Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Poetry Post


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The Gyres
by William Butler Yeats

The gyres! the gyres! Old Rocky Face, look forth;
Things thought too long can be no longer thought,
For beauty dies of beauty, worth of worth,
And ancient lineaments are blotted out.
Irrational streams of blood are staining earth;
Empedocles has thrown all things about;
Hector is dead and there's a light in Troy;
We that look on but laugh in tragic joy.
What matter though numb nightmare ride on top,
And blood and mire the sensitive body stain?
What matter? Heave no sigh, let no tear drop,
A-greater, a more gracious time has gone;
For painted forms or boxes of make-up
In ancient tombs I sighed, but not again;
What matter? Out of cavern comes a voice,
And all it knows is that one word "Rejoice!'
Conduct and work grow coarse, and coarse the soul,
What matter? Those that Rocky Face holds dear,
Lovers of horses and of women, shall,
From marble of a broken sepulchre,
Or dark betwixt the polecat and the owl,
Or any rich, dark nothing disinter
The workman, noble and saint, and all things run
On that unfashionable gyre again.


  1. Quite a serious look on that rocky face, Jim.
    Love the colors and the swirls.

    House was attacked by squirrels yesterday morning. Daughter and I hear strange noise and we go into the kitchen to see a squirrel hanging on the screen looking in the window. Won't go away, even when we tap the window. So I get a broom and sweep it down and it hopped out to the yard. Young squirrel # 2 on the brick on the inside of the back porch. Couldn't sweep it to the yard. It just moved to the back and up where I couldn't reach it. Back later and when I got the broom again it dropped to the porch and scratched to get in the sliding glass doors. Dogs totally unaware. Finally swept the little bugger into the yard and it headed to the back fence.
    Sorry no video of crazed Texan wielding broom against invaders.

    Another day of solitude--WooHoo.
    Relaxing or fun or productive Sunday to all.

  2. Ninja squirrels! Word must be out that you have Christmas cookies in there, or something equally yummy...too funny. Hope they don't attack again today!

    Gorgeous pic - makes me miss the West.

    Keeper and his dad are off to AL for the week, so I'll have a few days of quiet to get ready for the holidays - and my Mexico trip. 70 and humid this morning - calling for 80's and sunny all week. Not QUITE a winter wonderland.

    Enjoy your Sunday, all - I'm watching football, doing laundry and making candy. Hope your day is equally as relaxing.

  3. Awesome photo, Jim. Where was it taken?

    Very cool poem, too. I'm not sure what it's saying in totality, but I can tell it's important. Heh.

    Lisa, that's amazing about the squirrels! Little rascals. Glad you kept them outside. I guess they can do a lot of damage if they get inside. As to the day of quiet again, I can relate to that.

    Hi Beth. Happy cooking. ;-)

  4. Hello, all. Great picture though someone looks a bit grumpy there. :)

    Hope that others are not having the gloomy weather here.

  5. The gyre as circle of life? Works for me!

    Lisa, are you sure it wasn't some of your Sweat Hogs come to visit? I'm surprised your dogs didn't go berserk trying to get after them… I'll loan you Butthead to show 'em how it's done.

    Enjoy the cooking, Beth, and may your teams win (unless they're playing my teams)!

    Mason turned himself over for the first time this morning. Next thing you know he'll be running loose!

    Got the Xmas cantata tonight. Then it's over. ;-)

  6. William Butler Yeats can be so depressing sometimes. But that's the Irish for you. A very fatalistic people. And, by the way, I can only read him using an Irish accent or I don't get the cadence.

    It fits the pic. Sort of fits my mood. What matter?

    Have a good day everyone.

  7. Lisa, beware of bodacious rodents. I hope your 2 days this week are peaceful. A week and 2 days for me.

    Beth, I don't think I'd feel right with temps in the 70s and 80s at Christmas time.

    Coneflower, I took that photo on the AZ / UT border in a wilderness area called The Wave. Swoopy, swirly, weird rock formations galore.

    Diana, I think it's grumpy because only 10 permits are issued each day for people to hike into visit The Wave. Old Rocky Face is just lonely.

    Farf, maybe that explains why we feel like we're just going around in circles.

    maryb, I won't put up "The Second Coming" right before Christmas.

  8. Good afternoon everyone,

    Jim that is a good picture. It seems like the more you look at it the more you find.

    We've had more rain down here and the temps are in the 50's, but I'm hoping it will get colder, and if I'm lucky we'll have snow around X-mas.

    I hope everyone's weekend has been going well, and I guess for everyone except Beth, stay warm. Beth you can stay in the air conditioning. :)