Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Red Dawn

Taken November 1, 2009.

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  1. I'll start my day here with Andi's Red Dawn. Love light on trees. Light is a valued commodity these days when I go to work in the dark and it's dead dark by 6.

    Yesterday was the New Moon and you could tell it from the behavior of the kids. And there aren't even any vampires and werewolves. Plenty of Drama Kings and Queens though.

    Beth, enjoy being home and some quiet before the holiday times.

    Maria, I can give you a second lesson on how to ease the need to organize and clean when you have a writing deadline.
    Daughter dear complains I don't dust and clean enough--sigh. Note to self--Get rid of more stuff so less to dust.

    Gotta go. Busy day-MORE kiddos coming. Taps the heels of my houseshoes--There's no time like the week of Thanksgiving. There's no time like the week of Thanksgiving.

  2. Good morning Andi and Lisa

    We still have some time down here before all the trees and leaves begin to look like that. I looked across at my neighbors yard yesterday and she still has some flowers blooming.

    I hope everyone has been doing well.

  3. Did you give your drama kings and queens a critical review, Lisa? Hang in there, the break is coming.

    Howdy FM. Glad to see you leave your greenery to come visit here where all the leaves are brown and the sky is grey (sing it, Mama Cass).

  4. Breathtaking shot, andi. Reminds me of an artist, but of course I can't think who. Love the light and the colors and the crispness.

    A few more days, Lisa - hang in there.

    Hi Fam!!! (waving madly)

    Slowly recovering from visitors. House is clean, loose ends being tied. Starting to work in the yard, now that it's cool enough to do so. This week's mission: killing fire ants.

    Need to get up and walk the dog. Hope everyone has a stellar Hump Day!

  5. Well darn, Beth, you mean I might have wasted a Life Imitates Art opportunity? Ah, Keeper has recovered enough to go for walks? If so, good news.

  6. Your Life always imitates Art, andi! :-)

    Yep, feet pretty much healed (Keeper's, not mine). So we're chasing the ball and walking again, which helps siphon some of his boundless Lab energy. Which is a good thing, since he doesn't have a Pack to help him do that...

  7. Andi, this is breathtaking! The light on all those red leaves. Wonderful!!

    Sorry, Lisa, that you had more new ones come in. Take lots of deep breaths.

    FM!!! I am so glad to see you. Are the usual big T-day plans shaping up? How is everything with you?

    Beth, glad to hear you and Keeper are getting out and about. Very cool.

    All the best to you all and all who will be coming soon.

  8. You were up early, Andi! Whizzing through at top speed as usual, hoping life will calm down soon so I can drop in for coffee and chat.

    And Lisa: "Daughter dear complains I don't dust and clean enough--sigh." If that was one of my daughters, she'd be handed a duster and told to get on with it herself! Take a break, if you dust today, you'll only have to do it again in a couple of months time!

  9. Hi, all - quick check in from the mimes. Busy day - testing, writing stuff. Hope to get some of my stuff written during lunch...oh yeah, that's NOW.

    Catch you all later!

  10. Oh ... oh ... no words, it's just beautiful!

  11. Red leaves in the morning, lumberjacks take warning?

    FM!!!! How the heck are ya??

    Remind me to not go to lunch with the family while I'm supposed to be working at home… drags out into a three-hour thing. Now I'll be working later this evening. Meh.

    Lisa, I agree with Nicola — next time your daughter complains, tell her she's welcome to step in. That's what I tell Mrs. Fetched all the time :)

  12. Are the leaves all gone in northern Ohio, CF? They are gone here. :(

    Hey Nicky. Long time since you've been by. Hope all is well with you and yours.

    Hmm, lunch time writing -- when we get the part of the next book where Keira has a lovely portabella panini, I guess we'll know when that was written. :)

    Psst, O, "beautiful" is a word. ;)

    Farf, now "I'm a lumberjack and I'm all right" will be my earworm for the rest of the day.

    Well look at this - I'm away for ages and drop back, only to plug the book! But I'm delighted because I just googled (vain creature) and found "Death is the Cure" on BookDepository: pre-order discount with free postage worldwide (if anyone fancies a Christmas present, hint hint!)

  14. Maxwell Parrish? Yes I think so.

  15. Yes, all leaves are gone....except for some Norway Maples. I have a few remaining on my little baby maple in the front flower bed. Can't really call it a tree yet, cut it's trying. :-)

  16. Absolutely beautiful. But you had to go and title it after the worst movie ever made. I should know, I worked as a projectionist at the time and I had to sit through 4 back to back screenings one Friday night.

    Hey Andi. I had your site bookmarked, but forgot whose it was. Now I know.

    Off to Hobart to get my back tweeked. I'll try to get a Dog Blog up when I get back.


  17. (Waves to all)

    That's a nice moody photo, Andi.

    :::whispering::: I believe that's Maxfield Parrish, Mary.

    We had a crazy trial today where the other attorney, my adversary and a bit of a fool, wanted to call me as a witness. The judge wouldn't play along with this silliness. He relented but attempted other hilarities.

  18. Feel free to plug your books any time, Nicky.

    I've already done Parrish, Mary. Give me a new one. ;)

    CF, any leaves left are good. Bare is not my favorite way to see trees -- though it is nice for getting to see the shape of the land.

    Hi Lori! What fun to see you here and even more fun to think about what pics you'll have for Thursday Dog Blogging. As for the title, I have no problem disassociating my blog titles from original source material. :)

    Hiya b2. I'm sure Mary was just combining Maxwell Perkins and Maxfield Parrish into a one person who both could provide art to imitate and could save me from unfortunate blog titles. Did you pull some shenanigans back to even things out with the lawyer?

  19. oh yeah. Maxfield.

    I don't know. One of those pre-rafaelite guys who use these colors? (or gals_)

    Dammit Jim, I'm a lawyer not an art history major!

  20. I was trying to figure out when Jim said anything but suddenly I woke up and got the Star Trek allusion.