead, it was the HDMI cable so I can hook up the DVD player to the new TV. Srsly, that could have waited.

    I'm half tempted to just go back to sleep, but what if rug delivery arrives? Thought I had the UPS pattern down by now. Guess not.

    Lisa, hope you get some great words done this a.m.!

    What day is it, again?

  4. Oh, and morning, Andi! Guess we simulposted. :)

  5. The thought of standing on a lake is way scary - I never trust the thickness of the ice. But the shots are great!

    Would love to see Kauai - I've been to Honolulu, but never the other islands. Adding it to the list. Glad you have a warm second home, Kelly!

    Congrats to Sonboy on his job - hopefully I'll have as much luck. I'm sure he tried harder than I am, tho.

    Will suggest this new career to my fam, Lisa! They are amazing. I think today we're going to that fair that I thought was a couple of weeks ago. But we might measure the flowerbeds for groundcloth and little white rocks. And fix the sprinklers. Running out of house projects, yay!

    Sorry about the early wake-up, Maria. And I hope the eye doc has good news...

    Have a great hump day, y'all!

  6. Well, Maria, like they always say -- great mind comment alike. :D

    Beth, after two weeks of below freezing weather, the ice was really solid and so not scary at all. And totally worth it to get that wonderfully open view -- something that's pretty rare in the woods.

  7. It's not hard to walk on water, if it's cold enough. ;-)

    Another weird start to the day. Mason's still asleep, but he's moving around a bit so he'll probably be calling for breakfast (it's ready for him) shortly. Mrs. Fetched wants her car, and The Boy has driven mine down to the wires on the tires, so I'll work here until it warms up then take the motorcycle.

    Yeah, I'd welcome any traveling troupe who wanted to come in and clean my house. A week later: "Now where's that box of paper?" If they took DoubleRed with them, that would be a bonus. :-D

    I posted a White Pickups "Conversations" this morning. I wonder if I should have done that; with all the crap going on lately, topped off by DoubleRed coming in and launching a tirade about her ex-boss as I was trying to finish it, it might get a little ragged. Oh well, live & learn.

    Lisa, congrats to sonboy! Kauai might be fun, but for me the beach is the beach is heaven. I'd just as soon go to Florida, much less travel time involved.

    Maria, at least you were home when UPSdude showed up, right? :-D

    Beth, all the years you lived in Idaho and never went ice fishing?

    Y'all carry on…

  8. Ice fishing? Like going outside in the winter and sitting on a frozen lake for hours? Which part of that sounds like flip flops and suntanning, Farf? You couldn't pay me enough to ice fish. Or ice anything - except a margarita!

  9. Those pines in that top shot look like they are much further west on the map than they actually are.

    ::waves at everyone, sends good wishes all around::

  10. Hi, all. Lisa, congratulations on Sonboy. I hope the job is everything he wants.

    Can't seem to type this morning, so just saying good thoughts all around.

  11. Hello to all and congrats on your good newses. :-)

    Andi, that top photo is frantabulous! You captured at just the right second. Those sorts of sunlight photos disappear in moments if you're not ready. Love the sun touching the tops of the trees in the lower two also. You sure do get a good view of the lay of the land when the leaves are all off don't you? Wow!

    All the best to you all.

  12. Farf, sounds like you could make a fine tale out of your vehicle dramas. ;)

    Jen, those are Eastern White Pines so they're just where they oughta be. But I guess they're still fir enough west to make you pine for Flagstaff.

    Dina, I can't seem to type any morning so just let my fingers do whatever they want.

    CF, that's true and winter light is especially fickle. I do like the way the bare trees lets me see the shape of the land as if I'm looking a topo.

  13. Heh, Andi, you mean like this???

    Beth, you mean to tell me all the years you lived in snow country & didn't walk on (frozen) water?

    I survived another winter ride today, probably because I had more layers than a wedding cake. Feet have finally warmed up. Not sure if I'll have to do it again tomorrow. Mrs. Fetched said something about two tires in the back of her car, so I might have my own…

  14. I skied and snowshoed on frozen water, Farf (otherwise known as snow), but no way would I put a foot on a frozen lake...I was convinced I'd crash through it. Now that I"m older and wiser (and colder), I'm even more convinced I'll never join andi in her new picture-taking spot...

    I'm off to the beach, to stand IN non-frozen water!

  15. Well that what pretty exciting. But I was thinking more of a Tennesse Williams-tinged family drama ... A SUV Named Destruction.

    Well Beth, now I want to lure you up in here during a cold spell just so I can see if I can get you on the lake. :P

  16. Maybe in a rubber raft, andi - surrounded by hot water bottles! Or the Pack...

  17. I agree with Jen it looks further west.

    Beth, what teams are you going to see in spring training? I want to live vicariously through you.

  18. We can always scoot one of the canoes on the frozen lake and sit in that, Beth. :)

    You just made me glad, Mary, that the cubs train in Mesa so Beth won't be following them and I won't have to start my pain vicariously early.

    Night everybody.

  19. Living in the midst of Spring Training Land, I can see most of the teams in the Grapefruit League, maryb.

    Right now, I have tickets for 3 games: the Rays, Red Sox, Orioles, Phillies, Marlins, and Detroit. My sis and BIL have others, but I was afraid my new job (when I get one) wouldn't let me take off that much time. But there's a good chance I'll catch some other games - the Rays' park is spitting distance from my house, so I can bike over and see a game at any time.

    I promise to yell extra loud for you!

  20. The Cubs were THIS close to moving to Naples, a little ways south of here, andi. So I was THIS close to getting tickets to see them. Sigh. I'll have to go to Chicagoland and see them in person, instead.

    I'm watching Field of Dreams - funny timing for a baseball discussion.

    Night all!