Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jack Frost Nipping at Your Nose

Taken December 16, 2009.

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  1. Brrrr--38 and raining here and that's supposed to be close to the high for today. Into the twentys tonight so worry that Sonboy will have trouble getting home after working till midnight at restaurant.

    Friend in Minnesota is expecting 20inch snowfall today, so many of you are getting something.
    Throw another log on the fire unless there's no fireplace--then add another blanket to the snuggle.

    Brother and Nephew here from OK City. Hope daughter is better she was home yesterday, off work and went to bed last night feeling bad. Stomach thing. They are still our babies no matter what age. Bought her gingerale, gatorade, sherbot, and chicken soup.

    Wishing all that embibe a wonderful Christmas eve and those of other persuasions a wonderful day.

    Jim, quit being like me--up early and get some rack time. Enjoy the freeeedom from schedule and must do.

    Andi--Great pic. Stay warm.

    Cyberhugs to all my blog friends.

  2. Good morning all,

    I agree with Lisa, that is a great picture.

    Lisa I see where you have a child you call Sonboy. My grandmother and grandfather always called my father Sonnyboy. Hope your daughter gets to feeling better.

    Everyone out on the road today be careful.

  3. Hi Lisa. Hope both your kiddies are fine tonight and that you have a lovely Xmas Eve.

    FM, that picture is a greater than you know. It is the perfect slacker photo -- it exists because I was too lazy to scrape the windshield and was letting the defroster do the work.

    We're off to Cincy to celebrate the holiday with Jim's family so I won't be around during the day. See you all tonight and hope everyone has a fine day.

  4. I was wondering if it was through a car window… no matter, it's a great pic!

    We had a bunch of peeps over here last night, with two small kids in the mix. Mason thoroughly enjoyed the party, and got a little over-stimulated by the time everyone left. He didn't really settle down & get to sleep until almost 11, but did sleep all night & woke up in a reasonably good mood.

    Lisa, our rain is coming this afternoon… right now it's sunny & we had a nice sunset last night. Soggy Christmas on tap. Hope your daughter gets to feeling better quickly; being sick on Christmas suxxx.

    FM, wishing you a Christmas nap and a slack-y New Year!

    I'll be cutting some firewood soon, assuming the chain on the dead saw fits the working one…

  5. Hi,everyone. Love the picture.

    Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.

    I am up way too early for me.

  6. Thanks for the explanation, andi - I was wondering which window in your house you used, and couldn't figure it out. Thank you Jack Frost for pretty crystals!

    Hope your daughter is better today, Lisa. She's lucky to have you to take care of her. Stay inside, dry and warm today. Hope that rain doesn't turn to ice.

    Drive safe and enjoy family time, andi.

    Nice sunset, Farf!

    I hope everyone has a peaceful, fun, love-filled day today - Christmas Eve is magical to me. My big plan is to arrange for a taxi to pick me up on Saturday at the right place at the right time - in Spanish. Otherwise it's more of the same.

    Enjoy your day, avoid the mall, and have a Christmas cookie for me!

  7. Belated morning, all! Been busy today--got my Apple Time Capsule set up, networked, etc. Now I'm just vegging for a bit. May read for a while before I tackle the ELFA drawers and shelves. I realized that I don't have to do EVERYthing today...what a concept!

    Happy Christmas to those who celebrate.

  8. ::dashes in:: Merry Christmas Eve to all those celebrating! ::rushes back to cooking giftmas eve dinner::

  9. Andi I'm glad to see some of my preaching about slackatude has finally paid off.

    Great sunset picture FAR. I've had one nap this morning and now I'm looking forward to the next one. :)

    Merry Christmas All.

  10. Happy Christmas all, (or Holidays if more appropriate?)
    Never been so glad to see rain which means the snow and ice have disappeared round here, though elsewhere it's bad.
    Was up at 5.30am to go to the local radio Breakfast Show Christmas Party 6.30-9.30 - I'm on every couple of months updating my progress as a published author. Very good for library borrowing if not for sales, but good fun.

    We have three small people here tonight so Father Christmas will be dropping in; hope he doesn't wake them too early.

    Love and peace and goodwill and health and prosperity to us all in the coming year. xxx

  11. Cut up a bunch of wood today, a lot more than I had planned but a new (and good) chain on the chainsaw made quick work of what I'd planned. We're probably good until February. This is about 1/3 of the total haul.

    And now I'm stiff… and The Boy & Snippet have shown up, bearing gifts. Not the least of which is they've got Mason at the moment. ;-) I'm thinking about early bedtime. Then I might get up tomorrow morning & do the chicken houses for Mrs. Fetched as her Xmas present.

    Merry Christmas y'all, or if you want to say something else it won't offend me. :-D And y'all have a good night!

  12. Hi everybody. We had a good day in Cincy.

    Gorgeous sunset and good deal on the firewood, Farf.

    Hi Dina. Hope you have a great holiday.

    More fun in the sun to you, Beth.

    Wow Maria, how productive. Makes me even more tired. :)

    I'll bet your giftmas eve dinner was delish, Jen.

    Glad to hear you're losing your snow, Nicky. Have fun with the excited kids.

    Happy Christmas Eve to all who
    celebrate it.

    And to All a Good Night.