Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting an Angle on the Weekend

My sister's house, November 28, 2009.

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  1. I'm late and still#1. Glad everyone is maybe snoozing in a bit. The rain hit about 30 minutes ago and it's in the 40s so just a blah day here.
    David is gone during the day and Lauren is off to Austin for the weekend. ALONE for a while--Nirvana.

    Maria write like the wind and duck when that damn insomnia wand comes flying by.

    Farf=SuperGranddad and even more=SuperDad.

    Throw another log on the fire for all it sounds like.

    Happy Chanukah!! I'm with Andi about celebrations. Good food alone is enough to reel me in. I love menorahs. If I was Jewish I'd have a collection. Instead I got a bunch of angels. Do Jews go for Angels? Boy, I'm showing my cultural ignorance.

    Safe rest of trip Beth.

    Off to work on story. Actually I've signed up for an online revision class that I've been working on. The whole revision process has been like Jim wrestling that anaconda for me. Never have been able to get a good handle on it. Been an interesting process for the first two weeks and I be getting plenty smart too.

    Waves to all as off for another cup of coffee and getting to work on story.
    Sensational Saturday to all in this neighborhood.

  2. Reminds me of Peter Pan, soaring above the rooftops...great shot, andi!

    Waving to Lisa - congrats on the class! Let me know how it goes. Met a writer in St Augustine last night, shopping his novel. (I'll blog about him at my place tomorrow.) And he has a great critique group in Jacksonville I never found while I was here. Sigh. We'll see what the future brings.

    Home sometime today. Need to help my friends with some decorating decisions. Great wine and dinner last night, as always.

    Off and running. Have a great not-driving-across-the-state day, everyone!

  3. Morning Lisa. There are angels in Judaism but maybe not ones you'd want to collect (CF: Passover, Angel of Death).

    Glad you had a good time in St. Augustine, Beth. You can give a pat to Fort Matanzas for me on your way out. I love that fort -- you can't get any cooler than a fort built of shells. Have a good trip home.

    And just because I'm a pedant --

    * Chanuka
    * Chanukah
    * Chanukkah
    * Channukah
    * Hanukah
    * Hannukah
    * Hanukkah
    * Hanuka
    * Hanukka
    * Hanaka
    * Haneka
    * Hanika
    * Khanukkah

  4. Good morning Andi, Lisa and Beth,

    Lisa I've got the same weather you've got today. Rain and mid 40's. Oh joy! :0

    Beth be careful on your drive on into home.

    Andi you always have me looking up new words. I wonder if I'll ever be able to speak the English language correctly. :)

    Everyone that I've missed today, have a good w/e.

  5. Morning, gang! Up late, but yay, sleep again last night, so I count this as a win.

    Trying to decide whether to assemble my new container store furniture (bookshelf and ELFA drawer unit) or write first. I'm feeling a bit in need of serious cocooning (it's COLD out there!), which to means, means snuggling up in the recliner with a book...not writing one. ::g::

    But needs must and I shall write at some point today.

    Happy weekend!

  6. Cool shot, Andi. Not always easy to get a photo of the moon. Love all the angles plus the round moon.

    Happy Hannukkah, Andi and Jim and my cousins and other friends.

    I'll be finishing my interior decorating today, a Xmas tree forest and a Xmas Village. Also will address my Xmas cards to mail on Monday. Also will check my gardens to see what's still alive, do some trimming back and if I'm lucky some covering of rose crowns.
    Busy weekend, I guess. I'll be doing good if I get 1/4 of that done. Now.... which to do.

    All the best to everyone.

  7. It seems so odd to see structures taking up a large part of one of your pics.

    After running around all morning I decided to put on some holiday tunes to try to get myself in the spirit. So far it isn't working. Just not in the mood this year.

  8. I've been trying to figure out what it is I like most about this pic, and just can't do it. Sometimes I think it's the moon over the rooftop(s), other times it's how the various angles come together.

    Been a long day at the manor, but I got some wood cut & took some pix of the family. Something I found out just before knowing I had to somehow get myself in the shot: there's an app for that. Plug camera into computer, start server component on computer, start remote control component on iPhone, tap the screen. And hope the batteries in the flash hold up…

    Mason's off to see Snippet's side of the family today. Dunno if he'll be here tonight.

  9. FM, in this case, it's Hebrew you need to be able to speak. :)

    Chiming in with a big yay for your good night's sleep, Maria. May you have many more zzzzzz coming your way.

    I like the sound of a Christmas tree forest, CF, so I hope you decided to concentrate on that task first.

    It's funny, Mary -- I've looked at that house so many times and that picture just suddenly shoved itself right in front of my eyes. How about Mel Torme doing The Christmas Song for a mood enhancer?

    So how did the self-portraits turn out, Farf? And are you going to post the results?

  10. Made it home safely. Only sleepy for a little bit, but still frustrating. Watching the Heisman ceremony - I'll unpack later. I have priorities!

    Thanks for the spellings, andi - I wondered.

    Hope you got some work done, Maria!

    Sounds like a busy weekend, CF. Maybe maryb needs to go help you decorate, and she'll get in the mood...although I sure understand, mary. Working on the same here.

    Def. looking forward to pix, Farf!

    They're getting ready to make the Big Announcement, so I'm off. Night, all!

  11. Hey all, pix are on the blog. Mrs. Fetched wants a redo, she doesn't like how her sweater was hanging on her shoulders. Maybe we’ll get to it tomorrow.

    The gens.#2&3 are supposed to be here shortly, but I don't know if I'll stay awake much longer… it's been a loooooong day.

  12. Welcome home, Beth.

    That's a very nice family portrait, Farf. You can tell Mrs. Fetched that I thought she lived up to her "name" and looked quite fetching. :)

    Good night all.