Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Poetry Post

Wishing you the best in the new year.
(Photos by Andi and me.)

Auld Lang Syne
by Robert Burns

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind ?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne ?

For auld lang syne, my jo,
for auld lang syne,
we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

And surely ye’ll be your pint-stowp !
and surely I’ll be mine !
And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.


We twa hae run about the braes,
and pu’d the gowans fine ;
But we’ve wander’d mony a weary foot,
sin auld lang syne.


We twa hae paidl’d i' the burn,
frae morning sun till dine ;
But seas between us braid hae roar’d
sin auld lang syne.


And there’s a hand, my trusty fiere !
and gie's a hand o’ thine !
And we’ll tak a right gude-willy waught,
for auld lang syne.



  1. How wonderful to review the year in pictures. You spoil us with such a slideshow collection.

    Things are quietly back to normal here. Sonboy and brother got back to their homes safe yesterday. Brother had to contend with two foot drifts of snow in OK City. Almost all is melted here. It is almost 32 now so today should melt anything left in the shade.
    We are supposed to get an update on Kip's Durant visit today.
    It is a bit quieter without his high energy here. Afraid Atticus the Corgi is way too laid back/stealth to fill Kip's spot.

    Still eating our way through the mountain of food leftover from the last week. Nice to not have to fret over cooking.
    Relaxing Sunday to all, Especially any that have to return to mimes tomorrow.

  2. Such a beautiful collection of photos of the year.

    You picked the very best poem to post too. Hubby and I many a time have finished a Scottish party with the traditional circle of friends singing Auld Lang Syne. We'd all stand in a large circle holding hands and singing out hearts out. On the last chorus (and here's a hand...) we all cross arms in front of us and give the opposite hand to our "neighbor". Wonderful way to finish a terrific evening.

  3. Seems like they get drunker on each verse… you can see the words slurring! ;-) Then there was Bobby Sherman's take:

    I knew a man whose name was Lane
    and he had a neon sign,
    And Mr. Lane is very old
    So they call it Old Lane's Sign.

    Love the collection, by the way. The Best Of…

    The Boy wants to grill some steaks today. He wanted to do it yesterday, but time got away from us so we're doing it for lunch. Looks like a good day — sunny with a high of 48F — we'll be wearing jackets but hey. I have the blinds open in the bedroom & the sun is pouring in right now.

    Lisa, hope your Sunday is as relaxing as it looks to be!

    Cone, that sounds like a great tradition. None of us know more than a couple lines, so it wouldn't work here though.

    I finished a short story last night that I started over three freeking years ago. It needs some work, but I'm happy to finally have it all down. Time is getting away from me, so I must wolf down a bagel & get in the shower & get ready for church. Later!

  4. Happy Sunday to all! Piles of leftover food sounds great - the cupboard is bare, after being gone for a week. I need to go to the store, and am hoping there are some Christmas goodies left out there, since I missed most of the season. Diet starts tomorrow!

    Trip home was uneventful - although the arrival boards were full of delayed flights, mine wasn't one. It's 52 and freezing here, heading for a high of 66. Which is cold for us thin-blooded wimps.

    Probably not going to work on my tan today - football and eggnog instead!

    Sounds like a nice tradition, CF.

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone. I'm off to a hot shower!

  5. Waving at Farf - we simul-posted! Steak sounds great! Enjoy -

  6. Hi everyone. We are having a lovely sunny day and the snow is almost gone. I taped the Mets - Orioles 1969 World Series, games 4 and 5 to play while I read.

    There is chocolate in the house.

    Life is good.

  7. Hi, Lisa. Happy to have spoiled you and glad you noticed the slide show. Not having to worry about cooking is one of the side benefits of the frenzy of cooking that went on last week.

    Coneflower, glad you enjoyed the photos and the lyrics.

    Farf, I hope the cookout went well. It's right at freezing here, and we've picked up an inch or two of snow.

    Beth, glad you made it home unscathed by the joys of air travel.

    Dina, the '69 World Series is a subject that is best forgotten here. Andi is a lifelong, probably a congenital condition, Cubs fan. Hope your book doesn't end up with chocolate smudges.

  8. Sorry if I brought up bad memories.
    It is only playing softly in the background.

    I have been able to avoid chocolate on the book but even if it smudged, it would be worth it. :)

  9. I guess you start the New Year's celebration early out there in the woods :)

  10. Start'em early and run'em late. It sounds like the way to treat all vacations to me.