Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rushing By

Just let it all go, Jim; the day will be over before you know it.

Taken December 7, 2009.

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  1. The chaos of the waterfall is an apt metaphor for a class of 11/12 year-olds on the day before a vacation.

  2. May the force be with you, Jim.

    Word Puzzles, coloring pages and games like dominoes, jinga, and spades have been my friends on these days.

    51 right now, but wind and rain moving in this afternoon/evening for a couple of days of yucky weather. Still better than the snow in the east.

    Went to see movie the Blind Side with Sandra Bullock. Enjoyed--a feel good. And some of the tightest skirts I ever seen a woman wear. My tush never looked so good.

    Hope the workweek ends quickly for Farf and Maria and others that 9-5 it this week.

    Maria--LIGHTING FIREWORKS AND WAVING FLAGS. Congrats on finishing 4.

    Beth, plenty of sunscreen. Hope the holiday is rejuvenating.

    Waves to CF, O, Dina, Nicky, Nancy, MaryB, KatieB, Bono, Boran, Kelly, and all others.

    Off to work on story.

  3. Good morning all,

    Our temps are rising again down here. 60's yesterday.

    It's only one day Jim and then......

    Hope everyone is doing well.

  4. Waving the Patience Wand at all teachers today…

    Jim, get the kids to talk about what their families do for the holidays… don't say anything about "Christmas traditions" until they've all had a chance to speak up. :-)

    Lisa, hope you get lots of rest & lots of writing done.

    FM, sunny and 50-something here. Lots of rain for Christmas Eve & Christmas, but no sub-freezing temps. Oh well, no white Christmas here, more like a soggy (or flooded) Christmas.

    I actually managed to wake up a little before 7, probably because I went to bed at a reasonable time. The Boy called at a less than reasonable time, but I guess he thought we expected him to come back last night & he couldn't get to a gas station. I told him to just come today, then turned off the ringer.

    Bought my first Kindle book: Stephen King's UR — an appropriate choice, because it's about a rather strange Kindle. For one thing, it's pink. For another, it has this "UR" section in the Experimental page…

    Anyway. Off to the mimes.

  5. Morning, Lisa. I guess the fact that you are posting about an hour later than usual means you are doing the Lisa-version of sleeping in. ;)

    Hi FM. Sound like a lovely day to take pond pictures. :)

    I'll be interested in hearing how you like electronic reading, Farf. I don't like doing extended reading (like books from the Project Gutenberg) on a monitor so I've assumed I wouldn't like e-books either.

  6. Weird being the late riser of the group! But waking up 3 hours later than usual will do that for ya.

    Our forecast continues to be sunny and breezy, with cool evenings. Wouldn't mind some of that rain, folks - wanna trade?

    Forgot the sunscreen yesterday - will apply extra today, Lisa.

    Happy last day of school, Jim! Hope everyone is enjoying the last few days before Christmas. Not sure what we'll be doing - so far our future planning is to go to the street market tomorrow.

    So far have resisted buying a Kindle, etc., because I like seeing books on shelves. Too bad you can't download an ebook and then get a real copy for free! Let us know what you think, Farf.

    Have a great day, everyone!

  7. Morning, gang!! Day two of writing freedom (sort of). Stopped by car dealership this a.m. b/c my tire pressure monitor light had come on. (I had no idea I even *had* this feature--go me with the schmancy car). All is good, evidently had to do with the cold.

    @ the mimes now, and after tomorrow, I is free until 1/5!! Though, now I understand we're supposed to get sleet/freezing rain on Friday. Bah Humbug.

    Stay safe, stay warm (Beth, hope the electricity settles down!).


  8. Lovely waterfall photo, Andi, and happy almost-vacation, Jim!

    From yesterday: Farf, there's a one-word explanation for my lifted spirits of late -- writing. Due to the stupid illness I've been 10 years in the dark, every day, scouring all directions for any signs of light. I've basically had to learn how to do it all over again almost from scratch. But this year was the year I finally saw some results. It's moving really slow and it started off choppy and awkward but something like a new functional process is definitely coming together because this is the most work I've been able to do since before I got sick and the book I am writing is mighty fine. I'm hoping I can pick up some speed and have a market-ready draft by this time next year but even if the stupid illness stretches that time out some more, writing:notwriting :: joy:despair. Thank you for noticing, and of course thank you muchly for the good wishes, and right backatcha.

    Oh, and Mr. Wes cannot go outside because of a nearby busy road and his penchant for irresponsible decision-making, but we did give the cats a bowl of snow last season so they could check it out. Wes sniffed it, tasted it, then promptly tried to shove a pawful of it on Lucy's head. Annoying Sibling Syndrome is apparently a cross-species phenomenon. ;)

    Hope everyone's day goes as smoothly as possible -- I was out running around most of the day yesterday and WOW was that a bad idea, heh. Staying in today, resting, eating sugar cookies, hopefully a little writing.

  9. Beautiful photo, Andi. You got the rushing stream without it going totally mush.

    Hang on everyone. The holiday is coming, whether short or long. Get ready to enjoy it fully.

    All the best to everyong.

  10. Dropping in to say hello to everyone.

    Wonderful picture today.

  11. Andi--LOVES moving water--forgot to say thanks.

    Jen--Wonderful that the writing is coming and you are happy with progress. That Wes is a Rascally guy.

    Now off to clean self and house a bit. Love lounging for a while in the morning.

  12. Jen, had to delurk to let you know how happy I am for you. That's simply magnificent!

    I'm currently on the roller-coaster of my least favorite season and just clinging by my fingernail until it stops. Not particularly down, just overwhelmed and ready to get back to my routines.

    Jim, good luck with the hanging in there until vacation.

    Everyone else, happy holidays of whatever flavor you favor.

  13. Drive by hi.

    Jen, glad to read your comments!

    Back to work. Waves to all!

  14. Beth, it's good your internal clock adjusts while on vacation. Mine always seems to stay on "home" time.

    Sorry about the yuck weather, Maria, but I'm sure that not having to go into work will help offset it tremendously.

    Love the picture of Wes "feeding" Lucy, Jen. But even more I love that writing is making you happy.

    Howdy CF. How's the weather in northern Ohio treating you?

    Hi Dina. All ready for the holidays?

    Hi Kelly. Hope you have have some lovely tea helping you through the rough times.