Friday, December 18, 2009

Macro Shots Week: Skating the Pond

Both pictures taken December 5, 2009.

Click images to see larger versions


  1. Continued from last post ...

    Bye Beth. Safe journey. Write when you get work ... on your tan.

    Back to today.

    w00t Lisa! Two weeks off is here!


    Waves to Beth winging her way to Mexico.

    Thanks for the celebration, Andi.
    Waves as runs to get ready for last day.

  3. Those are nifty. The one on the left kinda looks like the outskirts of a city of giant crystal spires on some frozen winter planet.

  4. Feliz Navidades, Beth!!

    Andi, love the ice-laden tentacle pics! I envision these little creatures just below the frozen surface, ready to pop out. :)

    Good morning to all. I'm up early getting ready for a mime-full Friday (traded for last week's extra day off). Tonight is our fun-filled holiday party, wherein we nosh on nifty snacks, exchange gifts, drink (cider for me, thanks), and just enjoy for tomorrow it snows... (though I have a hair appt tomorrow afternoon, eek!)

    Fab Friday to all!

  5. Have a very, very quick day, Lisa.

    Hi Jen and Maria. I kept seeing one of those Ice Capades pieces where there are all these people and things moving all over the ice ... or Daleks. ;)

  6. Good afternoon all. Love the pics, but then - I love them all!
    Shock, horror, we have snow here and everything falls apart. In the south of England that is, the north gets a lot of the stuff anyway but down here it's a rarity.

    Wrapping presents today, it's getting closer!

  7. Wow, these are really cool! You have the most interesting woods anywhere! You even have water that wrinkles! :-) Love the little frost guys too!

  8. Rudolph brought me safely to Houston Int'l Airport. Sunny out there - escaped the nasty FL weather just in time. Seems I always miss the rainy days - but there are tornado warnings too, and I don't mind missing those. Be safe out there, everyone!

    Enjoy your party, Maria! And last day, Lisa. And itty bitty skaters, andi - very cool pix.

    Will soak up a little extra sun for all of you. And will check in as I can.

    One flight down, one to go...

  9. Have a good trip Beth!

    12 degrees here! And snow coming tomorrow! Ugh.

    Stay warm.

    Waves to all.

  10. Thanks b2! Stay safe - sounds like a whoppin' storm heading your way. Sending sunshine northward...

  11. I hope things aren't too snarled by the snow, Nicky. I lived somewhere for awhile where they got very little snow and everyone would panic over 1/2 inch -- driving among people who don't know how to drive on snow is very scary.

    Beth, hope the rest of your journey went well.

    Snow is forecast here for tonight and tomorrow, b2. But not as cold as you so not all bad.

  12. Woohoo, it's getting on the verge of freezing rain here. I just called Mrs. Fetched & she said it's not quite icing up at the manor yet… but if/when it starts she'll call me & I'll bolt the mimes. Freezing rain is about the only thing worse than the current cold wind & heavy rain we're getting now. Yoo hoo, weather gods, I asked for snow, not freezing rain! At least the mimes put out some sandwiches, so I didn't have to get out it it.

    Doc visit went well, BP is good despite (or perhaps because of) a 5 a.m. Mason wakeup call. Poor guy was hongry & let me know it, but smiled when he saw the bottle. She almost put on The Glove, but decided that since I have a physical coming up she'll wait 'til then. (Have I ever mentioned that my doc is a cute redhead roughly my age?)

    Beth, sounds like a great trip. Wish I was there… or anywhere but here. ;-)

    You guys stay warm. zips up fleece

  13. Afternoon Everyone,

    Andi those pictures are great. For some reason the one on the left reminds me of Reelfoot Lake in TN and KY. I guess if it was frozen over like that the Bald Cyprus would look like that.

    We had heavy rain early this morning, but now it's just cloudy and in the low 50's. Our weatherman said last night that around X-mas we may have a snow storm, but they say that every year and it never happens.

    I hope where the snow is coming down that everyone stays safe and stay off that black ice.

    Everyone stay safe and warm.

  14. Our snow forecast is now 10-20" over the weekend. Brrrrrrr.

    My poor little car will be buried!!

  15. Oops, missed CF last time. Frozen pond and me -- wrinkles in time

    I hate, hate, hate freezing rain. I hope it misses you, Farf.

    This is just a little pond, FM, but it's very pleased to be put in the same category as Reelfoot Lake. :)

    Wow, Maria, that is a lot of snow. Guess the weather gods are trying to encourage to stay in and finish the book.

    Hiya, Kelly.

  16. Andi, I love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, love, LOVE!, love, love, LOVE these ... :D Love 'em! Esp the one on the left. :D

  17. I don't want to jump to any conclusions but if I'm reading you correctly, you enjoy both these pictures, though you prefer the one on the left. Have I got it?

  18. I'm beginning to fell a lot like the frozen pond. Our snowpocalypse that was supposed to wait until after midnight started at 8 p.m. - my car had 2" of snow on it when I left the party. Thank goodness it handled like a DREAM on the drive home.

    Now safe and snuggly and not leaving the apt this weekend.

    Night, all!

  19. I'll take that as a 'yes', olivia.

    Glad you are home and all snuggled up for the weekend, Maria.

    Night everybody.

  20. Just rain. Lots & lots of rain. Maria, could you send about half that snow down to Planet Georgia?

    BTW, those are really neat captures. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it.