Friday, December 11, 2009

Fall Skies

Morning: November 29, 2009

Evening: November 30, 2009.
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Plus my first ever uploaded video -- a small blast of windy Wednesday.


  1. Wow, Andi. Multimedia power of mother nature. Made me dizzy watching. Not sure I'd want to be in the woods right then.

    We're all the way up to 35 this morning.
    Keep toasty one and all.
    Six new kiddos so the trail of tears still leads to us.

    Waves as off to work on story.

  2. Wow, that's wind all right, andi. I love it! Just love watching Ma Nature do her thing. I might be warped, but give me a stormy day any time.

    Those kiddos are lucky their trails of tears lead to you, Lisa. Vaca almost here.

    A day of driving ahead. Had a good visit with my family. Will spend the night in St Augustine with my buddies, then wander back home tomorrow - thus avoiding another 13-hour marathon. 8 hours today will be plenty.

    Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy your day NOT spent in a car dodging loonies on I-95.

  3. Morning Lisa. At least the trail also leads to the end of the day and then a whole weekend ... which I hope you get to spend writing.

    Beth, if it weren't for the frequency with which we lose power, I'd welcome every storm that came our way, too. Safe journey to you.

  4. Morning Andi, Lisa and Beth,

    I think you've got an idea there Andi. Next vacation you can narrate and it will be sort of a Marlin Perkins type think. Just don't let Jim get into a swimming pool with an anaconda. I don't think that show worked out too well.

    We're in the mid 30's suppose to go down into the high 20's tonight. Don't ya just love winter. :)

  5. Wow! Cool video. What did you take it with?

  6. Wow, some wind there, Andi!!

    It's all of 26F right now and I've never been gladder for my nice warm cozy apt.

    After the insane insomnia attack, I ended up crashing (without benefit of meds) from 5 pm yesterday to 8:30 a.m. - my body is totally fubar'd.

    Thank goodness this is a regular day off. :)

    Spending the weekend writing like a fiend as I'm almost done with BLOOD HEAT. I hope to turn it in to editor by mid-next week.

    Happy Channukah tonight for those of you who celebrate!

    Happy weekend to all!

  7. I'll have to wait until I get home to see the vid — they block such things at the orifice. First thing I thought of when I saw the pic on the left was Olivia's Friday Cloud Blogging — if you'd turned the background black, I'd have thought I was at her place.

    Lisa, I hear about the kiddos coming in, but never hear about 'em leaving… I get this mental image of a classroom packed full of snarling tweens/teens, with the administraitors [sic] using plungers to pack in even more. :-P

    On the other hand, I don't need to have a mental image of Beth dodging loonies on I-95 — I've done it many a time on '75. Ick. Good luck getting home to your place.

    Get some rest & get your bod un-fubared, Maria… it's the life support for your writing, after all!

    Woke up to 20F here, climbing rapidly toward 40-something. I understand the fubar thing, as I had a 3:30am Mason call… he tried really hard to be happy while we were waiting for the bottle to warm up, but he couldn't quite make it. By 4, he was full & sleeping again though. It took me a little longer to get back to sleep. Now let's see what kind of damage I can do at the mimes… got some contract help starting Tuesday, so I guess I'll be figuring out how to get him started.

  8. Beautiful photos, Andi!

    Have a good drive Beth!

    I can beat you 20 degrees Far! It's 17 degrees here in the Hudson Valley!!!! Brrrrr! Time to hibernate!

    See you later!

  9. Video! wow! It was really windy here on Wednesday too and it is cold. But we're warming up into the 20's. :)

  10. FM, think of all the money I can make if Jim get swallowed by an anaconda. Don't you want me to be a rich slacker? :(

    CF, I used my digital camera (a canon G9).

    Maria, w00t on getting some sleep and double w00t on Blood Heat!

    Farf, I'll take any comparison to olivia -- no matter how tenuous. :)

    Same kind of temps here too, b2. We're supposed to get just above freezing today but it hasn't happened yet.

    Hiya Mary. I wonder what it's like in the Arch when the wind is going like that ... then again, maybe I don't.

  11. Sorry Andi and FM, this Jim ain't like Marlin Perkins's Jim. ("Jim knew that if the ....")

  12. "While Jim wrestles the anaconda, I'll have a beer and tell you what he's doing. … Ooohhh, Jim, I hope your Mutual of Omaha insurance is paid up! WE got 'im!"

  13. Well, the Arch is designed to sway up to 18 inches in winds up to 150 miles per hour. We weren't even close to that. (I'm not sure we've EVER been close to that.) I didn't even see an article in the paper about the Arch after that windy day so I assume it wasn't making anyone sick to be up in it and they didn't close it. But it wasn't a day I would have chosen to take the trip up. :)

  14. I just looked it up and even during our Derecho in 2006 we only (!!!) had between 80-100 mile winds. Guess that's why the Arch is still standing.

  15. oh and almost forgot - Happy Chanukah to all who celebrate!

  16. Hmm, 18 inch sway -- I wonder how fast it goes from side to the other? Though I suspect that's another thing I'd rather not know.

    Happy Hanukkah -- whether you celebrate or it not since any holiday that includes family, gifts, good food, and I Have a Little Dreidel is worth sharing.

  17. Made it to St Augustine safely - only a little sleepiness crept in, and I quickly chased it away. Phew!

    You guys stay warm up there - I'm not going to share our temps, because you'll laugh. Or cry. It's cold for here, anyway.

    Back home tomorrow - crashing now...

    Happy Hanukkah!!

  18. Jim I wouldn't worry too much about swimming pools and snakes, unless Andi starts talking about vacationing in Florida. If that's the case, open the door and run North. :)

    Beth glad you made it to St. Augustine safely.

    And Happy Chanukah to everyone.

  19. Since FM didn't do the cultural mashup, I'll take a stab at it:

    Happy Hanukkah, y'all!

    I'm taking up a collection to send Mrs. Fetched to classes in troubleshooting methodology. To wit: you don't replace the freeking furnace before checking the thermostat. :-P