Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Above and Below

Both pictures taken November 20, 2009
Click images to see larger versions


  1. LOVE THEM BOTH, Andi.

    Blustery day here.
    Still going strong on story work.

    Wonderful Weds. to All

  2. Wow, those are stunning. Got bigger versions?

  3. The one on the right is amazing, Andi!

    Hi Jen and Lisa!

    We are snowed in here. I'm not sure how many inches are out there. I don't know if I'll make it to work today. Missing it would be a pitty. ;-)

    Good day to all!

  4. We're going to have big winds too, Lisa. The Pack and are starting a "house" pool on what time the power will go out.

    Sure do, Jen -- as big as 4000x3000. What size do you want?

    I hope you don't have to go into work, b2, but if you do, I hope you don't have any big problems on the drive.

  5. Boran2, what a treat to see you so early. And wow man, I can see the drifts on your street from here, I don't think it's safe to drive. ;) Enjoy your snow day!

    We've already got the winds howling here, Andi. Forecast says 60mph gusts today, well into tropical storm levels.

    On the pictures, I was wondering if that great clarity and detail held up for a wallpaper sized image, maybe around 2000x1500.

  6. Yep, it's howling here too, Jen, and the same gust are forecast which is why I'm expecting to lose power.

    I guess you'll find out. I'll send them to you in a bit ... assuming the power and satellite internet don't decide to flake out.

  7. ::does ritual dance to the electric power gods, sacrifices bits of plastic to the satellite gods; whew, time for a tea break, I don't know how the religious keep up::

  8. You clearly have the gift, Jen. :) Email sent.

  9. Wow! I didn't realize the storm stretched that far, b2! Guess I need to watch the Weather Channel and see what's going on out there. I'm crossing my fingers that you don't lose power, andi. Though you could cuddle by the woodstove with the Pack and a cup of cocoa and a good book...

    Poured here all night, but it's already clearing up, so I missed it. Mild compared to what y'all are having!

    Stay warm and dry and safe, folks. Nothing's worth going out in that stuff.

    Actually talked to my aunt all day and we didn't watch TV, which was great. Spent the evening with my cousins, which was also great. No plans today except hanging out - and taking a quick trip to Starbucks to combat my Seasonal Affect Disorder (my aunt keeps all of her blinds closed, and I get cranky after 3 days of no daylight).

    Enjoy your day, folks - be safe!!

  10. Oh my stars and garters!!! Millions of strings of glistening crystal beads. Incredible. When you click on them, they get even better and better!! I love the one on the left, it's like being surrounded in light!

    So far, only rain here and it's 45 degrees! Guess we'll be "getting" it later on.

    All the best to everyone.

  11. The things that spider webs can dew. g/d/r

    Must be one big-arse weather system out there, we're getting high winds on Planet Georgia too. Which means more trees will go down, which means more firewood! Fortunately, it didn't get much below 40 last night, so all the rain stayed liquid.

    Working at home today, y'all stay out of the breeze. Or in it, if you prefer…

  12. Ooooh, what Jen said! Would love to have high-res images of these so I can make wallpapers!!

    Late posting b/c I had to scurry out to go to CVS. Got packaging material for gifts to agent & editors, then d'oh, forgot part of the gift at home. Le sigh.

    Rain stopped, but still gray skies. I'm not caring, though b/c I got a very nice and unexpected royalty check which I'm using to pay off/down some debt. Goal is to be debt free (except for car) in 2010. And now, it's VERY achievable. Makes me quite happy, especially since my budget got whacked with the lower salary (for the lower-rated job/shorter work week).

    So I'm pretty much a happy camper today!!

    Cheers, all.

  13. Sounds like your visit is going very nicely, Beth. And we will take your advice on the woodstove whether we keep the power or not.

    It started off at 47 here, CF, and now it's down to 35 and heading to 15 so you can probably expect something similar.

    A big limb came off a tree while the dogs and I were out walking, Farf, and Bebo took off like she'd been shot out of a cannon. Maybe she thought it was the world's biggest squirrel falling to the ground. Also, good use of a pun. :)

    Maria, images sent to you. I used the gmail email address you have at your website to send them.

  14. Lovely pictures, you just keep bringing them out,don't you, Andi!
    Cold and wet here, no change then. My younger cat, Fat Eddie,(aged 10) is in disgrace; I discovered him throwing a pencil in the air - a pencil he'd found lying on a book I'd left open on the table. He'd dug a hole in the book in his effort to pick up the pencil. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. We've decided he's the world's first Labrador/cat cross because he's so big-boned (weighs a stone - or 14 lbs to you folks across the pond). Any more shenanigans like that and the Fat Cat is toast!

  15. Hi,all. Lovely pictures. Much better than the gloomy weather here.

    I am very glad I did not need to go out today.

  16. We started out at 53 degrees and it's now down to 36 and supposed to get into the 20's. Ah, winter. Must be due to "The Lake" that we are warmer than you, Andi. We have plenty of wind though.

  17. Nicky, I can keep bringing them out because the woods keep bringing them to me.

    And you English folks and your cuisine -- as if Toad in a Hole wasn't bad enough, now you offer up Toasted Fat Cat. ;)

    Sorry about the gloom, Dina. It has been a very nice day to stay inside here as well.

    CF, you can go right ahead and have that lake effect warmth. I'm delighted to forgo it since you also have lake effect snow.