Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Still E-fernally Yours

Taken November 8, 2009

Taken November 21, 2009.
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  1. I need someone to comment so I'll have something to say which means I've got nothing to say but I didn't want Beth to be greeted by the VGW.

    Morning all.

  2. Andi - you beat me to it!! I've been awake all night, courtesy of the Insomnia Fairy and was going to see if I could conquer the VGW. ::g::

    I gave up on sleep around 3:30, when it seemed silly to try to sleep for < 3 hours.

    Writing got done, however, plus I totally now have a logo (thanks to a great designer).

    I have *no* earthly clue how I'm going to stay awake at work today...Perhaps I'll leave early and do a Starbucks run.

  3. Got up early but Andi still beat me. Back from the boonies yesterday afternoon. Love the ferns.
    Andi, you and I would make a good team. I love babies--they don't talk back and require as much social interaction. Rocking and cooing are my forte. I'll turn them over to you toddler years.

    Beth, sounds like situation normal--BUSY with you. Keeper is a cutie. The completed manuscript picture--you said it was your first. How many of those ya got?

    Maria--hope you are feeling better and the words flow. See you posted while I wrote. Hugs and some energy to make it through work.

    Dina--sending energy your way.

    Jen--Yum. Glad you have someone to cook for this year.

    Farf--Big cyberhugs to you and Mason. He is indeed a lucky tike.
    Kids--one reason I gotta color my hair. I can practically smell those rolls.

    Boran--good the cheesecake is virtual for me. Sounds great.

    Nicki--Hope you get some sun soon.

    O--Love the yarn pictures. I miss doing my quilting since writing has taken up so much of my time. Working with your hands is soul soothing.

    Brain gone empty. Had plenty of fun. My friend that met me at Cherokee has two new rescue dogs-- a golden and golden-border collie mix they were a bundle of energy and could run and chase each other FAST. Poor Atticus the corgi had to be content with watching those races. His short legs couldn't keep up. Black Angus cows DON'T like barking dogs. They gathered close to the gate when Lucky and Atticus acted the fool. Not the smartest canines.
    Hopefully I got a good pic or two of this pack and can post later in the week.

    Jim, enjoy your days off!!!!

    Still got some cleaning to do, but David and Lauren did a great deal while I was gone. Good plan on my part.
    Waves to Head, CF, MaryB, Bono, FM and any others that come.
    Terrific Tuesday to all.

  4. Maria, that logo is way cool. The publishers should definitely put it on the cover of your next book.

    Welcome back, Lisa. Can't wait to see your pictures. Hope you continue to enjoy the long break.

  5. Wow! I feel like I'm late to the party. Busy folks so early. I'm overwhelmed by your desire to save me from the VGW. :-)

    Must be a treat to still find green, andi.

    Glad you had fun, Lisa - sounds like a wonderful weekend. Keeper would have had a blast with your fur friends!

    Three, to answer your question, although two need rewrites. Just can't drag my butt back into writing - letting life's struggles get in the way. Need someone to kick said butt back into my chair.

    Great logo, Maria! Sorry about the insomnia - hope Starbucks keeps you going til you can come home and collapse.

    Having my palm read today - girlfriend wants company on her adventure. Should be interesting - or at least amusing!

    Off to get my oil changed, preparing for my drive to St Augustine on Thursday. Have a great day, y'all!

  6. Waves to all!

    Love those shots, Andi. Our ferns are history at this point.

    I'm loving the wifi that now covers part of this building!

    Back to work.

  7. ??? I could have sworn I sent a comment this morning, but now it's gone. Meh.

    Got a little writing done at lunch, though.

  8. Come back Beth and tell us what the palm reader said!

    Hi b2. Does the wifi let you see images or are they still blocked?

    I'm sure whatever you wrote, Farf, was brilliant.

  9. It was interesting, andi. I could believe that she was just speaking in generalities that are true for everyone, and not meant specifically for me. Then again, she didn't warn me to get off drugs or divorce my cheating husband or stop sending money to televangelists, so....

    She pointed out that I have a clean house, will live a long life, make friends easily yet enjoy spending time alone, will meet a guy soon because I'm not supposed to be alone forever, and will soon receive a medium sum of money that I must reinvest. She also said I'd get three job offers, but to take the first one.

    The skeptic in me thought it was interesting, but not real. The gullible me thought she was right about a few things, and wanted to believe in her. For $10, what can you expect? I wanted her to read the tarot cards, but $50 was a little (lot) rich for my blood.

    I'd do it again...and I'm ready to meet the guy and get the money and the job offers NOW! :-)

  10. Yeah I think you should take the that first offer of the job bartending for the gorgeous multi-millionaire on his exquisite 150-ft yacht too. :)

  11. Sounds like a plan, andi - now if I could just find his address to send him a resume...

  12. Good luck with that!

    That's part of the comment I wrote: one, booting Beth to the writing chair. Two, my "someday" list includes making a documentary about fortune tellers & psychics. I recently learned that where I grew up (SW Mich) there are century-old ordinances in most of the towns, prohibiting fortune tellers and the like from setting up shop. Which explains why I never saw any until I moved away…

  13. I'm sure he'll find you, Beth. :)

    Sounds like a fun documentary, Farf.

    Good night all.

  14. As you can see, I'm running late... three days late. But I try to always check in sooner or later. You all sound so happy and AWAKE!!!

    Beautiful ferns, Andi. Really lovely.