Tuesday, December 29, 2009

From the Annals of Weird Water: Frozen Edition

Taken December 11, 2009.

Taken December 18, 2009

Taken December 17, 2009.
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  1. That top one is pretty cool. I love how the pattern repeated itself under the whole structure. What is the 3rd one?

    I have a day of school work and cleaning ahead of me. Blah!

  2. Morning Toni. Hope you and Andrew and hubby had a great Christmas.

    If by the third one, you mean the one of the right, it's a frost flower on top of a frozen pond -- something I have never seen before. If you mean the left ... I have no idea; there were a bunch of these lighter circles of ice in the darker pond ice and one of them was top of another one.

  3. Good morning Toni and Andi.

    Amazing photos Andi. Your water does strange things! I particularly like the top shot,

    It's very windy here today. At least it will be quiet when I finally make it into the office. The courts are closed all week.

    Good day to all to follow.

  4. boran2 said...

    Good morning Toni and Andi.

    ::looks very confused::

    Is it time to go to bed?

  5. Weird water is right. Frost flower looks like some alien coccoon. I thought the bottom left was a bowl or vase so it must be instead some frozen structure forming, circular rather than triangles like the pyramids. The top one is cool but I'm thinking alien babies ready to break off and come to life. My brain seems to be running to the scifi today.

    Andi--hope you had a great time with friends.
    Jim--enjoy these free days.
    Toni--I went in yesterday for a bit and did some copying. The blessing/curse of having 24/7 access. Still got a bit to do, but didn't want to stay that long.
    Beth--we're expecting more rain/snow today so hope Fl. finds some heat for you. Hope you are glad to be home for a bit.
    Maria--I admire your ability to relax and enjoy time alone. It's really nice after all the socializing of the holidays.
    FM--I'm an expert napper too. So I appreciate your fine tuning the art. Glad the holiday was good to you.
    Farf--Hope the work week finishes fast so you can enjoy some freee time. Though with you, free is a relative term. There so often seems to be clucking in the background.
    Boran--welcome to the morning crew. Sorry you have to work, but it you can do it more to your own likeing this week, it is nice to get caught up.
    CF--Dreaming of a beautiful garden is as far as I can get. Read an article about cyclamens for this time of year--love them. Too bad they don't care for freezing, though we don't have much of that here. Do you keep indoor plants to tide you over during the winter?

    Waves to O, Nancy, Nicky, MaryB, KatieB, Dina, Kelly, and all others that drop by.
    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  6. "Strange frost flowers growing up out of ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!"

  7. I had a great time, Lisa. Hope you are finding your time off equally enjoyable.

    Jen, *snort* I love me some Monty Python in the morning.

  8. I guess the secret to avoiding the VGW is staying up til 12:30 to watch Monday Night Football - getting a late start today. And I fell asleep and missed the winning play - grumble grumble.

    Those are GREAT pic, andi - very cool!! Love the first one especially.

    I'd be happier being home if I knew I was going somewhere soon, Lisa - no trips in sight means Beth feels a little trapped. Lots of visitors coming in the next few months, so I'll focus on that. Hope the weather improves soon.

    41 out there, but 36 with the wind chill. I'm staying in bed where it's warm! Still haven't turned on the heat - last night I wished I had a fireplace to snuggle in front of, though.

    Hope everyone has a good Tuesday as we slide into the end of the decade...

  9. Wowie Zowie!! What a collection! I love the frozen drips under the bridge... so uniform, so perfect.

    I didn't think much about the lower left until you told Toni what it was. Could it be an upwelling in the pond of some sort?... Maybe methane from rotting vegetation? Very cool.

    Love the frost flower too. There is something about your territory that grows the anywhere. Love it!

    Lisa, how do you do it? You remember everyone. Awesome! I have a few indoor plants, very few because our house is quite small and I have to save window space for seed startng in March/April. I do have 3 violets, two orchids (one blooming), an aloe, a Christmas cactus, and the same Amaryllis that I talked about in by blog... no bloom again this year.

    All the best to everyone wherever you are.

  10. Bits of algae dangling off the dock structure made those oddball icicles, I'll bet. That second one… it almost looks like a bowl sitting on top of a drain pipe. Is the lake iced over enough for ice fishing? Holes drilled out & re-frozen would explain the lighter circles, anyway, but I can't imagine it's been cold enough for that long just yet…

    At the mimes, of course, but I got the major thing done yesterday.

    The end of the decade, unless you're a pedant and insist that the year ending in zero is the proper ending. I think this one should be pronounced "decayed," it has been a decade of decay after all.

  11. Okay, at least two of those are REALLY weird.

    The top one? Am I the only one seeing dancing Rockettes? All righty then. The front ones are dressed as toy soldiers, the back ones are ballerinas. I swear.

    The frost flower??? wtf? Frost Wind Spout is more like it. Looks like an Oompa Loompa to me.

    Happy New Year, dear friends and photographers of the weird.

  12. I see soldiers, ballerinas AND Rockettes. I love the imaginations of you folks!

    Nice to see you, Nancy! Happy Near Year back to you in snowy KS.

  13. Beth, I'm pretty sure that staying home for a few days does not equal house arrest with a gps ankle bracelet. ;)

    CF, you can't really see it but the frost flower is coming out a stem of the same kind of plant it does on solid ground -- in this case, the plant apparently was rooted bottom of the pond (which isn't pretty shallow there).

    Farf, I don't think it's algae because the ice structures go almost completely around the swimming area dock and I don't think that the algae would so consistent and uniform for such a long distance.

    Hiya Nancy. I like the rockettes imagery -- you think they're staging the Nutcracker? As for the frost flower now that you've mentioned wind, I keep seeing John Kerry windsurfing.

  14. I keep telling myself that, andi! :-)

  15. Bwah, Andi!!
    I do think it's the Nutcracker.