Thursday, November 5, 2009

Water Week: Drop by Drop

Taken October 28, 2009.

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  1. Andi, Loving the progression of water this week. I can hear the dripping from today's pic. You are an ARTIST.

    Moderate Miller here--You guys/gals crack me up with evil right wing talk. Get plenty of evil left wing talk from family.
    Sigh--where's a moderate to go.
    Just not a lumper. All Dems or Reps bad. Plenty of liberal and conservative media buffet if you ask me. Tire of all the flapping lips on both sides. Blah, Blah, Blah with a different background if you ask me. And you didn't.

    Now Jen and Maria being upset and angry. That raises my dander. That's personal. Told ya before and I'll tell ya again--You have my support, my vote, my influence. May not be so much, but it's all heart.
    Moderate stepping off soapbox.

    CF--I would love to babysit Roaring Rory. Now if I could just wiggle my nose and get there.

    Did my evaluation yesterday. 30 at-risk 9th graders. Went Fantastic. They were engaged and participated and well behaved. Reminded me how much I love the kids and teaching.

    Thursday winking at Friday.
    Waves to all.

  2. Thanks for the way-more-than-I-deserve compliment, Lisa.

    Home tomorrow. I can't wait. Hope everyone has a good day. See you all tonight.

  3. Look at all of those fall colors. Sigh. And the fog and the drops and the rain...nourishes a soul.

    I stay out of politics. Just hate to see people doing heartless stuff to others.

    Made it to Key West safely. Live music all day every day. Friends slowly arriving, but also enjoying the quiet of my little old but clean hotel room.

    Ran into a guy who chased me big-time for weeks, then suddenly vanished. He acted like we were casual acquaintances last night, and it hurt. Licking wounds today, and working on my "who needs you" face for when I run into him again.

    Home soon, andi.

    Hope everyone has an easy Thursday, sliding into the weekend.

  4. Oops, delete was me. Funky old hotel wireless double-posted...

  5. A lovely crispy fall morning to all!!

    Andi, those wonderful rich gorgeous colors - so much my own. I'm a fall baby and love every minute of the season.

    Lisa, merci bien. Like Beth, I'm mostly apolitical, but there are some core values that I feel very strongly about--and basic human rights is one of them. It's been a tough election week, but I still have hope.

    Fake!Friday dawns, and though I got little sleep last night (thanks to an amazing pumpkin spiec Frappucino at lunch), I wrote 4300+ words on book 4, then got up from bed to start a new project that I've been tossing about in my head, AND I sketched out the ending to book 4 (which is always a lead in to the next book). I'm feeling VERY accomplished, and much less angsty about the whole thing.

    Writers: we are a fickle emotional folk. ::g::

    A wonderful and brilliant day to everyone. ::waves at tandem-posting Farf and to all coming along later::

  6. Whew! Maria already posted, I'm in the clear! ;-) I can't tell from the pic, is it raining or just afterwards?

    I'm a left-leaner myself, not so much as Jen. I used to think of myself as a moderate, but the righties kept defining my stances as "liberal" so I hopped off the fence. Ironically, it's my religious conservatism that informs my political liberalism. Just to make certain heads explode, I call myself a "Christian Anarchist" — which means that if everyone actually cared for each other the way the Bible says we should, we wouldn't need a government.

    Yesterday just wasn't conducive to writing; Mason's here but that wasn't his fault. Left the house at 4:30 (chiro-cracker, supper, picking up DD's prescription), came back for two minutes at 7:30, (choir practice, picking up Snippet), didn't get home until 10:30. And now… it's home at the mimes time.

  7. Heyo,

    Solid lefty myself. I was at one time a left-leaning moderate but that was long ago. If I hadn't been a firm Democrat before George W. Bush drove the country off a cliff without so much as a word of dissent from the Republicans in Congress I certainly would be now. In every possible way during his wars of choice, his stomping on civil rights, and his suppression of science Bush was aided and abetted by every major player in the Republican party. If that isn't enough reason to declare the current crop of Republican players anathema I can't imagine what would be.

  8. Kelly says it very well, I think. I'm definitely a lefty. But, Beth has it right when she says, "Just hate to see people doing heartless stuff to others." It seems like the rights are bent on doing just that. Trouble is, I don't even think it's a conviction of theirs. If you call them individually on it, they recant, but as a group they'll do anything to get more money into the "right" hands. BAHH!!!!

    But, thanks, Andi, for this amazing photo. Like Lisa said, you are an ARTIST. Everything about this photo is perfect! Is it possible to get a copy of it to put on my desktop? I would love to just sit and stare at it for a while. If you do share, please put your sig. on it.

    All the best to everyone.

  9. Hi all. Long day but I was able to get everything wrapped up so I can head home first thing tomorrow morning. So tired but happy me.

    Glad folks enjoyed the picture -- sometimes very rainy weather does give lovely gifts.

    CF, you're welcome to download the image. If you want a higher res version, though, it will have to wait till I get home.