Saturday, December 19, 2009

Macro Shots Week: Pop Goes the Weekend

Taken November 23, 2009

Taken December 17, 2009.
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  1. Looks like their huddling together for warmth.
    What they are eludes me, Andi.

    Jim, hope you got to sleep in a bit this morning.
    Two weeks--Baby. ENJOY!!!

    Beth--Hope you wake up to a beautiful day in Mexico. And have a great time there.

    40 now and into the mid 50's so beautiful, sunny weekend planned here.

    Hubby gone on Scout campout so enjoying free time. Got stocking stuffers to buy, but have the week to do it.

    Waves to Nicky wrapping presents with snow.
    Great bash for the B2Boy. Hope you don't have too much nasty weather B.

    Maria--Enjoy the weeekend. Coming down to the end of book 4-WooHoo.
    May the fingers fly over those keys.

    Farf--I'm envisioning a sign outside the manor--Great Place for Babies!!! Wonderful Early Morning Chow Time.
    Makes my life feel a bit pedestrian. Good that I like walking.

    Kelly--Waving back.

    FM--you and pup have a good weekend.

    Waves to CF, O, Nancy, Bono, Dina, MaryB, Katie, and all else to come.

  2. They are puffball mushrooms, Lisa. Jim doesn't get to start his ENJOY till 2:50 p.m. Tuesday but he's not jealous of you. No, really, he's not. Really. Not all.

  3. Good Morning Everyone,

    Andi I'm like Lisa and have no idea what they are, but I'm figuring they produce a lot of spores.

    Lisa glad you've gotten your two weeks. Enjoy!

    We're supposed to be in the 30's and 40's this w/e, but no rain thank goodness.

    Hope everyone has a good w/e.

  4. ...not that Jim is counting the minutes or anything. ;p

    Puffballs! I used to love to scavenge those in the Alaskan woods as a kid. Fresh greens from the garden, fresh mushrooms from the forest, fresh fish from the stream, mmm.

    Today I have a one woman show recommendation. I caught Julia Sweeney's Letting Go of God the other day on tv, and it has been echoing on me ever since. It was funny, she's a comedian, but it was much more than funny.

    Raised Roman Catholic, she opens with a story about how a home visit from a couple of Mormon missionary boys led her to take a Bible study class for the first time as an adult. Then she ambles down a delightfully winding trail of monologue that chronicles the changes in her beliefs from her devout Catholic upbringing through all kinds of questionings of her own faith, explorations of other faiths, science classes, and her realization that "Deepak Chopra is full of shit", lol. As she storytells, she weaves these changes in thought and belief together with other major events in her life, like her younger brother's death from cancer, her own bout of cancer in which she lost her uterus, her father's death, her adoption of a daughter from China. It was a gorgeous, brilliant piece of artphilosophy, I laughed and I cried, and even after seeing it on tv I would happily pay to see her do it live.

    Disclaimer: if you are one of those people who believes that your religion is the One True Way and that questioning anything in that department is evil, this show is probably not for you, but I think there's something really beautiful and heartwarming in there for just about everyone else.

    We have snow here today, it is cold and lovely outside, and we are planning to stay home and cook and eat all day, woohoo! Happy weekend, all!

  5. Looks like me; frosty & a bit deflated. :-D

    Morning! We don't slow down that much for the weekend here… just get a later start to things. Mason slept 'til 6, but really wanted a diaper change more than a bottle; he swallowed 2 oz (about 1/3 of his usual) and went right back to sleep. Gave me time to get breakfast & now I gotta start making rolls for the family dinner today.

    Mrs. Fetched has a moderate Christmas village collection; I shot it under ambient light after Mason went back to sleep this morning & just posted it. I like it anyway.

    Jen, don't tell me you can eat those puffballs????

    All teachers, enjoy your break or impending break!

  6. Cyberhugs, Jim.
    Will send you plenty of energy for the Monday and Tuesday.
    That probably means you don't return until later than us.

    Jen, Thanks for the Recommend. I just went and set the DVR. The next showing is Monday afternoon. WooHoo, I get showtime. That's sounds like just something I would enjoy.
    Knew puffballs were edible, but haven't eaten any. That meal sounds yum. Glad you can stay home and enjoy the day cooking and eating--WooHoo.

    Off to work on story.

  7. Farf, yes, there are at least some species that are edible. Before they go to spore, they look a lot like regular white mushrooms on the inside. And they are quite delicious sauteed with a little butter. :)

    Lisa, if you enjoy Sweeney's show even half as much as I did, you'll be very pleased. Happy writing and happy viewing to you! :)

  8. Morning, all! We're in the throes of the snowpocalypse now. Expecting up to 2 feet. I'm nice and cozy in my recliner, just talked to the folks @ home (who are worried), reassuring them that I'm not foolish enough to go out in this mess.

    Jen, sounds like a fascinating show. I'll have to look to see if its on iTunes.

    Love the shroom pics! I'm a huge fungus fan (yum, yum!!).

    Hope you're all staying comfy and warm today. I'll be offline in a few so I can concentrate on getting to "The End".


  9. Used to love puffballs when I lived in upstate NY - and morels in NE WA...

    Waving from Mexico - took a quick break to check mail, etc., then it's back to the sunshine.

    Stay inside and warm and avoid all of that white stuff, folks - it's much better to look at it than drive in it!

    Have a wonderful weekend, everyone - I'll soak up some sun for y'all, if you ooh and aah at the snow for me - from inside, with a hot cup of cocoa!

  10. Just back from a walk in the snowy woods. There isn't actually much snow but there's enough to give a hush to the woods that is so lulling it makes me want to lie down and take a nap ... good thing the dogs would never let me fall asleep.

    Morning FM. Sorry you aren't getting to share in the Southern snow. Maybe you can get Laura to send you some. :)

    I'm seconding Jen's rec on Letting Go of God. I saw it a couple of years ago and thought it was beautifully done.

    Neat shot, Farf. Makes it look otherworldly.

    Glad to see the weather gods are still giving you lots of encouragement to finish the book, Maria.

  11. Shoot, I didn't refresh the page before I posted that last comment -- hi Beth! Glad to hear you are having fun in the sun.

    Well I'm off into the snow to go up to Indy for the family Hanukkah feast -- pastrami! brisket! potato kugel! hardening of the arteries!

    A good day to you all.

  12. Saying hello to everyone I missed this morning.

    Andi - pastrami, brisket and potato kugel! Send a care package!

    Usually if we do get snow it will be in Jan or Feb. Even then it's more of a every decade event. All of you can send care packages of snow too. :)

    Everyone have a good w/e and stay safe on the highways and warm in your houses.

  13. The puffballs are amazing. I didn't know they were edible. I limit my mushroom eating to what I can buy at the grocery store. The wild ones scare me.

    Happy Holidays to all, be warm and be safe and dry.