Friday, January 1, 2010

All Partied Out?

The Pack never has any problems -- must be the easy access to a little hair of the dog.

Happy New Year!

Taken December 21, 2009.

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  1. This was me at 10 last night. I hope you have a wonderful day that sets the tone for a great 2010.

  2. Happy Happy New Year!!
    As I let out the dogs this morning I noticed the big, gorgeous blue moon. I'll take that as a good omen for the coming year.

    No, the Kip with Sonboy experiment didn't fail. They ended up dog sitting and so the house was filled with the pack. Sonboy realized the time/inconvenience of taking care of your own pup, so he was happy to send said pup back home after several lovey days together. Like girls, dogs can be a drain on a guy's energy.
    So a happy butt sniffing, tail wagging reunion occured with kitty Agatha hiding under the furniture when exuberant Kip came in the room. House back to normal.

    Not sure if I woke up at midnight, but appreciate the new year anyway. Glad the rain quit and clouds moved out.

    Beth, Hope your team/s win their bowls/games.

    Maria--Here's hoping book 5's story flows from your fingers soon and new deal is struck.

    Farf--I know you'll enjoy watching Mason grow and come into his own in this coming year. Maybe you'll even be able to have some down time this long weekend.

    Andi--You've done an amazing job entertaining us with your pics and humor and knowledge.

    Jim--Poetry Man starts out or ends up our week with new perspective and beautiful words.

    The Pack--thanks for all the poses and entertainment.

    Waves to Jen, Nancy, Nicky, Boran, Kelly, MaryB, Katie, O, FM, Dina, Toni, and any others that wander by.
    Look forward to another year of who knows what with this group.

  3. Good (good?) to see other people can't sleep late either. It seems like no matter what time I got to bed I'm getting up at 5:00 a.m.

    Hi Toni! Hope you and Andrew and hubby have a great year too. Feel free to leave links to pictures of Andrew any old time. :)

    Wow Lisa -- that's some impressive writing for so early in the morning. At this time of day, I'm happy if I can manage subject-verb agreement.

  4. Happy New Year to all observers of the Gregorian calendar! I keep hoping the next decade will be better than the last one, which is a ridiculously low place to set the bar since the aughts sucked out loud for a lot of people, but the thing about keeping expectations low is that it increases one's suitable opportunities for celebratory mimosa moments. ;) Cheers, everyone!

  5. A wonderful new year to you all!!

    You said it, Jen.

    Lisa, from your mouth... Thanks!

    Andi, I am so glad I did *not* see 5 a.m. today. At all.

    Still overcast, rainy here, so I didn't get to see the moon last night. Oh well.

    Cheers, all!

  6. Happy new year, Toni, Lisa, Andi, Jen, Maria and anyone else who stops by! It definitely won't be hard for this year to out do last year, or the new decade to exceed any expectations left by the last one.

    I feel like Bebo this morning...can I just sprawl myself on the couch in some oddly comfortable position and lie there a while?

  7. Happy New Year Jen. I figure this decade has got to be better because it's the one Jim and I are going to retire in (2012! 2012! 2012!).

    I'm glad the insomnia fairy decided to keep her damn wand to herself, Maria. We did get to see the moon last night which was nice ... except that a clear sky is part of the reason it's effing cold this morning.

    CG, Bebo is the Queen of Sprawl (I'm particularly fond of her all-four legs-in-the-air position) and she will gladly teach all her best techniques.

  8. Happy New Year everyone. Too much wine and a much too big dinner much too late last night woke me up early this morning. Ah well. At least that's an early sign that this year is different than last.

    Hi to all and have a great day!

  9. Happy New Year, everyone! Going to bed at 2:30 did insure I was able to sleep til 8:30 - woo hoo! And didn't miss any of the parades OR bowl games. And it's raining and sunning and thunder-rumbling out there at the same time - all I need are some mimosas myself, Jen!

    Fun night with friends, and my team DID win, Lisa. Saw the blue moon, and what passed for a sunset. Good wine and food, but not too much.

    2010 HAS to be better than 2009. Otherwise I'm demanding a refund.

    Thanks for being a part of my virtual family, folks. I love and appreciate you all, and the important role you play in my life.

    Happy happy day, whether you watch parades and football or - do something else. :-) Enjoy!!

  10. They don' know nuffin 'bout no 2009 or 2010. It's all good when you're livin' at Andi and Jim's house, eatin' their food and sleepin' on their couches.

    Whispers, so as not to wake the dogs: Happy New Year.

  11. Giddy is MIA… off enjoying a little of that hair of the dog?

    Mason rang in the new year with the rest of us (too many people in the manor) and slept until 9. Unfortunately, we didn't get to sleep until 3, so I was pretty whacked until I was able to get him to sleep long enough to get an expresso together.

    The early part of the decayed was seriously sucktastic, but the last couple years weren't so bad. Sure, there's plenty of mischief going around yet, but there's a few glimmers of hope.

    Here's to writing, retirement, bowl games — hoping we all get lots of them this year…

  12. Happy New Year all! I'm with the pooches this morning, and Jen. It was a rough old decade. I don't think I'd trade it away since it also brought a lot of things that are precious to me. But man there were a lot of moments that sucked like nobody's business on the personal front, and at the scale of politics and history it was mostly godwful with a only few bright exceptions.

  13. LOL Andi, my first thought: The Queen of Sprawl is on her throne ... :D

  14. Hi Mary. Too much wine and too much dinner sounds like the recipe for the perfect New Years Eve.

    Hope you had fun with football and parades, Beth.

    Nancy, you can yell at the top of your lungs and you won't bother the dogs one bit.

    Giddy doesn't do furniture, Farf ... which is probably a very good thing considers her amazing ability to shed. There's no "little" about hair of that dog.

    I don't like to trade away any time either, Kelly -- I'm pretty sure that for a trade like that the devil would definitely be in the details.

    Heh O, I should have provided credit to you for that wonderful name which is almost as good as Zen Sniff.