Monday, November 23, 2009

Up a Tree

Taken November 17, 2009.

Click image to see larger version


  1. ::looks around:: Sunrise and no one but dogs on a log? Is everyone okay? Well, I'll just leave this here flower on the table in case anyone wanders by. Last brave little daisy of the season in the backyard garden; be sure to check the magnified view if you like macro detail.

  2. Morning Jen. I guess Lisa is sleeping in (or still out in the boonies).

    Lovely photo and I'm really amazed you've still got flowers.

  3. I peeked in earlier, but after two days of braving the VGW, decided to wait for someone else to make first tracks. Thanks, Jen! Flowers are more special when there aren't many left. Sending you big bouquets of bougainvillea...I have three different colors in one clump behind the pool. Be careful of the thorns, tho!

    Decorated last night, trying to convince myself it really IS almost Christmas. I'll only be here for a couple of weeks between holidays, so figured I'd start early and get more time to enjoy the pretties.

    Nancy waved from the bottom of a deep hole last night. She's on Facebook now, if you want to friend her.

    Need to be productive today, after too many days of being way too lazy. Have a good Monday, folks!

  4. Andi has answered an age-old question, How does a dog climb a tree?

    Nice shot, Jen. It's about pansy season on Planet Georgia. Not Mrs. Fetched's favorite flower, but you have to respect a flower that can be covered in frost and just shrug it off.

    Hi Beth, you always have flowers down that way, huh? Sending productivity vibes your way… you and The Boy are both looking for work, let's hope you both find gainful employment shortly!

    Off to the mimes. I'm thinking I might try getting Wed. off, despite the workload, because there isn't much I'll be able to get done anyway with nobody else there.

  5. Sneaking in to say hi.

    Nice shot, Andi! It's a dog's paradise!

    That 's a cool closeup photo, Jen.

    Started the turkey day preparations yesterday. Pumpkin cheesecake from scratch. Next time I'll steam the pumpkin before attempting to carve it up.

  6. Hi b2! Nice to see you so early in the day! And you ARE ambitious - real pumpkin is harder to work with, but so much tastier. Your cheesecake sounds divine - enjoy your holiday!

  7. Hi everyone. It's interesting to hear about Thanksgiving plans coming up when it was so long ago ... ;-) Makes me crave turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie.

    I love this shot Andi ... nature's teeter-totter. :)

    Jen, lovely shot. I agree w/ Andi - can't believe you have flowers blooming still. They're stalwart though, daisies. Great detail on the IBs.

  8. Sorry about that, Beth. I'll try to remember to comment if Lisa doesn't show up. :) It was nice to see Nancy dipping her toe back into the internet waters.

    Ooh pumpkin cheesecake from scratch. You are superboran2!

    Speaking of stalwart flowers, O. We had some mums a friend gave us October 9 and they just died this week. I was very impressed.

  9. Pumpkin cheesecake from scratch. yum YUM!

    I thought the same thing Olivia thought about this pic- is it a wooden doggie see-saw? But I like "teeter totter" better. I haven't used that phrase since I was a small child.

  10. btw - for those of you who didn't hear that Manny unexpectedly lost Bud last night, he has a Bud photo up at his blog here

  11. Great photo, Andi. Your dogs are so cool, so calm and collected.

    So sorry to hear about Bud, Manny. Thanks for letting us know, Maryb.

  12. We called them teeter-totters too, Mary. I wonder if that's a midwestern thing.

    CF, apparently my pictures are giving you a completely false picture of the dogs.