Friday, December 4, 2009

Life in a Drop of Water

Both photos taken November 18, 2009

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  1. Good morning Andi,

    Beautiful pictures. I've always loved to see the world through water drops. :)

    I woke up at 1:30am thinking it was around 7:30am. I've been awake ever since. :(

    I hope everyone has a good day. I think I'm off to try and take a nap.

  2. LOVE THE DROPS, Andi.
    Transparent berries.

    Been working on story so drive-by wave to all.

    Fabulous Friday.
    Two more weeks then Christmas break--WooHoo.

  3. Well, FM, I know from BT that you didn't succeed with that nap but I hope you will soon.

    Keep on keeping on with that story, Lisa!

  4. Morning, all! Keeper let me sleep last night, so I feel a little more functional today. Hope you find that nap soon, Fam.

    Love the water drops, because they mean rain. Or at least wet woods. Both are good. I really should have moved to Oregon...

    Shopping with a girlfriend today (well, watching her shop), then tree-lighting tonight in a nearby town. And maybe a little live music. Listened to two TropRock artists playing in a restored train station last night - very cool venue, intimate and fun.

    Happy Friday, everyone! Sliding headfirst into the weekend...

  5. Whoa, that's cool… spider web as water collection device?

    Sorry to hear about the insomnia wand whacking you, FM. But if anyone can get a nap in, I know it's you. Just don't work too hard at it.

    Happy writing, Lisa!

    Beth, watching someone else shop is right up there with rush hour traffic in my book. Hope you find it more fun… and give Keeper a scritch for me.

    The mimes are sucking up my writing energies… I'm trying to wrap my head around PacketCable 2.0 and write configuration procedures. It's taking everything we used to do with configuring telephone service, tossing it aside, and starting from scratch. Beyond that, you really don't want to know. There's some geeky-cool aspects about it, but it wants as much geek-fu as I can muster and then some. Tomorrow isn't much better, time-wise, we the choir are on the hook to go caroling & deliver Xmas baskets, then sing at the park. Cold & rainy (or snow, but it won't stick) means I'll be wearing layers, including the rain suit, and maybe we'll not linger.

    Me, I'm backing it into the weekend. Can't slow down now!

  6. The woods have been wet this fall, Beth, though today it's bright sun and cold air. Live music sounds like a great time. Blecch on shopping.

    Very little spider web action there, Farf. The little plant did the majority of the work (though I do have some nice web-and-water photos that you'll probably get to see next week). Good luck with the geekiness at the mines. And race on!

  7. Fabtastic Friday to you all!! Just got back from errands after sleeping in until nearly 11 (guess that sleep debt caught up again).

    Post office run garnered royalty check, so go me! Then Trader Joe's for yummy food.

    Now, will be offline to write. Hope to flesh out at least one chapter today, possibly two.

    Lovely water drops, we're overcast here again and expect snow tomorrow, but yesterday there was SUN!!

    Hugs to all and catch you later!

  8. These are so crazy Andi - love 'em!

    Hope everyone has a good w/e.

  9. Pouring and windy here all day - I love it! Choosing to sit inside and watch the rain instead of going to live music tonight - warm dog on my feet, old movies on the telly. Perfect.

    Shopping was fun - even bought a dress. Nice to wander around the (dry) mall with a friend. It was more about the companionship than the buying.

    Happy Friday evening, y'all!

  10. Hope that it's two chapters, Maria. The sooner you write it, the sooner we read it. :)

    Hi O. I'm planning on a good weekend because I've got nothing planned.

    Going to model the dress for us, Beth?

  11. Nothing fancy, andi, but I'll try to remember to take a picture when I do. Right now I'm too cold to shed my fuzzy socks and pants - yes, living in FL has turned me into a wuss. At least I have a dog lying on my feet, helping keep them warm...

    Hope you guys are warm and toasty this evening, and the pack are sharing some of that heat from the stove!

  12. I'll look forward to the fashion show, Beth.

    The dogs are soaking up the heat ... but then they radiate it out into the house so it all evens out.

    Night everybody.