Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Water Week: Flow Going

Taken October 23, 2009.

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  1. Morning All.
    Flowing water is soothing, Thanks Andi!!! I can smell the woods and the dampness and hear the Bebo and Sniff running in the crunchy leaves while Giddy has my flank.
    Hope you are home again soon to get back to your pack.

    Farf, I cut up strawberries and put the yogurt over them with a little Maple syrup for sweetner. Very yum. So much less overpowering than the fruity storebought kind.
    Only six new kids--Farf 20-25 in a class room is a full house here. But don't always have a choice with how many we get. Over 30 in my 9th grade room.

    Boran--here's hoping iPod gets its act together soon.

    Kelly--Enjoy a cuppa to celebrate being home.

    CF--I wish I live closer I'd love to watch you and Hubby building and playing bagpipes.

    Beth--Enjoy good Friends.

    Maria--Here's to your over the hump day.

    Waves to MaryB, Jen, O, Bono, Nicki, Dina and all others that come this way.

  2. Andi, thanks for providing such a beautifully soothing image to wake up to today. Need solace after the bigots won in Maine. :(

  3. Morning Lisa. I hope you can just go with the flowing number of students coming (and going) your way.

    Damn Jen, I wish it wasn't needed. Looks like good news in Washington state on Referendum 71, though.

  4. Jen, I thought about you when I heard that was being voted on in Maine.
    Cyberhugs and solace coming your way dear lady.

  5. Andi, while I understand that 71 will help to protect some families in Washington and that's a good thing on the individual level, there is exactly nothing about "separate but equal" legislation that seems like good news to me. "Not as disastrous as it could have been," is about as far as I can get with that.

    Thank you, Lisa.

  6. Morning, all! Love the moving water shot, andi. Very cool.

    Jen, I'm horrified and saddened once again that the govt. gives people the right to deny the rights of others. Small-minded, stupid, heartless - I can't think of enough words to describe people who think that way. It's totally baffling to me. I have a blog friend from Maine who is devastated this morning that her home state turned its back on her. Luckily she lives in NH now and is planning a summer wedding. Still - big hugs and apologies for the stupidity of some people.

    Having a ton of fun with my friends - off to Key West today. Will post if I have wireless. If not, know I'm having fun, and wishing you all were down there with me!

    Big hugs as I run out the door...oh, and get home safely, andi!

  7. I know I was grasping at straws, Jen, but I'm so crapped out about Maine (and the win by that right-wing misogynist jerk in VA), I guess I needed that straw. It's so frustrating that the people can be convinced to deny such a fundamental inequality with some sort idiot claim of protecting "marriage". If they're so hot on protecting marriage, they should be putting referendums to outlaw divorce on the ballot instead of trying to keep people who want to be married from getting married.

  8. Morning Beth. Glad to hear you are having such a fine time.

  9. Oh, the entire "voting on the civil rights of a minority" thing is a blatant violation of foundational constitutional principles, just like every other categorical denial of equality in American history has been. The general dismissal and apathy of the heterosexual majority regarding this issue is starting to really piss me off, though. For a while ignorance was an excuse that floated but it's virtually impossible for people to remain ignorant about it at this point without that ignorance being willful, and I've got nothing but disdain for willful ignorance.

    As I'm waking up more fully, I'm realizing that even while I expected this outcome, I'm angrier than I thought I was going to be about it, so let me apologize to everyone for hijacking the thread. I know this isn't a political blog and I didn't mean to smack y'all in the face with injustice first thing in the morning. I meant just to mention it and move on, but I am going to be unable to do that so I will take myself to a gay blog today. I hope you all are able to have a good day.

    {{Andi}}, I hear you.

  10. Hi, all. As Jen said, I'm finding myself angrier than usual this morning at election results in my state and in Maine. It is perhaps going to be a quiet day for me. :(

    Hope that the rest of things are going well for all.

  11. Jen, this is a friend-talk-to-friends about whatever they need or want to talk about blog so feel free to rant on ... about this or anything else you want (of course, you'd like to offset the rants with links to pictures of Wes and Lucy that would be okay too).

    Maria, I hope it is good day for you, quiet or not.

    Well I'm off to my BCRoD which is also a no-internet land so I won't be able to talk to you all again tonight.


  12. Thanks, Andi, can't tell you how much that means. Might rant some later, depending on how the day goes. Hope BCRoD isn't too heavy on the D.

  13. Me, too Jen ... on the D and just about everything else you say.

    And of course I meant that in my comment above that I won't be able to talk to you all UNTIL tonight.

    Ta for real this time.

  14. I love those long-exposure shots, Andi. Did you use a tripod or an image-stabilizing lens on that shot? *sending caffeinated thoughts*

    Jen, Maria, I know it's small solace, but an equality measure in Kalamazoo MI passed last night, and that's a fairly conservative part of the state. I'm especially happy about that because K'zoo was the closest city of any size to where I grew up. I'm bummed about Maine too… things were looking pretty good at 11pm when I went to bed, and I was really looking forward to seeing the haters throw all that money down a rathole. Maybe someone ought to start an initiative to ban marriage, period. I know a lot of straight guys would sign that one.

  15. Ditto on the feeling free to say anything here, Jen. Good place to vent among friends who agree with you...

  16. Hi, all. I am also bummed about Maine - I really thought it was going to be upheld. And of course, there is the just wonderful (NOT) news in NJ. The only good thing (Washington's separate but equal doesn't work that well for me. History hasn't been kind to that concept!) is that District 23 in NY went Democrat for the first time since before the Civil War. This after the Conservatives ran the Republican moderate out and put up a straw Conservative candidate.

    Not enough but something.

  17. Beautiful shot Andi.

    Jen, Maria, I'm with you on the anger. There is a saying in the physics education community to the effect that curriculum change comes one funeral at a time as the old guard dies off and is replaced by people with more flexible minds.

    It sucks more than I can say that gay marriage is a battle that that has to be played out to the accompaniment of chisels on headstones instead of the sweet music of minds changing, but victory is coming.

  18. Hi to all, just whizzing through again. Have younger daughter and her family living here while their kitchen is being done. Had forgotten how much noise, mess and muddle 6-, 4- & 1-year olds can make, not to mention the tons of food they can put away! As one meal ends I'm thinking about the next. Still, it's not for long and they're lovely - and I'm not the one who has to get up to the baby in the night!!

  19. Hello All.
    I too am bummed about the Main and the VA situation. But what can we expect with hate media having such a large impact and being found everywhere. Even "news" programs that are supposed to be liberal leaning will have two repubs on to talk instead of one repub and one dem. You never get to hear two dems and no repubs. All the general public hears is the crap put out by the haters. We've been watching a LOT of HGTV because that's the only thing we can get that doesn't have guns, wars or hate spewing from it. Even there is points out that you have to be rich to get what you want in a home. The whole country is nuts. Where can one go???

    On a lighter note: love your photo Andi. Maybe that racing water will wash away some of the real dirt that surrounds us.

    Lisa, I wish you were closer too. You could babysit Roaring Rory so that we can get some work done. He's in his terrible twos now, But he's learning....I keep sayin'.

  20. Farf, it's not a long exposure shot; I used a neutral density filter. Also, it was a handheld shot.

    Yeah Dina, NY-23 was a nicely snarky blow to the far right. I love the kick in the ego to Palin, Glenn Beck, and Limbaugh.

    Kelly, what I'd like is not one funeral at a time but a mass sendoff of the small-minded creeps to 40 years in the desert.

    Yeah, CF, what a load of bull the myth of a liberal media is.

  21. Good evening all.

    I agree with all of the above, the Maine result sucks. Sorry Jen.

    I was happy about NY23, a little north of here. Unfortunately Repugs won big in my town. I'm not sure if there are even any Democrats left in our town government.

    The new painting is well underway, the first cycle showing this Saturday.

    Thanks Lisa. Tonight I'll be attempting to rescue the ipod. Sigh.