Saturday, December 26, 2009

Still Rushing By ...

... this time toward year's end.

Taken December 13, 2009.

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  1. Good morning Andi and everyone,

    We had a pretty good Christmas out at the farm last night. One thing that caught us by surprise is that my nephew proposed to his girlfriend. The Uncles kept telling him that she's a keeper and don't let her get away. I basically told him that he proposed to her while surrounded by the family. I told him she was probably too afraid to say no. :)

    Lot of food to eat too. Everything from Gumbo to Chili. Yep I think a good time was had by all.

    Hope everyone had a memorable Christmas.

  2. Happy Boxing Day, everyone! Hope Santa was good to you, and you had the best Christmas ever. But if not, that it was at least one of your better ones.

    Sounds like a great day, Fam. You're right - the poor girl was probably sure the family would hog tie her if she said no. Nice way to celebrate the day, though!

    We had a peaceful day - I skipped brunch next door and volleyball - just too many people. Happy to hang out in the sun and listen to Christmas carols here. Dinner with friends, which WAS really nice.

    Winging my way home today - will check in tomorrow from FL, assuming I don't get stranded somewhere. Enjoy your day not spent on airplanes, and I'll see you tomorrow!

  3. Wow, FM, what a great chance of pace! That's a Christmas gathering your family will be talking about for years.

    Safe flight home, Beth… drag some of that Pacific sunshine up here with you?

    Andi, the falls look like frosted glass. Perfect exposure there!

    Daughter Dearest suggested I lay on the massage pad to work the soreness out of my back muscles. It helped a lot… now I notice my arms and legs. ;-P Hoping to slack a lot today, and Mason sleeping past 7 this morning helped with that!

    Hope everyone has a good day-after Christmas. Other Brother's b-day is tomorrow.

  4. Good morning, all. Love, love, love today's picture.

    It is gloomy here but I can stay in and maybe even have a fire later so I don't mind.

    Glad you all had a good Christmas.

  5. Beautiful day AGAIN.
    Yesterday, most of our white Christmas melted in the sun.
    Great meal at the B-I-L's. Sonboy finally made it in!!!WooHoo.
    Only about 18 for the meal, so not as big a crowd as usual. But I enjoyed going and not being in charge of setup and cleanup.

    Got a webcam for Christmas and was able to Skype with a friend that lives near Santiago Chile. Really neat. Although it's hard to ignore the real me on the screen. Never as cute as I want to envision.

    The big controversy came when sonboy declared he was taking Kipling the Springer back with him. Daughter had a fit so it was decided to be for one week. We'll see how it goes. Dog is mega spoiled and will likely miss the constant pampering from my hubby and daughter. Daughter packed up doggie treats and toys and food and towels and...
    The Corgi will likely enjoy being one with the cats for a while.

    Brother and nephew are leaving today, so normal will be back in order soon. Yeah.

    FM, I think you beat us for excitement at family events.

    Beth, safe travels.

    Farf, roll duty is a very important job. Glad you were able to ellude the chicken houses for a bit. Sends great admiration to Mrs. Fetched and DD on the work they, do.

    Andi, enjoy next family event. We're not as good at being quiet so appreciate your self control.

    Waves to all and hope recovery from holiday excitement finds you. I'm thinking this is good napping and reading day.

  6. Wow! What a gorgeous photo!! The separation of the water over the leaves and the way they catch the light is amazing!! Lovely!

    Happy boxing day to All, and I agree that FM's family had the most excitement. What a brave nephew!

  7. Full-fledged geezer moment. I was sure I'd commented today. And they would have been brilliant comments too if only I'd made them.

    Ah, FM, let's hear it for the traditional Christmas Gumbo.

    Beth, hope your trip home is (was) an easy one.

    Farf, a massage pad sound lovely -- can you nap on them, too?

    Sorry about the gloom, Dina. We had some sun today for the first time in a week. It was so nice, I didn't mind that it was cold.

    Lisa, I hope you took some snow pictures before it all melted. ::waves bye-bye to Kipling::

    Hi CF. Hope nothing is throwing a sharp left jab today. :)

  8. This is a gorgeous photo Andi. Wow, so beautiful!