Friday, November 6, 2009

Water Week: Round the Bend

Taken October 31, 2009.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Safe travels, Andi.
    Where was the pic taken? Lovely. Calming. Like the nature meets civilization feel.

    Beth, enjoy Key West for me. Walk on the beach please. I need some sand and wave time.

    Maria--WEEEEEKend has begun. Happy writing.

    I appreciate so much my blog buddies. The friendly banter, the knashing of teeth in frustration, the celebration of milestones and happy times--All of that is community. No one is a square peg or even round for that matter. Like leaves or snowflakes we take on individual shapes and colors and what fun that is to be a part of.

    Jen, Cyberhugs--Sending you some energy for the weekend.

    Beautiful weather expected here. Hope for the rest of you too.
    Fabulous Friday to All.

  2. Too Early for fully functioning brain.
    But had to write name in twice for it not to come up anon again. Cybergremlins at work.

  3. Hey anonymous, you can't fool me. I can tell it's you, Lisa. :)

    The picture was taken at Mill Race Park in Columbus, IN.

    Good morning to all.

    And I'm outta here. See ya later today.

  4. Funny, I had to double-check that I wasn't looking at an Olivia picture - surprising to see concrete in an andi picture! Still pretty, tho. I love the water theme.

    Not much beach in Key West, Lisa, but I will do some water gazing for you.

    Feet are beat. Lots of walking - good thing Old Town isn't much bigger. More music today - TropRock awards, acoustic by the pool, street fest on Duval. Lots of clouds and wind yesterday kept the humidity down, and was refreshing. Hopefully Ida will blow herself out before she gets to FL.

    Have a great Friday, everyone! Safe travels home, andi.

  5. The grand sweep of the shore. Or something like that.

    Sounds like a nice Friday so far. We dodged another frost bullet and I'm still picking tomatoes in November. Yup, that whole climate change thing is a hoax awright… ;-) Went to Reinhardt last night to see Daughter Dearest's chorus concert. I didn't have a good seat for getting a shot of the entire stage — we were almost smack in the middle of the hall, with many heads between us & the stage — so I screwed on the telephoto and got closeups of DD and some of her friends (and the daughter of the lady sitting next to us). The ladies behind us wanted to know what kind of camera it was; they liked the big preview screen that they could see from their row. ;-)

    Speaking of pictures… signs your grandkid might be using your computer

    I'd look forward to tomorrow, but every day is Monday when you have a chicken house. (That should be a lyric in a country song.) Off to the mimes!

  6. Top o'the morning to you all. My day has already begun on the very odd side of things. My grocery delivery arrived a full hour EARLY. That's mind-boggling!

    Yesterday was rather full of squee. SmartPop Books featured my essay about the role of the Trickster on the TV show Supernatural AND have asked me to blog about last night's episode! If that weren't enough, my former English prof, who, bar none, was my favorite, read my essay online and pronounced that he wished he could've had me contribute to a scholarly anthology last year. (We just got back in touch).

    I'm absolutely floored, chuffed, verklempt, gobsmacked and well, WOW. Just. WOW.

    FarF, many the chicken coops from hell provide more entertainment than heartache.

    Beth, enjoy Key West! It's a place I always wanted to experience, but never have.

    Lisa, WEEKEND!!!

    A fabulous Friday to all.

  7. Kudos, Maria! Great to see you so excited - and for great reason!!

    You have to visit KW - it is definitely an experience. I love it - some tire of it easily, some don't understand it. But if you have any interest, I think you should check it out! I'm eternally hooked...

  8. Hi all. I'm bac home. Yay! And I managed to survive the extremely rambunctious greeting The Pack gave me.

    Beth, startling as it may seem, I do sometimes walk places other than the woods. :)

    Cute pic, Farf. And how nice that it's all color-coordinated. ;)

    Woo hoo, Maria!