Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Dancing Trees Do the Twist Again

Taken December 20, 2009.

Taken November 20, 2009

Taken November 21, 2009.
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  1. Ha! Frozen south of England is still causing total chaos, trains not moving, cars abandoned, people sleeping in department stores and the Channel Tunnel full of trains not going anywhere. And a lot more global warming sceptics around suddenly too!

    It must look completely ridiculous to people who are geared up to snow and ice, but the novelty has worn off, so whoever is responsible (are you listening up there?) we'd like it to stop now, please!

    (I think I'm going to go and stay with Lisa M till it warms up here!)

  2. I hope things get less chaotic soon, Nicky. It would be sad if people couldn't get home for the holidays.

  3. Come on Nicky, it's 63 right now--Balmy. There's a front headed our way, bringing rain and then freezing temps so we may get our opportunity to act like loonie birds with ice.
    Does give that global warming idea a kick in the pants these days doesn't it.

    Andi, those are ominous trees, like gnarled fingers waiting to grab some unsuspecting passerby.
    Whispers--Hope Jim is sleeping in.

    Maria, gather in more supplies. I think I see an ice storm headed your way. Hope the rest of the work week speeds by.

    Plenty of you guys/gals may be hit by bad weather so hope you get all the holiday pre/doings done without too much trouble.

    Beth, enjoy the day down Mexico way.

    Waves as goes to work on story. Brother and nephew arrive today to time will not be my own.

    Wonderful Weds to All.

  4. No need to whisper Lisa. Jim perversely woke up at 4:25 a.m. As for omnious trees, ever since Jen said the trees looked like they are dancing, they just look happy and fun to me. :)

  5. Good morning all,

    Nicola if we had a prolonged snow down here, we would be running into the same stuff you are. Hope it clears up soon.

    Jim hope you're enjoying your first day off.

    Hope everyone is doing fine today.

  6. Mason waited until 6:30 this morning, although I didn't get much sleep through the night. He sucked down his bottle & went right back to sleep. The Boy and Snippet had him at their place the night before, providing us a short break. They should be here today.

    The two shots taken under not-so-blue sky could be easily turned to black & white… there's not a lot of color there anyway. :-)

    Hang in there Nicky, and remember that global warming doesn't mean palm trees growing in Scotland! Here, it stays above freezing until Saturday morning although we're looking at heavy rain coming tomorrow — Santa better pack his rain gear.

    Virtual Friday here, Lisa! Sending much writing vibes to all who need them.

    Quickie Q for the novelists: do you guys write into one big file, break it up by chapter, or what? My blogfic is separate pieces in a journaling program, but I'm starting to convert FAR Future over to a regular novel format & was wondering what works best for everyone.

  7. Wow, all you guys are up early (except for Nicky!)

    I totally empathize, Nicky, we got 20" of snow and expect ice storm on Xmas day. No one here is ever prepared for this.

    It's my Fake!Friday today as I go into the mimes for my last day of the year. w00t!!

    Love the dancing, reaching trees -- so many possibilities.

    Jim is perverse--4:25??? eek.

    You all stay safe, warm (in Lisa's case, not so hard!) and have a fabulous day.

  8. Hi FM. Nice to see you here as well as BT. I figured you'd be busy girding your loins for all the rels descending on you.

    Happy VF to you, Farf. Hope you enjoy the very long weekend.

    Watch out for the sugar overdose, Maria. :)

  9. Morning All. Love those dancing trees, Andi, with little puffs of snow clinging everywhere.

    The trouble with global warming is that all climates will be screwed up. Some places will get warmer (Arctic), some will get colder. And if enough Arctic Ice melts and cools the Gulf Stream, look out Britain and Northern Europe. You will get REALLY cold. Storm patterns are already changing. Things will get really messed up and not just in GB and EUR. We'll feel it here too.

    Now, on a brighter note... Happy vacation to all you teachers. Jim, go back to sleep or at least take a nap.

    Hope everyone is having a nice pre-holiday time, getting the last minute things all done. Nicola, I'm really sorry about weather troubles over there. Same storm system may be why Denmark is having the first white Christmas in a long time too.

    All the best to you all and to all who follow.

  10. Late to the party again! Still hot and sunny down here, although I hear it's chilly at home. Not quite a White Christmas, though! Watch out for that freezing rain folks - worse than snow. Ick. Be safe in your storm, Nicky!

    Farf, I write in one long Word doc. That way it's easy to scroll back and check on things when I'm doing my rewrite. But I back it up in many places - including mailing the day's version to my Yahoo address at the end of each session.

    We're off to the market this morning, and then guacamole and margaritas at my favorite beach bar this afternoon. I'll look for a special Christmas present for myself.

    Enjoy family arriving and the last crazy days, folks. Eat a Christmas cookie for me!

    Big hugs -

  11. Thanks, folks. It's not that awful really, no birds dropping frozen off trees, it's just that we're not used to it. Plus the fact that grumbling about the weather is a national pastime.

    Re novels, Far - I just start and go on to the end, breaking it into chapters as I go. Works for me.

  12. Farf - missed your question about structuring the writing. I use Scrivener (a wonderful writing program designed for novelists, Mac OS only). I write in chapters. Scrivener makes it really easy to do that, lets you move chapters around, keep notes, etc. I've written 4 books in it and love it. Even sent them <a href=">a testimonial</> (scroll down).

    I compile my ms in RTF (a tool in Scrivener), then send that e-file to my editor.

    I used to write in Word and just couldn't keep track of where stuff *was*. I'm a total fan of the app. It's really cheap, too. ::g::

    Of course, this is simply my style, my process, YMMV.

    @ the mimes now, really not wanting to do anything that resembles real work.

  13. Yay, more dancing trees!

    Farf, fwiw, with the wip I've got a separate file for each chapter and then a single "whole work" file into which they get copy-pasted when I'm done with a section, but this is largely because the stupid illness(tm) demands a more piecemeal approach than I was naturally inclined to use. The nice thing is that it's actually working better (for me, ymmv natch) than the whole-hog approach was. :)

    Nice capsule of explanation on the climate change phenomenon, Coneflower. What do you suppose we will get more of here in Ohio? I've been concerned we may get hit on both ends, with hotter, drier summers and colder, icier winters, but I'm not good at the weather sciences so I don't know how valid that concern is.

  14. The late one dropping in here. I am impressed with all you early posting birds.

    I hope everyone is nice and warm and safe this holiday. Today isn't bad but the forecast is. Oh, well - there is always the possibility of a fire (in the fireplace should anyone worry!)

    Happy holidays all.

  15. Good morning all,

    FarF: Folder containing: single word file for novel*, single word file for outline, single word file for timeline, single word file for deleted material of possible later use.

    *novel in single file because: 1, I tend to think about story in fairly linear fashion. 2, it makes it easy for me to do global search so I can do things like go back and hang foreshadowing on every instance of a certain word. 3, I reread the previous 1-5k words before I start writing each day to clean them up and get into voice. 4, because when I don't do 3 I will often come very close to recreating whole paragraphs nearly verbatim—see linear above.

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  17. OK, that deleted comment was me - I can only plead the two glasses of Chilean Merlot that might have made me press the wrong button! (It's nearly 7.00 pm here by the way, I'm not a daytime drinker!)

    Far - there are already palm trees in Scotland!: (been there, very pretty village) and re global warming, the pundits here are prophesying floods and droughts, even-handedly as far as I can see, but I'm fairly certain nobody mentioned very, very cold! What I do know is that in the 12th Century it was possible to grow wine in the midlands of England but not nowadays. (That only happens now down here in the south, which is why we're all so aghast at the freeze-up!)

    Have a wonderful Christmas all, if I don't drop by.

  18. Drive by, in between appearances.

    Cool photos, Andi!

    Waves to all. See ya later.

  19. Drive by myself -- hi to CF, Beth, Jen, Dina, Kelly, and boran2.

    Night everybody.