Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Light in the Fall Forest

Taken November 11, 2009

Taken November 12, 2009.
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  1. Looks like Ghost trees appearing in the light. Cool.
    Thanks for the light, Andi.
    Raining and a freeze warning here.
    Hoping it isn't true--don't want to miss day of school. Only have to make it up when the weather's gorgeous.

    Waves as off to work on story. Must get coffee. Hit by the insomnia wand the last couple of days.
    Wonderful Weds. to All.

  2. Hope you're still having sunny mornings, andi. Sounds like a lot of places in the country are getting nasty weather - like Lisa. Funny to hear someone NOT want school to be cancelled!

    Storms predicted here for the rest of the week - nasty ones with wind tonight. But clear skies right now, so no excuse not to walk with Keeper. And hopefully continue attacking the mess I call a yard. Not so sure about sitting outside for music tonight, tho.

    Looks like I'll be heading to NC to visit my aunt on Monday, so this week I'll be putzing around, getting ready for the holidays, and enjoying my ever-shrinking free time.

    Hope everyone has a good Wednesday - get out and enjoy that full moon tonight!

  3. I hope the freezing rain passes you by, Lisa. I hate freezing rain and ice.

    It's overcast here and rain is on the way, Beth. And there's a chance of snow tonight and tomorrow. So we're not escaping the yucky weather, Beth. But it's November so I expect blecch days. So does having to worry about the yard this time of year make you miss Idaho? :)

  4. Considering it's 40 and sunny with no snow in Coeur d'Alene, I'm torn. Ask me again once it starts snowing there... It's supposed to be an El Nino winter, which means a lot less snow than normal, but any snow is too much for me. Although I could skip having to tackle the kudzu vines strangling the grapefruit tree!

  5. Morning Lisa, Beth, Andi ... :)

    Sorry to hear about the weather woes. We've basically entered wintered here, w/ snow and freezing temps this week. It's only going to get worse too ... Hope you all stay warm and safe!

    Andi, I love that rich, golden light ... gorgeous.

  6. Morning, all. My cats and I want to sit on those leaves, in that light.

  7. Gas leak in my yard!! ::runs around in circles handflapping:: Gas emergency dude assures me and neighbor and three joggers who noticed it that it is minor and not a threat while waiting to be serviced so I am going to go take a tranquilizer now and next time we move I am going to hire people to remove all the damn gas lines from the property.

    Oh, and hey, nice pictures. :)

  8. Heyo all.

    Cool pix, Andi.

    Jen, scary stuff. I'd have been running in circles too.

    Gotta go play with plumbing now. The kitchen counter project is almost complete. I just need to get the sink all hooked up and properly attached and caulked and finis.

  9. Jen, hope the gas is soon fixed. Circle running is totally justified.

    Nancy, the girls and I want to join you and yours in the sunlight. Which we finally have a bit of today.

    So today is a take it easy day.

  10. Hi O. Snow sympathy to you.

    Come right on over (though you might not want to bring the cats if you want it to be a nice, quiet, calm visit).

    Jen!!! EEK!!!! I hope it's all fixed now.

    Kelly!!! EEK!!!! Plumbing!!!!

    Hi Dina. It's a standard November day here today (cold, wet, gray) so we'll have to take it easy inside.

  11. These are so beautiful!!! I love the one on the right but the one on the left is equally beautiful to be walking through.

    I'd like to borrow your furry crew and go with you on this walk.

    Good luck to everyone on "YIKE" status.

    Olivia, I'm sure the snow is gorgeous as long as it doesn't grow into those 10' snow piles.

    All the best to you all.

  12. Jen, I hope that your gas woes go away soon!

    Love the shadows in that photo on the right, Andi. There might be a nice painting there. ;-)

    We're supposed to get storms and high winds here in the Valley tonight. I wish all the bad weather sufferers well!

  13. CF, the crew is always available for walks. All ya gotta do is show up. :)

    Hi b2. You're always welcome to use any picture of mine for a painting. Hope your weather turns out to be better than the forecast.

  14. Very long, very rainy day here. But Mrs. Fetched was in much better spirits tonight than last, so it's better. Mason went home with The Boy & Snippet, but DoubleRed is back. She's behaving so far.

    Working at home tomorrow. See y'all then.