Thursday, December 3, 2009

Try and Catch the Moon

Taken November 9, 2009.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Good morning Andi,

    That's a wonderful picture Andi. For some reason it reminds me of a cannon, with the moon being some type of shell.

    I guess it's just that weird imagination of mine again. :)

  2. FM, I can see it too.
    Love the moon. Clear and bright this morning and it's 32. Luckily the snow melted, rain dried up and ice won't be a widespread problem. Friday more snow predicted. But then it is December.

    Had a good time looking at symbolic language with the kids. Used Carrie Underwood's Cowboy Casanova--Filled with great descriptive similies and metaphors. Candy-coated misery--I love it.

    Farf, I'm thinking a country song would work well with the goings on at your house. Mine too, if truth be told.

    Jen, I'll hope to see you piping in so we'll know the gas leak is no longer. I do love the descriptions you give yourself at these times of anxiety. There is often such passion in your words.

    Beth, Enjoy some down time before you wing your way to NC.

    O, I need to visit and see get a dose of your visual magic. My admiration to you way northern folks. Cold wimp be me.

    Maria, hope the mimes is behaving for one more day and the polish is going well.

    Jim, hope the week is going well for you. Ours are too crazy yet. A little closer to Christmas and all bets are off. Did see one student putting something in her sock. Turned out to be marijuana--I'm often reminded that Einstein doesn't come to my school. She found it outside--it wasn't hers don't ya know. Be grateful you got the little people.

    Waves to Dina, Nancy, Nicky, MaryB, Bono, KB, Bono, Kelly, Boran and all others my brain is to mushy to think of.

    Thursday winking at Friday.

  3. Hiya FM. I thought it looked like hands reaching to cradle it so we're just weird in different ways. :)

    Our predicted snow didn't show up, Lisa, so you're ahead of us. Sounds like a great lesson on language with the kids.

  4. Thanks to all for good wishes re: GAS LEAK 2009 OMG!!11! Hopefully they will fix it soon, the guy said it might take them a few weeks, so no one light up out in front of my house, okay?

    {{FM}} it is really good to see you out and about again, so to speak. You've been missed!

    I see both the cannon and the reaching hands. And if you added a few strokes of yellow and green I see something vaguely van Gogh-ish lurking around in there, too. Really nice shot, Andi, you are upping your game lately. :)

  5. Morning, gang! Andi, I see the pic your way, as a mooncatcher, not slinger. :) Reminds me of an old book from the 70s: Drawing Down the Moon.

    Still here, mimes busy as we've had a vendor in for 2 days working with us doing a risk assessment for HIPAA Compliance (doesn't that sound like glorycakes?) He's actually a great guy, full of stories, but meetings = exhaustion!!

    Today, he's just in for the a.m. as final wrapup, then he's off for home. BigBoss is out in LV today giving a talk, so I'm hoping my day will be quiet and smooth.

    Blocked off the weekend to try and power through the fleshing out of the book.

    Happy Not-yet-Friday!!

  6. Wow, everyone's up and about early today!

    I see the hands catching the moon, andi - and can imagine the van Gogh colors...

    Predictions for wild stormy weather fell apart. We had a stiff breeze all afternoon and a rainfall last night, but that was it. Calling for the same today - I'll be happy with more rain. And it's 18 in Coeur d'Alene, so I really can't complain.

    Yardwork, errands, and music yesterday - oh, and a girlfriend came over to drink wine on the lanai. Probably more of the same today, except for the wine part. Getting ready to be gone for a week.

    Hope the kiddos grow brains soon, Lisa - and a big NO SMOKING sign for you, Jen!

    Have a great Thursday, everyone -

  7. Okay so it's 2-2-1 for moon catcher/moon slinger -- not that I'm keeping score or anything. :)

    I can't believe that you have to wait so long to get it fixed, Jen. And thanks for the compliment. The pic could be a lot better photographically but considering I shot it handheld, I was pleased it came out at all.

    Happy Almost-Friday, Maria. I hope it's as quiet as you want and the weekend is even more productive than you've planned.

  8. We all just wanted you to see absolutely no sign of the VGW, Beth. I'm glad you missed the storms -- wouldn't want your yardwork to be undone.

  9. Heh, I saw a hungry gator getting ready to chomp a shiny snack. :-)

    Lisa, I have parts of two country songs that fit around here:

    "I put a ring on her finger, she put one in my nose."

    "Every day is Monday, when you have a chicken house."

    Interviewed two candidates for a short-term position (helping me out) yesterday. Either one could probably do the job, but the boss & I both liked the first guy. Whoever we hire will make lots of small updates to the end-user docs, and at least flesh out a new one, freeing me to focus on the firmware docs (which are getting a huuuuge update).

    Jen, good luck with the gas leak. Hope no %#$%!! smokers decide your yard is their personal drive-by ashtray.

    Beth, this time of year I find myself wishing for a bit of real winter weather, 2 inches of snow & low 20s for a day or two, to get me in the Christmas frame of mind. Rain & low 40s just doesn't cut it.

    So Happy It's Thursday!

  10. I'm closer to FarF. I saw a demon crocodile, but I can see the hands as well. Someone pass me the donuts--I'll be in the corner word mining.

  11. Just reading this piece on the best way to take a study break (I assume it works for work too) and it looks like Andi is, as usual, ahead of the game. :)

  12. Waves to all!

    That's a great shot, Andi. It does have that shot-out-of-a-cannon feel to it.

    We weathered last night's storm fairly well, suffering only some fallen branches.

    Tonight is the parent-teacher conference. Hopefully we will hear only good things. ;-)

  13. I love this photo!!! I see a whole figure, hands, arms, head, torso, legs, standing at a tilt reaching for that gorgeous moon. I guess that makes me the most delirious! :-)

    All the best to everyone.

  14. Ooohhh noooo, the moon is falling in, and it will be swallowed, and we'll never see it again, but there will be this one old tree somewhere in the middle of Indiana that glows like nobody's business and now then burps light.

  15. ...burps light...

    You are too funny, Nancy! Glad you're back.


  16. Hi, all (forgive the not naming names but I can never do it without forgetting someone!)

    Great picture - and thanks to the comments, I see even more than I saw this morning.

  17. It's Indiana, Farf. No gators (Jim does have a pair of gaiters though).

    It's Indiana, Kelly. No crocodiles (and Jim doesn't own any crocs).

    Based on that article, Mary, I've decided to on a permanent work/study break.

    Hi b2. I'm sure you're the kind of parents that teachers love to see show up at conferences.

    Sure, right, uh huh. Whatever you say, CF. ;)

    Nancy, we have always had trees like that -- whenever the raccoons show up to try to steal the suet from the birds.

    Hi Dina. It's okay to forget names. In fact, it's a very nice things to do -- it makes us geezers feel right at home.

  18. Hi everyone.

    It looks like two hand reaching out to gently grasp the moon. :)