Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Water on the Knee

Click here if you have no idea why the word "knee" is in the post title.

Taken November 10, 2009.

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  1. Interesting pic, Andi. Love the color of the "leaves" surrounding the knees. We have a Cypress stump table. A friend would go cut them out of the swamps in East Texas and my hubby would sandblast the bark off for a creamy, felt-like finish. The top was ground and sanded flat and varnished. Has a glass topper. The cats think it is there personal scratching post.

    Survived day 1 back and only 1 new kiddo expected today. WooHoo.

    Maria--Fantastic Progress. You are a Wonder Woman. Hope the final polish to get the end in shape goes well.

    Beth--Welcome home. Sharing custody of Keeper sounds like a good deal for you and the owner.

    CF, I loved your reaction to Bebo. Reminded me some of Nicky's English lingo.

    Speaking of Nicky--Glad you survived the family living in for a while. Now you can spread out and relax for a while. Sounds like you are ramping up to continue with the next story. Bottom in chair and hands on keyboard. You go girl.

    Nancy, you crack me up. One or two word zingers--I have missed you.

    Waves to O, Farf, Jen, Dina, Bono, MaryB (Big Bang was a repeat, I DVRd Castle), FM, Kelly, Boran and others to come.
    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. Morning! The colors and contrast in the picture are striking. Looks like an oil painting. And I thought it was a chipmunk sitting on the stump - thanks for the lesson, andi!

    Glad you're getting less new kiddos, Lisa - hope that trend continues through the holidays.

    The shared custody is working so far - easier and harder than owning a dog outright, but for now it's fine.

    Going to attempt yardwork once again today - the thought of creepy-crawlies weirds me out enough that I hate going out there. Life in Florida sure is different than back home in ID.

    Hope everyone has a leftover-free Tuesday!

  3. The table sounds gorgeous, Lisa. And woo hoo to you on the only one new kid. Maybe it's the start of a cruise to the winter break.

    Beth, cold weather is starting to look a little more serious here (chance of snow Wednesday and Thursday) so it warms me up nicely to think of you doing yard work. :)

  4. If you want to be REALLY warm, andi, come on down and help! :-) 81 for a high today - bring the pack, and maybe they'll scare off the critters... I'll send warm thoughts your way.

  5. Good morning everyone.

    Andi I never knew that about the knees. We had a some Cypress trees and swamps where I grew up in Arkansas, but at that time I was more interested in finding trees where I could act like Tarzan. :)

    Hope everyone has a good Tuesday ahead of them.

  6. Thanks for the offer, Beth, but I think I'll go for starting up the woodstove instead. Smaller carbon footprint than traveling to Florida. :)

    Morning FM. You can come still visit -- we've got grapevines galore for you to swing on.

  7. Hey, is that knee giving us the finger? Just me? Harrumph. Pretty shot, though, very nicely framed.

  8. I didn't know knees grow in Indiana. Very cool! Beautiful colors all around too. What kind of tree is it? Love the chipmunk, Beth.

    Hello to everyone, and all the best.

  9. I hope that, if the time comes, they don't use one of those for a partial knee replacement!

    Way late out of bed, gotta get mime'ing.

  10. Waves to all.

    I actually knew what this was as my older brother lives near these trees in Virginia. That is a very cool photo, Andi!

    Less kids sounds good Lisa!

    Shared custody is interesting Beth. I work in family court and see similar arrangements frequently, but not for pets. ;-)

  11. Damn, I thought it was a marmot.

    Waves at everybody's knees.

  12. Just you, Jen. :P

    Cypress tree, CF. Click the link above the picture and find out all about it. :)

    Well it might last longer than the plastic, Farf.

    Another morning visit by b2! My circadian rhythm is becoming atonal. I'd think custody fights over pets would be even more vicious than the ones over kids. ;)

    If not a marmot, Nancy, maybe a woodchuck?

  13. I have a friend who shares custody of a Yorkshire terrier with his ex-girlfriend. She lives in MD, he lives down here. Whenever he's up there, the dog is with him. Very strange.

    I think the difference with Keeper is I won't be fighting to keep him, once John moves on. So maybe I'm more of a boarding house... :-)

  14. Hi everyone. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving w/e and have digested all that turkey ... ;-)

    Andi - I've never heard of Cypress knees ... interesting! I love the rich colour in this photo and the reflections.

  15. Not surprising that you've never heard of them, O. This is pretty much as far north as cypress trees are found.

  16. I knew cypress tree have knees, I just didn't know that Indiana had cypress trees. :-)