Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Way to the Weekend

Taken December 2, 2009.

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  1. I'm first on the trail. Weekend is a great place to go. ''
    The squirrel level is rising at school as we get closer to the holidays. Or is it more like Woody Woodpeckers surround me.
    No new kiddos today but will get more tomorrow.

    24degrees right now but no precip. So will just cover up and stay warm.
    Hope everyone has a safe, toasty day.
    Thursday winking at Friday.

  2. Morning Lisa. And I'm getting you there early since this was supposed to be Friday's post but I clearly need you to teach me how to read the calendar.

  3. Hi, gals! I'm STILL awake. Another bout of massive insomnia. Spent several hours reading, and then decided to get a jump on a work project.

    I'm working the mimes from home today (waiting for the final Container Store delivery) and have already sent email warning people of impending nap!

    Cold front blowing in, so I'm glad I'm not going anywhere.


  4. I was confused, two posts were up and the one below looked like a couple of days ago so thought it was a snafu.
    Solution. Move that one to tomorrow.
    I'm just anxious to finish this week. I thought yesterday was Thursday.

    Maria, I got your sleep. A full 8 hours. Of course I was up at 2:30 the day before so that may explain. Napping--a sport I excel in. Have a good one.

  5. Sorry about the lack of sleep, Maria. I don't have insomnia but the dogs have gotten me up (to go out) the last 4 nights between 2 and 3 a.m. and I always have trouble getting back to sleep so I'm very empathetic with your need for a nap.

    Lisa, that was my solution so now you're the only other person who knows what tomorrow's post looks like. :)

  6. Does that sign say "Asstucky"?

    You know it's 4 a.m. at the manor when Mason starts squawking. Fortunately, Snippet is here to do the honors. She got a little sleep this evening too.

    Supposed to hit 20 here tonight/tomorrow morning. The low gets lower each time I look at the NWS site, so maybe I'm gonna stop doing that.

    Working at home, must make coffee & eat cereal before getting started… later!

  7. With the wind chill, it's 6 degrees here, plus it's snowing. The school bus pulled up outside shortly ago and sat there for like 10 minutes and not one kid got on it, lol.

    And if the sign does say "Asstucky", what does that mean?

  8. Farf and Jen, the sign says "Russtucky". As it's at the kids camp, my guess is that it refers to a counselor called Russ who is from Kentucky. But now I've got a big desire to change the sign so it says Asstucky because that's just so much better. ;)

  9. Bah humbug, I've got a sore throat and my voice is going - but yayy for the weekend anyway.

    Right - I've just booked the venue for my book launch - Saturday, 16th January 2010 (in England, natch) and you're ALL invited! OK, it might be a tad far to travel for a lunch time 'do' but hey, you're descended from the pioneers, aren't you??

    Anyway, I'll raise a glass to you on the day!

    This is the blurb:DEATH IS THE CURE by Nicola Slade:
    "An inquisitive young woman, a swordstick, a wooden leg, a man whose hobby is funerals, a murder and some fearsome-looking electrical medical equipment!"

    "When Charlotte Richmond's dearest friend decides to visit Bath for medical treatment, Charlotte, a young Victorian widow, is delighted to accompany her. But the spa town turns out to be far less genteel than she anticipates. Their fellow guests at elegant Waterloo House seem to be haunted by secrets and Charlotte is soon embroiled in mysteries, mayhem and murder. When one of the inhabitants of Waterloo House is stabbed to death it is Charlotte who trips over the corpse and begins to ask questions. In the course of her unofficial enquiries her own life is put in peril as she uncovers family secrets and stumbles upon a mystery that could even change the course of history."

    Free delivery worldwide from The Book Depository, in case anyone's interested.

  10. Many congrats, Nicky! Will definitely be raising a glass here, wishing I was there. Haven't been back since 1978, and miss it (spent 6.5 years in London as a kid).

    Sorry about that doggone insomnia wand - it seems to have moved from my house to yours, Maria/Lisa. Will send sleepy vibes tonight...

    Yep, I like the new sign much better, andi!

    Sorry about the cold too, folks. 40's and sunny here - heading back to 80's tomorrow. Not that I would mind a day watching the snow fall, as long as it was back to 80 the next day...

    More family time today - cousin #3 is on her way with her dachshund and chihuahua - doggie fix looms!! Back to St Augustine tomorrow, and home Saturday.

    Stay warm on this almost-Friday, folks!!

  11. 19 degrees this morning and snowing lightly. LOTS of wind last night. Glad to be always working at home but especially on days like this..

    Love this photo and the title, Andi.

    All the best to everyone.

  12. C-c-cold here but at least the snow is done, for now.

    Glad you cleared up the asstucky mystery, Andi.

    Back to "the island" for the big holiday celebration this weekend. Chanukah that is.

  13. The sun is shining, but is no longer coming through the bedroom windows. 35F out there, which is pretty cold for a sunny day on Planet Georgia but not untypical in December. Thank God for zip-up fleece.

    Dayjob progress is slow. Story writing progress is even slower. Daughter Dearest is home on winter break, bringing home an atypical heap-o'-drama with her (ironic, as she complains about all the unnecessary drama in the lives of her acquaintances), which I won't write about due to the sensitive nature of the daughter. I will say this: that guy she & I busted our butts to help move is an ungrateful little SOB & if I catch him in the open any time soon, his ass is grass. Mrs. Fetched is ready to deal Sasquatch the same fate, but he's little more than a minor accomplice in this.

    Ah, enough of that. I wouldn't mind a little snow on the ground with the cold, as long as it stayed off the roads, but that's neither in the cards nor the forecast.

  14. Nicky, I guess I'll have to pass since I'm descended from tailors, seamstresses, peddlers. Sounds like a fun time and really good book, though.

    Beth, hope you had a good visit and dog fix (I love dachshunds).

    Cold here too, CF. Not to brag on myself (well a little) but it took real ovaries to take off my gloves to take photos during today's walk.

    Happy Hanukkah (gotta get at least one variation in), b2. May your latkes be hot and crisp.

    No, Farf -- his ass is tucky! ;)

  15. LOL… real ovaries indeed! When the guys' going gets cold, the nutz head north…

    Yeah, his ass is tucky. He needs to tucky it in & run. ;-P