Thursday, December 17, 2009

Macro Shots Week: Weather Catch

Taken November 28, 2009

Taken December 7, 2009.
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  1. TWO
    Days left until freeeeeedom.
    For two weeks anyway.

    Nifty picture pair, Andy.

    Waves as off to work on story.
    Cyberhugs to all.
    Thursday winking at Friday.

  2. Cool (and cold) pix indeed, andi! I love seeing that kind of shot, how things change from day to day.

    Weekend bearing down on me - heading to airport hotel this afternoon to avoid missing my early am flight. Calling for horrendous weather late tonight/early tomorrow, and I don't want to play in Florida downpours. So today is wrapping up loose ends - yesterday was Run Around Like a Headless Chicken Day.

    There's wireless at the house in Mexico, so I should be able to stay in touch. Hope everyone has a relaxing Thursday, with big plans for the weekend that DON'T involve shopping malls!

    Off and running! Waving to all -

  3. Woo hoo, Lisa. But there's only ONE more day. You never count the day you're on!

    I hope tonight is Relax in Nice Hotel night, Beth. And Happy Fun in the Sun to you.

  4. Hi, all. Have been having trouble reading and making comments but I have loved the pictures.

    Hope everyone's holidays are happy.

  5. Enjoy the freedom, Lisa!

    Mexico sounds great Beth! Enjoy!

    Waiting to get into court. Another snowstorm is predicted for Saturday when we will be celebrating the b2 boy's birthday. Ugh.

    Waves to all!

  6. delurksStill alive. *Waves wildly* Back eventually.relurks

  7. Very cool comparison photo of teasel (I think). There is no end of beauty and interesting things in Nature.

    Hello to all and best wishes everywhere.

  8. Hola, all! Somehow, I missed yesterday, oh noes!! Office life was busy, but good. More insomnia wand last night, darn it, and not a productive one. :(

    Mimes are quietish today, so I'm declaring a slow pace for the work.

    I'm so close to finishing book 4 I can taste it, but I have to really knuckle down tonight, as tomorrow night is our company holiday party. My goal is to get it done by Saturday night. (we'll see!!)

    It's bloody cold here. My feets are freezing - which is unusual for me. You all keep warm and toasty. Happy Thursday.

  9. Good morning everyone,

    I agree with CF - nice comparison pictures.

    Lisa glad to hear your break time is almost here.

    Beth enjoy your hotel night and have a safe flight tomorrow.

    Dina I've had some trouble with the commenting lately too. Hope yours and mine clear up soon.

    Boran Happy Birthday to the B2 boy!

    Kelly glad to see you delurk.

    CF I'm agreeing with you all over the place, but you said it right - There is no end of beauty and interesting things in Nature.

    Maria sorry about the sleep, glad about the book being almost finished and get some extra socks on. :)

    I think I've gotten everyone. Hope everyone is doing fine and stay warm.

  10. Hi Dina. Hope whatever problems you have get solved soon so you can come hang out with us more.

    You just keep all that snow there, b2. We're doing a late Hanukkah family do on Saturday so messy weather is not appreciated.

    Hey Kelly, good to know you're still with us.

    CF, I'm not sure about the teasel -- I guess I'll have to wait till next spring and check for the blooms.

    Maria, good luck on finishing this weekend. May the pencil be with you. :)

    Hi FM. You can match my comparison pictures with some nice comparison shots of the pond. :)

  11. Another in & out. Got a doc appt tomorrow morning, just hoping she doesn't put on The Glove. I can't remember whether she does that in May or December, probably because I try to forget as quickly as possible.

    Y'all carry on…

  12. Too early for today's post, but wanted to say I'm off to the airport. Will write from Mexico - have a great Friday, y'all!