Saturday, November 7, 2009

Water Week: Ready for My Close-Up

Taken October 28, 2009.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Andi, I wish I could afford one of those digital frames--maybe that's something I need to invest in. Mount it by my writing area, then I could select from some fabulous shots to inspire my writing.
    Today's was WOW. The shape and texture are so cool. Artiste is right.
    Glad you made it home and survived the packs enthusiastic welcome. They do miss their mom.

    Mowed and mulched leaves after work yesterday. Another time to mulch our trees' leaves probably, but the neighbor's oak tree--what a pain. Those are thick and plentiful, so not as easy to break up. I just don't want to rake and bag and waste space in landfill. This is when I wish we had a chipper. Been beautiful here and I am so enjoying getting out. Meeting a friend for lunch today.
    She has two new rescue dogs after losing her Golden a few months ago so get to meet the 2nd one.

    Gotta get writing and meet my goal.
    Cyberhugs to all.
    Sensational Saturday to All.

  2. That photo looks like an illustration in a book on botany from the 18th century.

  3. Morning, all! Lisa, enjoy friend and dog time! And digital frames are coming down in price - especially now that the gift-buying season approaches. Watch for sales - I have one, and love it.

    Enjoy crunching through leaves - I'm going to crunch through sidewalks again today. Watched the sunrise, but hotel wireless won't let me upload pictures, so it'll have to wait til I get home next week.

    Off to breakfast - have a great Saturday, everyone!!

  4. ::rubs eyes and yawns:: Morning, peeps. Love the closeup pic!

    I join you after a night full of bizarro Nyquil induced dreams. Head cold = fuzzy brain.

    Must write today. The hours are ticking...

    Fabulous weekend to all!

  5. I hate when I forget to tick the box....

  6. Welcome home, Andi! Oh never mind, The Pack already slurped you that message… I love how the drops magnify the veins in that shot.

    Lisa, I have a chipper, and it blows the leaves right back out. You need a mulcher. Then you need a place to put the ground-up leaves, like a composter. We're going to attack a downed oak tree this afternoon, these 40F mornings make the firebox hungry!

    Yeesh, sunrise. That's why I like the west coast of Florida… sleep in and catch the sunset. ;-)

    Maria, Nyquil gives you weird dreams? I don't remember that happening with Nyquil. Allegra, now… repetitive st00p1d dreams and not really sleeping much. I'd just as soon have the congestion.

    Chicken houses are unfortunately in my near future, shortly after breakfast. Mason has been fed, changed, played, and dozing again, so it's time to get moving…

  7. Good news on the beautiful weather, Lisa. Have fun with your friend. P.S. you can always put the pictures in a screensaver and then just stare at your monitor screen. :)

    Hi Beth. Too bad on the wifi problem but I'll look forward to seeing your pics when you get home.

    Write on, Maria!

    "Chicken houses in my future" -- now there's a sentence I hope never to say.