Monday, December 21, 2009

How to Deal with Winter

There's no such thing as too close to the woodstove.

Taken December 6, 2009.

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  1. ::sneaks in very quietly so as not to wake the vacationing Lisa::

    With Lisa on vacation and Beth in Mexico, I thought I ought to make sure there was no Vast Great White greeting the Northeasterners who've had way too much VGW this weekend.

  2. I'm actually up pretty much like normal, Andi. Gotta get my writing time in while it's quiet.
    Bebo makes her own spot, not to be outdone by the others I see. Dog's life looks pretty good.
    49 right now so warm, pretty day ahead. Rain forecast for later in the week. Bah.

    Going to the movie with a friend today. Spent most of yesterday in either Half-Price Books or Borders--It was fun to just browse. Bought some magazines for stocking stuffers.

    Will enjoy no real schedule. Jim, I'm sending you plenty of energy to make these last two days. Hope the papers got graded so you don't have to worry about them over the break.

    Waves to all as off to work on story.

  3. Ooh, I want to snuggle with the pups!!

    Lisa, enjoy your days off. I shall be joining you on Thursday, when my hols start.

    I've sort of started, because I. Am. DONE!!!!! BLOOD HEAT has been emailed to editor and agent. w00t!!

    Now, to see if the wee snowplow thingie cleared off enough snow behind my car so I can drive to the mimes. Hard to tell from 10th floor window. ::g::

    Happy Monday and Blessed Solstice!

  4. I was hoping you'd sleep in, Lisa. Now I guess I'll hope you get a lot of good writing done.

    And speaking of good writing -- WOO HOO, Maria. Mazel tov! (and good luck with the snow).

  5. Aww, warm, sleepy, happy pups. I hope you Fs enjoyed the holiday family thinger this weekend.

    Big congrats to Maria!

    And a very happy Solstice to all those celebrating. If my boycat understood the first thing about astronomy Wes would throw a solstice party for sure because all this cold darkness irritates him to no end. Every couple days when I close the window blinds a little earlier, without even having opened the windows for him, he gives me this horribly offended look, like, "Well excuse YOU madam but are you effing kidding me? A whole nother day without birds? I yack upon your floors!"

  6. Thanks for breaking the VGW, all. Mornings don't start til 7:30 here in Mexico (8:30 eastern time), so I'm a late arrival indeed!

    WOO HOO to Maria - now you can relax and enjoy the holidays!! Congrats!

    Happy Solstice to all - here's to longer days ahead. We'll watch the sunset in celebration - and probably toast it with a margarita.

    Happy Last Week Before Christmas, y'all!

  7. I love your photo, Andi. If I were there, I'd be squeezing in somewhere with them.

    The sun is coming!!!! I have a friend whose birthday is tomorrow wo he always brings back the sun.

    All the best to all of you and to all the rest who will be stopping by.

  8. Bebo is such a character - I can imagine how much in real life as it's so strong in her photos.

    What were Giddy and Sniff looking at btw? Watching teevee ... watching Jim cook, waiting for stuff to fall on the floor ... ? ;-)

  9. We had a great time, Jen. The highlight was my mom (88 years old) joining her granddaughter and great grandsons doing Rock Band. ;)

    Hi Beth. Hope you are having a fine time.

    CF, I'm jealous of your sun. We've been several days without and there's none forecast through Sunday. :(

    I don't actually remember, O, but they're looking the wrong way for the kitchen so it must have Jim.

  10. Yup, you can't get too close to the stove. Coming in from taking the bike to work, I've been known to shuck the boots and put my stocking feet right on top of the cooking surface.

    Yay Maria! Now for a nice relaxing time off, right?

    Jen, you seem to be in pretty good spirits lately, and that's a good thing. Give Wes a scritch for me, maybe even let him go play in the snow (get video).

    Welcome to what I call the bottom of the year. It's all uphill from here, daylight-wise. The Boy and Snippet are at the manor, and Snippet was a little late coming down for Mason's 5 a.m. wake-up call, but she got there. So I'm feeling a little less zombie-like today. A three-day work week helps too… a no-day work week would be even better, but this way The Boy gets to cut firewood instead of me.

    waving Chow for now (as in, I'm going to lunch)!

  11. Congratulations Maria!

    Those pups look very comfortable!

    Cold here but at least no more snow. New painting started, shopping done! Time to relax.

  12. Happy Solstice everyone.

    The only ones who get closer to the fire than the dogs are my cats! :)

  13. Hello again all. Boran, I went to your Palooza Paintings blog. VERY cool paintings. I really like your unique style. What is the new one you've started?