Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Macro Shots Week: White and Green

Click here if you don't know how frost flowers are formed.

Taken December 1, 2009

Taken December 6, 2009.
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  1. Farf, Congrats on the Kindle. Here's a site for FREE classic books for it.

  2. Waves at Jim. People think counting down for the New Year is great. Not near as good as counting down the days this week until---HOLIDAY.

    Spun silky sugar is what these look like. Interesting texture and shapes. Andi be such a great seeker of the unusual.

    Only 5 new kiddos today.
    Many of the grumpy bears won't be there the rest of the week. Drama gets them time at home to ponder the possibilities.
    I would prefer a trip to the woodshed for some, but I'm not queen of the kindom.

    Beth, sounds like a great soul soothing friend you've made. Good to find people that understand.

    Maria--Fantabulous you are making such progress on 4.
    Friend just gave me back 3--loves your character. She's a much faster reader so she gets to read them first. I get to brag about knowing how famous author is doing with the writing. Great that ideas for 5 is taking shape. I'm thinking you'll be able to sell that one. Being in WalMart has likely been a boon to sales.

    Waves to Farf, CF, MaryB, Jen, Dina, O, Nancy, Nicky, Bono, FM, Kelly, Boran, and any others that wing their way by.

    Three and counting down.
    Wonderful Weds.

  3. Hey Jim! Nice to see you here first on a Tuesday morning! Good luck your last few days of the mimes.

    Almost simulposted, Lisa - good thing I previewed before posting. Yay for kiddos going home, whether they think so or not. Clock is ticking...

    Someday I'll see frost flowers in person - most likely not while I'm living in Florida! Until then, these are a great substitute.

    Had fun with my girlfriend yesterday. Today I HAVE to buckle down and finish my list before I head to the airport tomorrow; I'm spending the night near the airport, since it costs just about the same to park at the airport or at a hotel for the week - and this way I avoid missing my plane due to car problems or traffic jams.

    So picture me being industrious today.

    I wish my life was a vacation, Farf, but that's an illusion. It just looks that way from the outside.

    Happy Hump Day, y'all!

  4. Good morning everyone,

    Always love to see the pictures of frost flowers. We'll never see them down here, but we are in the 30's this morning. I guess very cold rain is something. :)

    Everyone have a good hump day.

  5. I don't have to actually seek very hard to find frost flowers, Lisa -- as long the conditions are right, they're easy to find since they're right alongside the trails. Happy Countdown!

    You wanna see frost flowers, Beth, you should come visit me between very late November through mid-December. But check the forecast because it can't be too warm or too cold, it has to be just right. :)

    Morning FM. You probably don't have the right kind of plants because you do occasionally have the right kinds of temps.

  6. One of these days I'll get back on the road, andi, and you can bet that will be one of my stops - I'd love to see them live and in person!

  7. You have to come twice then, Beth, because I really think the woods are never more wonderful than in May.

  8. Thank you for posting about the frost flowers, Andi. I've been seeing it in your slide show and wondering what in the world it was. How amazing!! I've never seen one before, alive or in photos. Mother Nature has no end to beautiful surprises does she?

    All the best to all of you.

  9. Waves to all!

    Cool photos! Can you send some frost flower seeds, Andi?

    Have a good trip Beth!

    We had our office party yesterday w/the so called Chinese auction. Fun but glad to be past the stress of holidays at the office.

    See y'all later.

  10. Morning all! Thanks for the link Jim, I'll definitely check it out. Right now, I'm just going through the manual already on the thing, haven't even set up my account yet. First surprise was that the drawing on the display (saying plug in & turn on) was actually IN the display, not a peel-off overlay. The flash between pages reminds me of those Tektronix storage tubes from before 1980… they would flash to clear the screen too.

    Yay Lisa for clearing out a few kiddos!

    I've seen frost flowers attempt to bloom here, Andi, but they don't get quite as complete. They tend to be more like florets, and they only crop up on one bank that I'm aware of. It rains, then it gets cold… I might be able to get over there one morning & get pics.

    Me, I'm kind of a frost flower this morning. Mason isn't feeling too good & Mrs. Fetched wanted to take him to the doc this morning. That meant me taking the bike… and it was like 35F out there this morning. Bundled up & used the electric gloves, it's all good.

    Waves & hugs to all!

  11. Something we always look forward to Andi - frost flower time of year! They're so beautiful and each one is so unique.

  12. I'm kind of surprised you don't have frost flowers in Ohio, CF. I wonder if our clay soil has something to do it with being here.

    Hiya b2. Actually since only certain plants produce frost flowers, I could send you seeds. :P

    Brrr, Farf. Doesn't sound like the kind of day to be on a bike.

    Glad you like 'em, Olivia, because I've got more. :)

  13. Maybe I'm not up early enough in the morning to see them. :-) If it's clay,.... we have lots of that.

    What kind of flowers/plants produce them?