Saturday, November 28, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods ...

Synecdoche version

Taken November 7, 2009.

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  1. Andi, flowing water and leaf--two of my favorites--you are a wonder.

    I'm easily amused too and that makes life so much more enjoyable.
    Did go out into the retail world, but small scale. Hubby was looking for things to make a sign and spruce up the table his scout troop has at the gun show. Raffling a shotgun as a money maker. So we went to Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnn's Fabric. Nice time together without being crazy like at a mall. Looked for a small prelit tree but they want too much so Bah Humbug. Want to have a table top decoration rather than big tree this year.
    Brother gone home so house back to normal.
    Sensational Saturday to All.

  2. I plan on staying as far away from stores as possible, Lisa, until the crazy is over. But brave you for sallying forth.

  3. Morning Andi and Lisa,

    Wonderful picture Andi. Is that water or ice covering the leaf?

    On T'giving day one of my brothers said that he takes he daughter to the Black Friday sales every year. However, this year he said he didn't have anything he really needed to buy. He said he would be taking his daughter anyway since it's a father/daughter tradition. His wife said she wouldn't go near a mall or any other store on Black Friday. :)

  4. Morning, all! Missed the fun yesterday. Had a great Thanksgiving - yummy dinner, friends stopped by for dessert with their 2 Great Danes, so a wunnerful evening.

    Did a little shopping yesterday - scored a ShopVac, whoopee! Missed the crowds, though - only 15 people at Ace Hardware at 7am.

    COLD here - sheesh! Forgot what cold felt like - high of 62 yesterday (stop laughing) - but 40's most of the day. Shivering in my flip flops and skimpy sweater. Will appreciate going home to warm again on Monday.

    Glad everyone had a great holiday. I'm off to Starbucks to meet my friend post-run (her, not me), and then shopping and Art Fest in the park, martinis at the Tiny Martini Bar, and who knows what else.

    Stay warm, and enjoy your Saturday!

  5. Morning, all!

    No shopping for me, either physically or online. I'm in Bah Humbug mode, especially after reading a few news stories about the crazy.

    Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday. As per usual, I shall be writing/reading/relaxing.


  6. First, I forgot yesterday to say how much I like that photo you posted. My first thought was "take the road less traveled by". Lovely.

    The photo today is equally beautiful. Such clarity and wonderful lighting. It almost looks like the water itself is bendiing to flow over the leaf. Love it!

    I didn't leave the house yesterday either. Too much madness. I didn't even shop on line. :-)

    Take care, All. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  7. Morning FM. It's water. Thankfully it's not been cold enough for flowing water to freeze here yet.

    Umm, Beth ... if you wear socks and shoes when it's in the 40s instead of flip flops, you won't be quite as cold.

    I'm with you, Maria -- online shopping is the bees knees. :)

    Actually, CF, your good eye for detail is showing -- the water flow was being shaped by the leaf. That was so unusual that it was what caught my attention.

  8. Morning all, spent Black Friday in the north woods ten minutes from the nearest place you could buy anything, same as last year. Good plan.

  9. Hey all… Andi, I think this pic is great, but what are the little white squiggles on the leaf?

    Black Friday was an appropriate tag for yesterday, as I spent the afternoon in the chicken houses. I might be doing it again shortly, although The Boy isn't answering his smellphone & the stuff that needs to be done today involves working in pairs. Personally, I like Kelly's idea: hole up far away from stuff like that.

  10. Luckily I tossed shoes, socks, sweaters and jeans in my trunk, just in case. And I'm wearing them - but am still whining. A little better today in the sun - supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow, so maybe I can pack the coat again. What a wuss. :-)

  11. Just got home from the third and last family outing of the holiday. ::big sigh of relief::

    Kelly, I spend every Friday (and every other day as well) 10 minutes from any place you could buy anything (but in 12 minutes I can get to the little country market).

    Farf, the white squigglies are the light reflecting on the water.

    I'm glad you've warmed up, Beth.

    Night everybody.