Thursday, December 31, 2009

From One Eve to the Next

Happy New Year's Eve

Taken December 24, 2009.

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  1. Clouds and rain forecast for today, so the picture fits fine for today. Tomorrow finds sunny 50s so will be a good New Year's Day.

    Andi, you and Farf's techie pillow talk last night reminds me how truely little I know (or want to know) about computer programs. Cranky kids are more my forte. Sure DON'T miss them this week.

    Hubby goes to meet sonboy for the dog exchange tonight. Kipling comes home after his adventure in Okla. How nice to be adored where ever you go.

    Happy Celebration to All that partake. Personally, I think the Dick Clark/Ryan Seacrest thing is creepy so I skip that. Likely that the fireworks will wake me to take note of the new beginning. Pardon me while I adjust my B in Boring.

    Thursday winking at the New Year Year. A great day to all.

  2. His Lisa! Sounds like you'll have some nice weather tomorrow. We're getting more snow, starting later today. Sigh.

    Fortunately my evil overlord local government employer only requires us to labor for a half day today. Woohoo!

    We'll be spending the evening with friends that literally live around the corner.

    Happy new year to you and to all that follow!

  3. OMG, you people are up early!! My insomnia wand still beating me up, been up all night, putting together tax records and such. So far, I get to pay Uncle Sam--that would be the downside of royalty checks!

    Morning to Lisa & Boran - icy sleet hitting right now in DC area. But I hear it's going to get warmer soon.

    Happy New Year's Eve. I'll be staying quiet and comfy at home as per usual. :)

  4. Good morning all,

    It's wet and foggy here this morning. Hope the fog clears up because I've got to drive to the city this morning.

    Once I get home, I don't intend to leave for the rest of the day. There will be some crazy drivers out there so everyone be careful.

    Happy New Year's Eve and everyone have fun.

  5. Rain here too, Lisa. But since we have a few people coming to our house, I'm glad that's all it is. You should learn some techie talk -- it's a fine way to bore unruly kids into submission. ;)

    Another morning visit, b2! I making a resolution to be more open to variations in when people post. :)

    Well the tax stuff is certainly good new/bad news, Maria, but I'm betting you'd rather have the royalty checks than not have to pay taxes on them.

    Howdy FM. Safe driving and happy slacking your way to the new year.

  6. Happy New Year's Eve Day, everyone! We were supposed to have rain, but now they're calling for 77 and sunny. Supposed to be 59 by Monday, so I'm enjoying the brief return to warm. Although you know I'd like the rain.

    Idaho won yesterday - woo hoo! It was a great game, especially when the Vandals - who have been awful for years - win!

    Sorry about the wand, Maria - you can send it here for a bit if you want. I've been sleeping 8-9 hours, and have no idea why.

    So did the experiment fail, Lisa, and you get your pup back?

    I hope everyone has a fun evening, whatever you do. And be safe - watch out for the crazies on the roads. I'll be spending the evening with friends, watching football and playing with their new Wii. Today is chores and maybe some suntanning, because I don't know when it's going to be this warm again.

    Have a great evening, y'all - see you next year!

  7. Morning all! I think we got the rain Beth was supposed to get… except it wasn't all rain (some was sleet & snow). Some time early this morning, it switched back to rain & now there's only patches of snow instead of a uniform cover. Mrs. Fetched was making noises about me getting out of bed last night & getting pictures, but it wasn't a lot even by Planet Georgia standards. At least the ground will be wet enough to not worry about people shooting off fireworks.

    Lisa, you're getting Kip back? I know you sounded like you missed him a lot. And LOL about the "techie pillow talk" — I just built something with open-source tools that suits a singleton writer (or a small group), where Andi supports documentation armies…

    Have a nice short day at work, Boran… I've got a full day of Mason-care coming up, I think.

    Good idea, FM… get home & stay there.

    So Maria, which one won? The taxes or insomnia?

    Hi Beth! If your friends have Wii Fit, try that… it's a hoot!

    Guess I'd better scoot before the World's Cutest Grandkid wakes up again. Later!

  8. Happy New Year to everyone!

    (Andi, your frozen water post is just amazing, completely fascinating!)

  9. Happy New Year's Eve, All! I may go to Starbucks to write tonight, and that's my idea of excitement, lol.

    Andi, I can't make up my mind if the photo is ominous or optimistic.

  10. Beth, sounds like a fine evening. Enjoy.

    Hope you enjoyed your jarfull of Mason today, Farf.

    Happy New Year, O. May the new year bring you a working fridge.

    I think it depends on which part of your bifocals you use to look at it, Nancy. Hope you have an exciting time at Starbucks. :) Do they have a champagne latte?

  11. It's 45F here, no wind… actually feels rather nice out there. Too bad the ground's so wet, or I'd build a fire in the cage out back and sit & watch it (perhaps while drinking just a little).

    Had a long afternoon jar of Mason, Andi (heh) while the girlies went shopping. He's asleep now, but I'm not sure he'll stay that way… he might need one more bottle & diaper change before calling it a night.