Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thankful ...

... for not being invited to stay for dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it.

Taken October 29, 2009.

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  1. Andi, great job getting the turkeys to pose?
    I hear them on our place but never seen them.

    This is the least food preparation I've done for Turkeyday. Will do dressing this morning and some dessert, but not very inspired this year. Know we'll have too much food anyway with what everyone else brings.

    Brother in and nice to visit with him. Just waiting for the drive by with sonboy. Closed Blockbuster yesterday and will open tomorrow so can get today off. Ah the energy of youth.

    Happy Turkeyday to those that partake. Happy Thursday for those in other lands or persuasion.
    Hook Em Horns.

  2. Happy T'giving everyone!

    My niece and nephew and their families and dogs and puppies just got in. Mil sil and her friend have been up all night cooking and George has been barking all night. This looks to be another family filled holiday down here. We've never had this many dogs (5) and puppies (6) though.

    We'll all meet out at the farmhouse this morning and at the moment I'm counting about 30 of us out there. Of course I never know how many extended family will show up, so the number could be higher.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful T'giving and a wonderful day.

    Take care


  3. I only did a partially good job, Lisa. The other three turkeys scurried on past before I could take the shot. Hope your T'day is a lovely time with family and food.

  4. Those guys don't know how lucky they are!

    I'm off to St Augustine in a couple of hours. Although it'll be weird not spending the day with my sis and her family. Next year, I'll do that. You have to miss something to realize what you're missing, I guess.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, enjoys time with family and friends, eats way too much, and roots for the Broncos tonight.

    I'm thankful for all of you!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all (and happy day to O!)!

  5. Happy Holiday to everyone celebrating and Happy Birthday to Farf!

    Gotta go prep the turkey and put it in the oven. Feels pretty wrong after looking pictures of live ones, thanks for that, Andi. ;)

  6. Hope you enjoy the trip to St. Augustine and your time there, Beth.

    Heh Jen -- those birds are way to stringy and tough to be on anyone's plate so enjoy away. Hope you have a fine day.

    Happy Birthday, Farf! (Thanks for the reminder Jen).

    I'll be gone for most of the day so I'll just go ahead and wish everyone an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

  7. Doggone it, I forgot - Hippo Birdie, Farf!! Sending big birthday hugs your way...

  8. Missing turkey scurries into picture late. Waves tailfeathers at all the nice people. Feels grateful to be finished with book (turkeys can write? Debatable.) and to be able to pretend to be human again.

    I missed you guys. I'm baaaack.

    May this day be ful of grate.

  9. Hippo Birdie, Farf, again. So what are you? 29?

    A very lovely peaceful happy thanksgiving to everyone who participates. A safe peaceful happy day to all regardless.

    David can't eat wheat things so I make rice stuffing. But I made it just like Mother made her bread stuffing. Start with a mix of cooked (cooking in bouillon adds extra flavor) rices (wild, brown, red, Basmati) in the amount of stuffing you want. Allow for left overs. Saute in olive oil (Mother would have used real butter) a whole lot of chopped celery and chopped onion. Mix together with rice. Add salt and rubbed sage. I like lots of both. Mix together again. It's ready. I don't stuff the bird with the stuffing anymore. So, there is your carbo, or one of them. Reheat it when dinner is ready.

    Okay, I admit, it's a lot different from Mother's stuffing but you get the idea what hers was like.

    Wishing everyong a lovely, safe, peaceful day. And no matter what your persuasion, be thankful for something. It's good for you. Cleans out your brain. :-)

  10. HOLY CRAP IT'S NANCY! Big congrats on finishing that thing, Kansas, sounds like this one did not come easy. So very nice to see you, and I hope you & yours do indeed have a day ful of grate. :)

  11. Happy Turkey Day, all!! (I bet those turkeys in the pic are quite thankful).

    Spending the day in the quiet and writing, as deadlines wait for no holiday.

    Dina, best wishes to your brother, SIL and the kids. A big hug to Chris for tomorrow!! Wish I could be there with you this year.

    Farf!!! A very happy 51!! Hope your day is fabulous in all ways.

    For those of you having the traditional feast - enjoy, be merry, have a blast.

    ::hugs to all::

  12. Oops, Comment part the 2nd.

    I posted my Thanks & Wishes post on my blog yesterday. ::facepalm for forgetfulness:

  13. Hey, Jen, hi and thanks and, yeah, sometimes it don't come easy, as the old song goes. The good news is that I can hear Roy Orbison in the background waiting, "It's Over, it's oooovverrrr."

  14. woo hoo!!!! Nancy!!!! Welcome back!!! (Oh-oh, I seem to have gone into exclamation overload.)

    I'm so glad I decided to check before I left. And I'm certainly grateful to know I can look forward to having a new book of Nancy's to read.

    Happy T'day, CF and Maria. And all to come.

    Now I'm really "gone".

  15. Eek, I missed FM. Have fun with the family, FM.

    And now I'm really, really, really gone.

  16. Happy Thanksgiving to all who are celebrating it today.

    Everybody eat too much!

    Happy B'Day FarF.

    Welcome back Nancy.

  17. Hey Nancy, welcome back! slings a slice of virtual birthday cake down the table Congrats on finishing the book… so when does it hit the shelves? BTW, I think you missed it, I got promoted to grandparent a couple months ago.

    Andi, I think you were lucky to get two turkeys to hold still that long. They're skittish critters.

    Mason got me up at 6:30 for the bottle… a little earlier than I wanted to get up, but later than expected. 'Course, I didn't have a chance to catch up before it was time to start the bread (which is braided & rising now). Andi, I made challah bread on a whim at T'giving about 10 years ago, and everybody wanted me to do it again for Christmas, then asked about it next year… that's how traditions get started, I guess.

    Cone, I'm 17 for the 3rd time. And thanks to all y'all for the well-wishes. Off to check on stuff, hope to be back later…

  18. Nancy--WooHoo. Cyberhug celebration on finishing!!!

    Farf--Happy, Happy Birthday.
    Hope you feel up to enjoying the day!!

    So much fun reading the variations of recipes. Rice sounds yummy CF.

    Off to make cornbread dressing and some dessert. Haven't been inspired on that yet.

  19. Hello everyone. Nancy, welcome back - we missed you.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Maria, we will miss you but I am glad the work on the book is coming along.

    Love the turkeys, Andi.

  20. Waves at departing Andi & Jim! I made you use excess exclamation points!!!! Iz proud.

    Maryb, I will obey. :)

    Far! Wow, things happen! His name is Mason? I like that very much. Please hug him for me.

    Maria, that "wishes" thing is cool. As are you.

  21. Dina, LisaM, I'm glad to see you guys, too. Been too long. Measured in pages, some tossed, some kept. You guys are all keepers.

  22. Halllooo to all, and Happy Thanksgiving from the lakeside retreat. Hiding out here with friends till the holiday is pasty. Oh, and a special welcome back to Nancy. So good to see you.

  23. Hi Kelly and Toni. I hope you both had a wonderful day yesterday.