Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Water Week: Just Ducky

Taken October 19, 2009

Taken October 28, 2009.
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Well they're really geese but I didn't want the kind of hits I'd get if I titled the post "Get Goosed".


  1. Duck, Duck, Goose.
    Need some placid pond time.
    Eleven new ones start today. Somebody turn off the tap.

    Andi, hope you enjoyed dinner with MaryB. Fun to visit while having to be away working.

    The time change--yuck. Dead dark when counseling was over and I left work last night and up at 3:30 this morning. My body is slow to adjust.
    But the full moon was GORGIOUS.
    Made homemade yogurt in the crock pot. Turned out good. I had it in Colorado and it was so much better than the store bought. Trying to do a body good.

    Terrific Tuesday to All.

  2. Morning Lisa. Hope all goes well with all the new additions to your class.

    I had a fine time with Mary -- there's nothing better than good conversation and good food with a good friend. :)

  3. Morning, all. Sorry for the short night, Lisa. Hope your body acquiesces to the time change soon. Full moon this weekend could account for the new kidlets.

    I love the mist on the water, and the bird-like creatures, whatever they are. Peaceful and serene and a little haunting.

    Friends arrived yesterday, and we had wine and Thai for dinner. Not sure where we're going to explore today, but it's SO nice to be with close friends again. They're travelers too, so we connected immediately when we met this past spring. You're right, andi - nothing like good friends!

    Anyway, happy Tuesday to all - enjoy your day!

  4. Nice quiet duck pond, yes, indeedy. I'm with Lisa - hatez the time change, precious...

    Driving home from work in pitch dark = sad Maria. Especially when I had to get help to exit the [expletive deleted] garage @ the office. For some reason, the sensor didn't want to read my tag. ::sighs::

    Off to the mimes soon on a bright (finally!) sunny morning.

    Cheers and happy Tuesday!

  5. Back from the BCRoD already, Andi?

    Geese are funny… or maybe it's my dad who's funny when the geese come up onto his place from the lake. He'll launch water balloons in their general direction, or just march out there and chase 'em off. He has a point, of course… if he lets them wander, they'll poop all over the yard.

    Lisa, good luck with the new additions. 11 is about half a classroom? Home made yogurt sounds good; do you blend in any fruit?

    Have fun with your friends, Beth. I'm sure you will!

    Gonna bundle up and take the bike to work this morning. Looks sunshiny out there, although I've heard there's fog here & there, so it'll probably be moist.

  6. Heh… simul-post with Maria again! Maybe we should do this over coffee some morning and really have some fun with it…

  7. That's great, Beth, that your friends are there to "play' with you. Enjoy!

    I guess, Maria, this separates the morning people from the night people because I am so glad DST is over and there's more light in the morning.

    Nope Farf. I'm here until Friday morning. :(

  8. Heyo, back in what passes for the real world around here. Commencing digging out from under the waxy buildup of three weeks on the road. Hope everyone around here had a generally good time while I was gone.

  9. Oh such beautiful photos. I love seeing foggy spots on water. Very cool, calm and peaceful. The critters add to the quiet and peace. Lovely.

    Hope everyone gets straightened around on their quests today.

    All the best to you and all the rest who pass this way today and everyday.

  10. Beautiful photos, Andi. I'm glad that you're visit with Mary went well.

    It looks like the update on my new ipod didn't take. Now it's in limbo. Sigh. Back to the more info section.

  11. Welcome back Kelly. Hope you get to be a homebody for a good while.

    CF, appearances are most assuredly deceiving -- those squawky critters are destroyers of peace and quiet. :)

    Blecch on system problems, b2. May they go away and never come back.