Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Poetry Post


The photographer
    Dean Thorpe

A normal person sees a storm,
thinks help and runs away

A photographer sees that storm,
and runs the other way

Off into the cold they go,
the wind, the rain and more

To capture pics no matter what,
of all the things they saw

Watching all the huge waves crashing,
defiantly they stand

Looking out from beneath the pier,
with camera in hand

Why do we do such stupid things,
like photograph the snow

We can't resist to get that pic,
so off we always go

We see the world through rule of thirds,
and many shades of grey

The search to get the perfect shot,
continues every day.


  1. Oops, early riser. Hopefully Lisa is sleeping in today!

    Great picture, Jim. Gives me a new perspective of the trouble andi goes to for her gorgeous shots. And fun poem, too.

    Last day in KW. Bittersweet - finally had to acknowledge yesterday that the guy I was dating dumped me without a word. Even brought a girl to a party where he knew I'd be. Pretty tacky. No broken heart, but broken trust. And little sleep, so today could be a long one.

    Home tomorrow, readying for Idaho visitors. It'll be hard to leave the island, though my tired feet won't complain.

    Hope your Sunday is stellar. Watch some football for me!

  2. Love the Poem, Jim and seeing Andi in Action.
    As a science teacher, I was always interested in the wild weather and geologic formations and interesting flaura and critters. Usually going forward into the fray.

    Beth, you are so much braver than I. Dating takes a great deal of courage and energy. I don't know many guys that could keep up with the traveling, party girl. Now a dog or cat won't let ya down.

    Maria--hope the words are a flowing.

    Farf--Braving the chicken houses--You rock--Renaissance man.

    Having brunch with Margie Lawson--teacher I spent a week with in Colorado, and another lady I met there.
    Busy with rewrites and school work and grocery shopping and and and typical weekend. Horns won. I'll be rooting for the Broncos with ya Beth.
    Cyberhugs to All.

  3. I LOVE this poem!!! It is so perfect and so true! I've done that exact same thing so many times!

    Great photo!! Gotta look for the little things, wherever they are.

    All the best to everyone who passes this way.

  4. Another perfect post Jim! :D

    What photo were you taking Andi -- the waterdrops on leaf (which is a gorgeous shot)?

  5. Beth, sorry about your bad evening. I hope you can prop your weary feet up and enjoy some Atlantic coast sunrises and Ida moves through quickly and quietly.

    Lisa, I've been putting together a set of nature photos that you might be interested in. When I get it done, I'll put up a link.

    Coneflower, when you don't notice how wet and cold you are until after you've got the shot, it's great - even if the photo isn't.

    Olivia, if it's perfect, it's only because I had good material to work with. :-D

  6. Very cool & honest poem.
    With a dash of humor.