Monday, December 28, 2009

Ah, Youth!

So irritating.

Both pictures taken December 22, 2009
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  1. Morning all! Looks like I get to graffiti-fy the VGW. It's interesting to watch the young pups try to get the old dogs moving, huh? Kind of like Mason getting things moving in the morning. (Fortunately, Snippet woke up before he did, and what I heard was Mason laughing.)

    Played Guitar Hero for the first time last night. I never could get the hang of holding the strum bar down while hitting the whammy bar, but I made it all the way through my first song. I think knowing Guitar Hero won't make you a better guitar player, but knowing guitar will help with the game. The Boy is an ace at both.

    Waves & hugs to all… new White Pickups episode is up and I got all the links fixed…

  2. Morning Farf. Listening to Mason giggle sounds like a nice way to get going on a Monday.

    We do have an IRL VGW here (sorry, couldn't resist the surfeit of abbreviations). Well not so vast or great but definitely white.

  3. Only you can make snow look inviting, andi. Then again, I think I'm happy just looking at it from here.

    Yesterday was a bust - got nothing accomplished that I planned. But helped a friend, drank good wine, and spent time with another friend, so those are all good things. Maybe today I'll get to that list.

    Stay warm and dry up there - 54 here right now, on the way to 69. Long pants again! (stop laughing)

    Have a great day, everyone - another short week ahead!

  4. Morning, I actually slept in a bit. Miracles do happen.

    Farf, thanks for taking the lead.
    Laughing babies--it does a body good. I would so suck on Guitar Hero. Never could do well playing guitar no matter how much I wanted to. Took lessons several times.

    So Andi, who plows from the house to the road? Hubby and I were thinking about that the other day.

    Decided to stay home and not go to property this week. Friend couldn't go and sitting on deck right now isn't a lengthy sport. Plenty to keep me occupied here. More snow is being hinted out for tomorrow.
    House is very quiet without Kip's energy. Atticus is just so laid back and isn't the love bunny Kip is. So everyone is having Kip withdrawal.

    Beth, glad you are home without travel woes. This is a blue time for me so I have to be careful not to get too reflective and stay busy and positively focused. Course my staying busy is not so social as yours. One of the websites that's helped me think about story in a different way is Larry Brooks' His series on story structure is great. He's an idependent editor that was also on the calendar with Elizabeth Lyon. I like his style and attitude.

    Maria, hope you are enjoying time off.

    CF, is it time to read the gardening/seed catalogs to get ready for the spring? I liked hearing about the singing of your group. Love that toe-tapping music.

    Nicky, Hope the little ones had a great Christmas. Know you did if they did.

    Waves to O, MaryB, KatieB, Nancy, Dina, Bono, FM, Boran, Kelly.

    Marvelous Monday to All.

  5. Beth, the 2-3 inches of snow we got is inviting. If I could keep it below 6 inches, I'd love to have snow all winter. So sorry about your so-called cold weather. :P

    Lisa, unless we get more than a foot at one time (which is very rare) we don't have to worry about the road at all since we have AWD vehicles with decent clearance. If we need to get it plowed, there are several people with plows on pickup trucks that we can pay to do it.

    I'm off to Terre Haute to do my annual winter visit with two college friends. We usually meet in Indianapolis so this is only the second time in my entire native Hoosier life that I've spent more time in Terre Haute than it takes to drive through it on I-70. Such an exciting prospect. :)

    Hope everybody has a good day. I'll be back later today.

  6. Morning, gang! Offline all weekend--it was bliss. Spent time reading and relaxing.

    Tried to sleep in this a.m., but a call from the local PO interrupted my beauty sleep. Turns out, it wasn't for me after all. d'oh

    Not sure what today will bring--still a week + 1 day glorious holiday laziness left!

    As for the so-called cold, as Andi called it--yesterday, we hit 50F --srsly weird. Today's supposed to be cooler, but still sunny. Go figure.

    Merry Monday to all!

  7. I love the woods with that amount of snow. All the details show up as if by magic. Is that Bebo doing the dancing around? Too cute!

    I woke up to 19 degrees and snow today. Only 2-3" so far but it' still snowing. The city plow has been past once already. It's all the way up to 23 degrees now at noon.

    Glad you like the music, Lisa, and yes, I'm already perusing catalogs.

    How sweet to hear baby laughter first thing in the morning. Wonderful way to start the day.

    All the best to you all. Stay warm.

  8. Good afternoon everyone,

    FAR nothing better than having babies or kids laughing in the morning.

    Beth I'm glad you're staying warm in such a cold climate. :)

    Lisa glad you got to sleep late. Hopefully it will happen more often.

    Andi be careful on your trip to see your friends.

    Maria I feel for ya. I hate to try to sleep in and then it seems like you're getting calls all the time and they're usually for nothing. Aaarrrggg!

    CF glad to hear you got some snow and you're perusing catalogs.

    It's cold down here today. We're supposed to get into the mid-40's. X-mas was good and we had a great X-mas dinner. My brother bought the best gumbo I've had in a long time.

    I hope everyone's New Years Eve is great and stay warm.

  9. Nice snow-shot, Andi. It clouded over yesterday while The Boy and I were grilling our kebabs, but that was it. We were hoping for some snow but got nothing but clouds. It's been cold by Planet Georgia standards today, high of 40F. OTOH, I suppose y'all have seen Olivia's freezing-rain pix this morning?

  10. Drive by late day appearance. Waves to all! G'night!

    Nice expansive pack shot, Andi!

  11. Another late day appearance. Hi and goodnight.

  12. Hi everybody.

    Good night everybody.

    P.S. yep, CF, that's Bebo doing all the running.