Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Blue Skies

It's been day after day of dreary gray skies here so I decided to try mind over weather.

Blue skies, nothing but blue skies ...

... do I see
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  1. Since I'm all about the color blue today, I thought I should protect Beth from the possibility of seeing the VGW.

    Morning everybody.

  2. Gray skies are even worse than the VGW, andi. Sorry it's been dreary. Hope blue skies return soonest!! Thanks for protecting me, anyway.

    Yesterday's storms turned into a brilliant day. D&D tackled the flowerbeds on the west side of the house, installed a new faucet in the kitchen, and grilled steak for dinner. I'm never letting them leave!

    Big plans for today are getting a new phone, house-hunting (for Daryll's parents), and dinner at Olive Garden. Maybe the county fair. I could get used to this relaxed lifestyle - it's easy to forget the real world when you're playing with family all day.

    Hope everyone else has as good of a day as I'm going to! Spring is one day closer...

  3. Oh, yes, blue skies, please!! We've had nothing but grey and rain for the past few days--though oddly warm (yesterday's high 66F). Of course, that's all changed as we now expect snow on Friday. Go figure. :)

    I'm about to head out for the doc's office for annual checkup. Whee? Then to the mimes. I think I'd rather nap. ::g::

    Beth, I'm with you--spring is one day closer. I keep trying to tell myself that.

    Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

  4. Unfortunately the way to spring, Beth, goes through February, our coldest, snowiest month. And ... wow, I am impressed with your houseguests. Think they'd like to come here next? ;)

    I'm trying, Maria, but so far it isn't working. Gray skies are all that are in the forecast. And we already have the snow. I hope it works out better for you.

  5. Hello all. Gray here too with little flakes of white stuff dropping every so often. Not a good change from Kauai and 13 days of sunny 70s. I'm finally unjetlagged and need to start thinking about getting back to the keyboard. Unfortunately I'm in wait mode on the big project and not able to safely start anything because I may have to go into overdrive in an as yet unknown direction on about 3 hours notice. Anyway, going to go caffeine up now. Probably soda as a whole pot of tea would be too much at the moment.

    Beth, Andi's right, those are the ideal houseguests.

    From yesterday, Andi, there will be pictures at some point though not in enormous numbers. We've been to Kauai so often it's like going home, and since neither of us has the shutter bug, we're not diligent about pics.

  6. Hi, all. Yesterday was torrential rain and naturally, I was out most of the day in it.

    Today is wet because I went to the pool for water yoga.

    But I am too tired to do anything except nap.

    Waves to everyone!

  7. Well Kelly in lieu of bunches of pictures, I'll just take some Wai'ale'ale Ale. :)

    Dina, staying dry and napping sounds like a fine plan.

  8. Hey, we had a new snowflakes dropping on Planet Georgia last night too. Our coldest month is traditionally January, although sometimes November puts in a bid. March is the heavy snow month; it rarely snows here when the temps fall below 27°F & that's the time of year we get moist Gulf air colliding with weak Arctic cold fronts… But anyway, blue skies we got here today, although Winter #2 and snow is on the way this weekend. Y'all are invited to share in the blue, but bring a jacket.

  9. Ditto here. Cold now (after several days of above freezing temps) and gray. The sun peeks through for a wee bit every third say or so... wee bit is minutes...

    Love, love, love your blue skies. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love the blue. We just don't get enough of that this time of year.

    Hi all! After a nice sunny, fairly temperate morning spent visiting the folks at work and showing off the handsome new dude, the rain clouds have rolled in and are working their 'magic'. blech. Maybe it's time to bake a pie or something.

    Beth, I can totally relate to the fun of playing with family all day. Too bad that will slow down for me in March...

  11. The sky has turned blue here! It's cold but that's ok, we haven't seen that big yellow ball in the sky in weeks so we'll put up with the cold. Especially since it's supposed to get covered up by clouds again pretty quickly.

    FaR there should be a law against snow in Georgia.

    Pitchers and catchers report in 22 days. :)

  12. Maryb, my sis tracks the reporting date too - we have tix for a number of spring training games in March! Before you know it, it'll be baseball season - hang in there!

  13. PS - Today sis finished weeding the flowerbeds and transplanted a bunch of plants from the empty lot next door. Daryll installed a fan in the living room and fixed the ripped screen by the pool. Then dinner at the Olive Garden - I'm taking their keys so they have to stay here forever.

  14. Hiya O.

    Farf, I've got colder temps than that and no blue so sounds like a good deal to me.

    Sorry to hear you're getting the same blah weather as us.

    I'm jealous that you got some sun, CG. I'm sure Finn charmed everybody.

    So, Mary, I've got blue skies to the east of me and now blue skies to the east. Apparently I'm just in the no-blue-sky zone. But yeah for spring training.

    Beth -- I think you have the plot for a book. ;)

  15. Drive by g'night to all.

    Love those clouds, Andi!

  16. Good to see those winds didn't blow you away, b2.

    And now that b2 has been here ...

    ... good night everybody.