Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Poetry Post

Downy Woodpeckers made these rings around the hickory tree to drink the sap.

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Winter Trees
by William Carlos Williams

All the complicated details
of the attiring and
the disattiring are completed!
A liquid moon
moves gently among
the long branches.
Thus having prepared their buds
against a sure winter
the wise trees
stand sleeping in the cold.


  1. Interesting, those Downy's are such pretty little birds.
    Trees are so stoic in the winter. The life in them is deep inside without the leaves to wave and flutter a greeting.

    Jim and Andi--Hope the family get together went well.

    Maria, hope you have plenty of food and warm blankets to weather the storm all cozy and toasty as you finish the story.

    Beth, enjoy you day in the sun.

    Farf, Liked the family portrait shot on your blog. Mason surrounded by his peeps--a good life.

    Waves to all.
    Relaxing or productive Sunday--which ever suits ya.

  2. Gorgeous! Both pic and poem. Rather apropos right now with DC area's Snowpocalypse, a.k.a. SnOMG!! ::g::

    I posted some new pics up at Facebook (open to public viewing).

    This is what keeps running through my head (a song from Little Feat):

    Six Feet of Snow
    -- Lowell George, Keith Godchaux

    Six feet of snow comin' through my radio
    It's rainin' in stilettos from here clear down to Mexico
    My hands they're numb from hangin' on that
    Steering wheel
    They're frozen tight, hope the wind
    Don't blow me off the road tonight
    Don't you know the ice and snow
    Is sneakin' in through my windows
    Don't you know how much I hate to
    Be so cold and so alone
    I'm comin' home

    If it wasn't for the lines that wind side by side
    I'd be lying next to her, next to her tonight

    Sweet New Orleans, that's where my girl
    She waits for me
    Hair so long and eyes so green
    She's the prettiest girl I've ever seen

    Don't you know the ice and snow
    Is sneakin' through this boy's window
    Don't you know how much I hate to
    Be so cold and so alone
    I'm comin' home

    If it wasn't for the lines that wind side by side
    I'd be lying next to her, next to her tonight


    Super Sunday, all!

  3. Good morning all,

    It's still cold, wet and soggy down here. Just trying to get up and get going this am, but I can see a nap coming on pretty soon.

    Have a great Sunday.

  4. I always thought they were drilling for bugs. A couple of the trees I cut up for firewood last week had woodpecker rings around them.

    Late start this morning. The fourth Mason pre-dawn wake-up call in the row was one too many, and this time he didn't want to go back to sleep. DD let me take a nap.

    Will be back later. Maybe after an afternoon nap. WWFMD?

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  7. Hello, all. We didn't get as much snow as Maria but we have a nice amount.

    Not too much doing here. I am very happy to live in a condo and not have to worry about digging out. That is already done! :)

  8. Hello everyone. Jim, I've always liked WCW. I like the imagery of the trees standing in sleep.

    We didn't even get a dusting of snow - it was more like a bit of accumulated frost that melted immediately. Mostly its just gloomy. But they predict we may have snow on Christmas eve.

    Going to stop by a friends' cookie baking today for a drink and a taste and then go see the new George Clooney movie that was filmed here - Up in the Air. A good friend of mine was an extra in the film. She's an organist and she says only her hands playing the organ made it into the wedding scene. I'll have to keep my eyes peeled.

  9. Hello to all. What a lovely picture and poem. My horizon has that goofy combination of relaxing and getting caught up.

    Right now it's lunch - so I'm off to consider my options.

  10. Power is finally back on, so I'm inside for a quick break to say hi before heading back outside. Power's been off more than on this week - guess no one's feeding the hamsters on their little wheels...

    Sounds like Maria got the brunt of the storm - and b2, I'm guessing. Sounds like craziness up there. Hard to believe when it's so peaceful, sunny and hot down here. Wish you all could stop by for a margarita and a few hours in the sun with a good book!

    I continue to learn so much from everyone - didn't know birds did that to trees. And I love the song, Maria - don't recognize it. And the poem makes winter sound like a nice nap instead of a howling nightmare. Maybe I just need to change my perspective...

    Have a great Sunday, all - and root for the Broncos for me!

  11. Hi all.

    Trying to get all of my grading done before Tuesday so I can really take the holiday off.

  12. Sorry abut the triple-post, folks.

    The Boy is here (finally), and taking care of Mason at the moment, so I actually have some hands free to type! Not much of import going on at the moment… well, not now. He got busted (again) on Friday, but got ROR (Release on Own Recognizance) today; he says the judge told him there wasn't enough evidence to hold him but he still has a hearing so I'm not sure what that's all about. I expect his probation officer won't be thrilled, either. Always something at FAR Manor, right?

    See you guys later. The next episode of White Pickups is ready to go tomorrow. Sparks are gonna fly.