Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Spiral Permanent

Taken December 21, 2009.

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  1. Makes me think of Michel Legrand's Windmills of Your Mind.

    We had snow but the temps are too warm for it to stay. 37 and mushy here.

    Beth, Think snuggling up and comfortable. You'll discover plenty to do. You amaze me how you can ferret out fun.

    Loving no schedule. Jammies into the late morning is a luxury.

    Waves to all and Wonderful Weds.

  2. A great song, Lisa! I haven't heard that in forever. We're showing our age...

    I love this kind of history, andi - physical evidence of something that used to be there, but isn't any longer. Wonder what that used to wrap around? Or is it just that way naturally?

    Supposed to be 73 today, but back to 60 by Sunday. Better enjoy our heat wave while it's here!

    Don't forget I write fiction, Lisa. I can make any situation sound fun. :-)

    Univ of Idaho is in a bowl game today - what a shock. Go Vandals!

    Off to be productive as the year winds down. Hope everyone has a warm, snuggly day!

  3. Love the spiral. Is it grape vine? Super perspective. Interesting the strange things you can find once the leaves are gone.

    All the best to all the rest who will pass this way today and everyday.

  4. See Lisa, that's why working from home is so great; no one knows -- or cares -- what you're wearing.

    It's that way naturally, Beth, though that particular shape is pretty unusual. The norm is twisty knots.

    CF, it's a tendril off a greenbrier.

  5. Very cool pic! Like CF said, reminded me of a grapevine. :)

    I'd wish you all a good morning, but in my time zone, not so much morning anymore. Been playing with the insomnia fairy for 2 nights and finally fell asleep around 6 a.m. Bad, bad fairy. No pony!

    Glad I'm not working this week at least!!

    Pretty much have been trying to keep totally to my relax-n-read program for the week. Haven't accomplished much of the apt. reorg, though, thanks to the above-mentioned fairy. Grrr.

    In anycase, this bloody year is nearly over, yay!! There have been MANY good things in my writing career, but the workplace woes weren't so great. Let's pray those are now over for good.

    In case I fall off the Internets again due to sleep deficit or just plain laziness, may your upcoming year be FABULOUS!!

    Virtual hugs to all.

  6. Afternoon!

    Cool shot as always, Andi - I agree with the others, you can find the coolest things.

    I've spent the morning wrestling GNU Troff to the ground, getting it to draw the fancy new cover page for work. The knotty problem was getting it to not space down at the top of the page, but I finally turned off vertical spacing & that did the trick.

    Not getting much writing done, so I'll catch up on my reading for a while. Mason was hongry this morning.

    Waving & running… some days are like that corkscrew…

  7. Howdy,peeps. Andy I think this photo is brill. The way you "saw" the way to show it following the brown stream/path. . .what a great eye. Then there's that bit of green in the middle, caught in a curve. I didn't even see that (moss?) until my third ook, and now I see it makes all the difference.
    I'm lovin' this one, can you tell?

  8. I hope you kick that fairy's butt, Maria -- but I guess not until after tomorrow so you don't fall asleep before midnight.

    I haven't thought of troff for years, Farf. That takes me back. Now I'm all nostalgic for grep, awk, and vi.

    Well Nancy, that's what I've heard -- third ook is the charm. ;)

  9. Andi, I use gtroff for the firmware documentation at work. It's a potload faster than working with FrameMaker (and MS Weird is a non-starter, I cringe at the thought of trusting it with anything critical) for docs running close to 1000 pages. I'm working on a gentle introduction for the Chicago writers… they're anticipating running into problems in the new year that I've already solved. And yup, awk & vi (actually gvim) are very important support utilities. I spent about half my work day in the command line & half in the MacOSX GUI.

    Maria, I've got a couple of suggestions for you to pass along to Juno vis-a-vis Kindle books. (Yup, I started Blood Kin last night.)

  10. Just be happy you don't work for some of my clients*; they'd consider 1000 pages tiny -- especially aerospace and naval where the pubs can run to 100K. And I'm happy they have such huge doc issues since that's why they need high end publishing and content management systems.

    On on that little tech note ... good night everybody.

  11. lol. I think it's "The third ook is the arm."

  12. Happy New Year's Eve everyone. Stay warm if you are in a cold region and drive safely wherever you are.

    I'm going out to dinner tonight and plan to be home before the midnight witching hour. We're going to a local restaurant where my cousin is the chef.

  13. Ooh cousins who are chefs -- what luck. Does the cousin come and cook for family gatherings?

    Hope you have a great time this evening.

  14. nice post. thanks.