Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Poetry Post

Three days with family has left me feeling a bit prickly.

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Husbands and Wives
   by Miriam Hershenson

Husband and wives
     With children between them
sit in the subway;
     So I have seen them.

One word only
     From station to station;
So much talk for
     So close a relation.


  1. Morning Jim,

    Great picture Jim. Hope the last three days hasn't left you as bristled as the plant in your picture.

    On a brighter note for me, all the relatives left for home last night. Peace and quiet has returned to FM land. :)

  2. Holidays are plenty prickly here. I'm with you FM, peace and quiet as house breathes sigh after all holiday goings on over.

    Daughter started the Chritmas decorating last night. Using silk plant as "tree" this year decorated with red lights. Plenty of other decorations to make things look festive.

    Last day of freedom--sigh. And I gotta go to school and do some prep work for this next week. Make copies and get work ready for kiddos.
    Working on story this morning.
    Relaxing Sunday to All.

  3. Morning to all. Yes, work starts back up tomorrow, but a mere 18 days until break.

    Off to do school work.

  4. Happy Sunday, all. Hope it's a day of R&R from the holiday festivities. Maybe two days is optimal visiting time, to avoid prickliness.

    Set up my friends' wireless router yesterday, so I'm back online. Having a good visit - seeing more friends today, and the Christmas lights of St Augustine. Oh, and helping clean their pool. Back home in the morning, and hopefully back to warmer weather. (Yes, I'm a wuss.)

    Nice to see you back regularly, Fam - hope you stick around! And did anyone notice Nancy started her blog again?

    Have a great day, all.

  5. Toni & Lisa, I spent an hour at school yesterday running off papers for the week. Today is a grading day. When do you two get out for winter break? We go all through the 23rd and the teachers return on the 4th. The kids come back on the 5th.

    FM, I'm afraid the plant in the photo mirrored my mood.

    Beth, have fun with your friends, and be careful with the pool cleaning chemicals.

  6. Jim, that pic looks like my in-laws, except that they were unusually well-behaved this time.

    Good job setting up the router, Beth — that's one way to make sure you can get online!

    Here's hoping the teachers can keep things interesting through the between-holiday weeks. I am SO looking forward to vaca after the current hairball at the mimes gets coughed up.

  7. Sympathetic feelings here, Jim. Although, the most I remember from old get togethers in the past were always fun and filled with laughter. But I'm finding that as memories get older, they also get better. :-)

    All the best to you all.

  8. Hope you've all had a good holiday and the prickly feelings are subsiding. My younger daughter and family finally went home to their new kitchen after 4 weeks, though my husband is now having to work round them as he finishes it for them. Still, it's peaceful round here, even though we didn't squabble, and the cats have stopped hiding under the table!

    Have just forced myself to look at the work in progress (not much of it so far, approx 9k words) and as it didn't make me throw up, I think it's probably OK. (Oh, the joys of the writing life!)

    Looking forward to next week's wonderful photos, Andi - I always appreciate them even if I don't stop by to say so.

  9. Beth I did see Nancy is back at her blog again - Woo Hoo!

    Jim sorry about your mood, but look at it the way I do. T'giving is over and the family is gone. Now I have a whole month to prepare for X-mas when I have to do it all over again! There's just something wrong about that logic. ;)

  10. Hi all,
    I probably over stated the family aspect of the holiday. It was just one more day of people in a week than I am used to dealing with. So my mood wasn't prickly this week because I had to deal with family, I'm just prickly by nature.

  11. Hi, Jim,
    We enjoyed our trip to your neck of the woods - however brief it was. We've noticed how many couples and families eat out without speaking or looking at each other, something we find hard to understand.
    Our difficulties were mostly that we like to walk, and this bunch of family likes to ride around in their cars to sight see. That's ok for somethings, but not as the main entertainment after driving 300+miles each way over a weekend.

    Home: the beasts, the comfy furniture, the familiar, is so good at the end.

  12. Kidspeak, I'm sorry Andi and I missed you and Teach this weekend.

  13. Like a red wheelbarrow in the rain, one word can make all the difference. :)

    Nancy is not really back at her blog, I hear. She's just dumping her weekly writing journal there until the brilliant, generous, and wildly talented katiebird lets her put it up on her website.

  14. Ah, Beth will stop the happy "Nancy's Blog is Back" dance. But Nancy is showing up here and there, so Beth is fine with that.