Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bridge over No Waters

Taken November 27, 2009.

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  1. The meaning of life for such a bridge?

    Grateful to make it to the weekend. Kiddos just go wacko this time of year and we have the super wackos that come to my building.
    Day of working on story and chilling. 26 degrees here but no precip.
    Grateful we got the new heater installed, but my wallet is much thinner. Ah the give and takes of life. Seems like more takes lately.

    Sensational Saturday to All.
    Hook Em Horns

  2. The meaning of life for such a bridge?

    The interstate I'm over may stay the same but the cars are always different.

    Sorry about the heater expense. The dogs say if they'd known, they'd have happily shared the wood stove.

  3. Crazy weather in Texas, Lisa! Not so crazy here, but different - still raining, 24 hours later. VERY rare - but I'm loving it. Except I'm going to have to figure out how to let water out of the pool. Awful problem to have, huh?

    Where's this bridge, andi? Obviously not on your 40!

    Putzing around the house today, getting ready to leave tomorrow. Groceries, laundry, packing, chores - the usual. Three choices for live music, tree lighting, boat parade (although I'm thinking they're going to postpone it til next week, with this weather) - must be the holidays.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful, productive Saturday - good luck to the Horns, Lisa! I'll be watching the Florida-Bama game, tho I don't really like either team. It's gonna be a classic!

    ::a wet wave::

  4. I love the idea of bridges, they are so pretty (and functional!) but driving over a swooping bridge gives me palpitations--I'm deathly afraid of it. Tunnels, too, actually.

    Eek, Lisa, 26?? Brrrrrr. Sorry to hear about the heater, but yes, keeping warm is key.

    Beth, enjoy your game!

    I had a lovely and successful run to the PO yesterday - got an unexpected royalty check from S&S. Like most NY publishers, they do semi-annual checks, since my books just re-released, I never figured on this, but hey, VERY welcome, since I'm flat broke. :)

    While I was in Old Town, I stopped in at Trader Joe's and stocked up. Whee!!

    Today, hunkering down to 2 more chapters. Andi, I *did* get 2 done yesterday. Hooray!!

    Waiting for a couple of folks from Freecycle to come pick up stuff.

    Happy and safe Saturday to all!

  5. Morning! If a bridge is a highway overpass, is it really a bridge?

    Peace & quiet, more or less. Mason's here to brighten up the manor, and I'll be heading off to the caroling/basket thingie in a couple hours. Later!

  6. The bridge is in downtown Cincy, Beth. I've always liked it because it looks like a sailing ship.

    Well if 26 bothers you, Maria, you can really be horrified by the 18 degrees it was here earlier. It's interesting that your fear is of a specific type of bridge. Sure sounds like something that could worked into a nifty plot point. Just in case you need some ideas for the remaining chapters. :)

    Well, Farf, James Joyce called a pier a disappointed bridge so maybe a bridge over no water is a disgruntled one.

  7. Love the idea of a disappointed bridge and your Cincy bridge has no "Troubled Waters" :-)

  8. It really does look like a ship, Andi. Sail ho.

  9. Home. Ate. Survived.

    All we got is rain, but they got up to 2 inches of snow not an hour from here. It would have been nice to get that here, just to put me in the Christmas frame of mind. Oh well. It's going to be like 27F tonight, but no clouds. The wind on top of the mountain didn't bother me too much; I'd have been comfortable with a hat & gloves. It helps that I found (and wore) some of the winter-motorcycling socks in the drawer this morning.

    See y'all tomorrow… I'm going to try writing a little.

  10. Hi CF. I guess I need a photo of one of the bridges over the Ohio to balance things out.

    Hi Dina. Sounds like you are happy about the snow.

    Happy writing, Farf.

    I think I'll sail off to bed instead, Nancy.

    Night everybody.

  11. Boy, what a game, Lisa. I was rooting for your Horns. Nothing like waiting until the last second!!! Phew.

    Some great games today - Cincy and Pitt was the best of the day. Florida/Alabama was a disappointment. This was a nail-biter.

    Now I'll be off to bed too. Night all!

  12. Beautiful photo Andi ... love the way the colour and light changes.