Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Macro Shots Week: Still Ferning Around

Taken November 24, 2009.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Love leaves.
    29 and a blustery morning here.
    Snuggle up to pups, Andi.

    Ten new kiddos this morning. 7 new on the elementary side so we are in for a day.
    Farf, the leaving is more an occasional dribble. Shouts of joy and happy dances when they get their release papers.
    But they are boomeranging back. So some of the new the last few weeks are really old retreads. Sigh.

    Four days--I can do this for four days.
    Staff gets pizza rather than fancy party Thursday. No fun classroom parties here.

    Waves to all as off to the mimes.

  2. Great leaves, andi! Or fronds...I love the variety.

    Hope you don't feel like you've failed when they return, Lisa. After years as a social worker dealing pregnant teens, I learned to find my own rewards. Hope you've found yours. You'll make it - four more days.

    Still breaking heat records here (yes, I know, shut up. But it IS December!). Send blustery this way.

    Had a glass of wine with a new girlfriend yesterday, and are going shopping today. We're both fish out of water here, so are enjoying spending time with someone more like us.

    Tuesday already - hope yours is a good one, everyone!

  3. Ooh, all artistic and stuff, even!! Love the macro leaves, Andi. You just keep adding to my desktop picture fodder. (I have the first spiderweb w/water pic on my work desktop and have gotten many compliments. I thank them on your behalf.)

    Another Monday night and I ain't got no sleep...but I did have writing mojo, FTW!! wrapped up a key chapter (in which there were explosions and death--quite hard to write). Got a couple of clues on items to throw in the last bits that will lead to the yet-uncontracted book 5. ::g::

    I just need to get through today without keeling over.

    Happy Tuesday?

  4. You CAN do this for 4 days, Lisa. Just make your mantra "Friday, Friday, Friday".

    We're due for some temps in the teen this week, Beth. You send 10 warm degrees up here and I'll send 10 cold degrees down to you. :)

    Happy to decorate your desktop, Maria. I'm not quite in the same no sleep state as you but for the last week when the dogs go out around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. instead of going back to sleep like I usually do, I find myself wide awake and not liking it one bit. So I really empathize with you (well except for the writing mojo part which is all yours).

  5. I almost missed the fern! Nice positioning & framing, Andi.

    Hmmm… I kind of feel bad now, getting a morning that's only cool (but moist) and Mason slept until I was already awake & dressed. Not really! But since we're trading temperatures, I'll swap some writing mojo with Maria for a little extra sleep. ;-)

    New hire coming in today… I got up early so I could be here & not keep in waiting, and he hasn't showed yet. Oh well. Maybe HR has him signing his life away.

    Good luck with that recidivism rate, Lisa… I think Beth can relate better though.

  6. Wow, Andi. That photo is really cool. I love the use of overexposure. It makes the fern really show up. Instead of overex, maybe you photoshopped the extra brightness?? Could you post the original so we can see the difference. It's a great technique to make the little dark fern really shine out. You did good, Girl.

    Got all the decorating done here finally and my cards are made but not addressed nor sent. Still have 10 days. I have shopping to do still also and we have a few more sets to complete before we stop for this holiday.

    Why is your pack getting you up and out so awfully early, Andi? No fair.

    Lisa, I don't know how you do it.

    Glad you met a new friend, Beth. Tell us about her.

    Sorry about the no sleep Maria but congrats on the writing.

    Far--- you get to take a nap when you get home.

    All the best to all the rest.

  7. New GF shows up as LoriD at my place. Transplant from Chicago due to marriage, but not very comfortable in this world. MIsses her kids and g'son and life back there - like I do mine in Idaho. Speaks her mind, like I do - and doesn't understand the whole alcohol emphasis of the group we hang with, either. So we're looking for new friends, and new things to do. And both trying to help the other stay here. Not sure how successful we'll be. But in the meantime, we're enjoying spending time together!

    Off to go look for some Christmas spirit today...

  8. Nice shot, Andi1

    Up to the 50s today right before we go into another freeze. Sigh.

    Can't wait to add ram to this pc. Vista is slow and annoying.

    Back to work.

    Waves to all.

  9. You almost missed the fern, Farf? So your peripheral vision is very good but straight-facing is farshtunkeneh? (I'm guessing that Family Man will be able to get the gist of this Yiddish word without looking it up).

    CF, I used shutter priority to blow out the background and did a bit with histogram adjustment postprocessing, mostly to bring out the veins in the leaves. Here's a link to the original shot.

    New GF sounds like she'll make a good buddy for you, Beth. Hope so, anyway.

    Looks like you're about 24 hours behind us, b2. Nice weather is gone, cold weather about to arrive.

  10. Good day to everyone,

    Andi that's a really lovely picture. I kept looking at it and I found my favorite part. In the middle top, the green fern gets smaller and keeps rising. The first thought that came to mind was a ladder to infinity. Corny I know, but.......

    Also, I thought I got the gist of farshtunkeneh, but so far the only thing I can figure you’re saying is, “but straight-facing is farshteln.”

    BTW when you wrote –

    And just because I'm a pedant --

    * Chanuka
    * Chanukah
    * Chanukkah
    * Channukah
    * Hanukah
    * Hannukah
    * Hanukkah
    * Hanuka
    * Hanukka
    * Hanaka
    * Haneka
    * Hanika
    * Khanukkah

    It was really the word pedant I had to look up. Whoever said English as a first language is easy was wrong. :)

  11. Andi, if that means "missing stuff right in front of your $#@!@!!! face" then I'll accept that tag. ;-)

    doesn't understand the whole alcohol emphasis of the group we hang with, either

    Beth, if your group knows what chicken houses are, that would explain the alcohol emphasis…

    Heh, I just won a Kindle + $50 gift cert. at the company holiday party. Gosh, too bad I can't think of any books to load on it! g/d/r

  12. I like the way you describe the picture, FM. Not corny at all. Also -- ::sticks tongue out at FM::

    Hi Laura.

    That's a pretty nice party favor, Farf. As for the Yiddish, "far" means "very" and "shtunk" should be pretty obvious.

  13. I just had a look at the pic again, after seeing FM's thoughts.

    The Beanstalk.

  14. This looks like one of those watercolor victorian botanical studies. Like Walter Fitch did for Kew Gardens.

  15. I can see the similarity, Mary, except my lines are cleaner. :)

  16. I'm seeing a stained glass piece in this one. More specifically, I think it would look amazing constructed out of brightly colored glass, set in the upper corner of a large mirror, maybe with a trail of vine running down one side and curving across the bottom corner.

  17. We have several stained glass artisans here in the county. In fact, one of the best lives right down the road from me. I had him make a custom glass some years ago from a photo taken on a Grand Canyon hike with getting married couple and he did a fantastic job. So it would interesting to see what he would do with this.