Friday, November 27, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods

Well not quite -- since we're going to Cincy to see Jim's mom, the correct sequence is through the woods and over the river(s).

Taken November 6, 2009.

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  1. We're off to Cincinnati to see Jim's mom in a couple of hours so I won't be around much today either ... unless I decide to test my digital dexterity for real and comment via the iPhone.

    Hope everyone had a fine and full day yesterday.

  2. Safe travels Andi and Jim visiting mom.

    Exhausted and did less food prep than in other years. 22 was our final number that came which was a bit low for us. Still plenty of food left. Finally got people gone by 6:45 last night.
    A&M wasn't an easy game and Daughter scared Corgi with screaming at tv.
    Great to see sonboy, if only for the day. Brother leaves today and whew back to normal.
    Daughter backed out of going to museum to go shopping with friend. Fine with me.

    I'm ready for minimalist Christmas decorating this year.
    Hope everyone has a great day with family, friends or restfull but productive if that is your need.

    Beth--Yeah for your Broncos.

    Cyberhugs to all.

  3. Safe travels, Andi & Jim! Love the pathway beckons.

    Morning, Lisa!

    I'm up early because I want to block out final bits of book 4, or at least enough so I can feel less stressed.

    Spent a good part of yesterday writing, then reading a bit. Offline, which was nice.

    Hope everyone had a great feast!

  4. Hope you Fs have a nice visit and a safe drive.

    We had food served, dinner eaten and dishes in the dishwasher by noon, at which point I declared victory over thanksgiving and then spent the rest of the day playing video games and eating leftovers. Will spend this morning writing, then rinse and repeat yesterday's afternoon, w00t. Hope everyone else has a great day, whatever y'all are getting up to.

  5. Yo!

    Another holiday with the in-laws survived. They gave me a very nice b-day present by not starting one of their Olympic-level squabbling sessions. Mason was a big hit as always; The Boy & Snippet showed up and took him home with them but we ended up bringing him back to the manor last night anyway. I need to get a few pix off the camera.

    Looks like I'm getting drafted for chicken house duty either today or tomorrow. Such is the downside of any holiday around here. DD has Mason right now.

    Y'all have a good one, and I'll try to do the same.

  6. Collapsed into bed at 9:30 last night, and I only cooked for 4 people. Lisa, I don't know how you do it.

  7. Morning everyone,

    Andi and Jim have a safe trip.

    We had 30 out at the farmhouse yesterday. Lots of food and George and I will be eating leftovers for awhile.

    Hope everyone has a good day and a great w/e.

  8. Did I know you (or Jim) got an iphone? I remember talking to Jim about mine when I was there but if he (or you) told me (us) that you got one, I forgot.

    I only had to make a cranberry dish for yesterday. 26 people at my aunt's house. Wonderful time as always. Too much food.

    Waves to all. Have a good day-after. :)

  9. No big meal for me, just papers to grade. I love how in the photo the background looks like a water color painting. Pretty cool.

  10. Glad everyone had or is having a nice holiday. Ours was quiet but nice. Woke up to snow this morning. Big fluffy flakes and about an inch of cover which started melting almost right away. Really pretty though.

  11. Hi honeys, we're home. ::huge yawn::

    Lisa, you're a champ. Hope the rest of the weekend is more relaxing.

    Hope the work on the book went well, Maria.

    We had a good visit, Jen. Congrats on your victory. :)

    Farf, my sympathies on the chicken house duties.

    Nancy, you're a champ too -- as far as I'm concerned, cooking for more than two is an ordeal.

    I'll bet George just loves Thanksgiving all to pieces.

    Mary, Jim got the iPhone he's been lusting for last month when he accidentally (yeah right) left his cell phone in his pants pocket and it went through the laundry.

    Hi TT. Well I guess if you have health care and parental leaves and all those other Canadian goodies, Thanksgiving isn't such a terrible thing to lose.

    Ugh CF. No snow. I'm not ready.

    Good night everybody.

  12. Hi, Andi

    Did you have to tell the iPhone backstory? Ken is scurrying right now to put his cell phone in his pants pocket. Ibet he also "volunteers" to do the laundry when we get home.

    While you're in Cincinnati, we're almost in Brown county, for about 28 hours total. My mom finally settled (early this week) on Columbus as the halfway point between the three sets of family converging for Thanksgiving, so my brother can get to St. Louis for a concert Saturday night.

    Nothing like Ky barbeque sandwiches and Indiana wine for the t-day feast. At least we avoided my mom's (awful) homemade cranberry relish this way.

  13. KS, are you still in Columbus? We'll be in town later today and could meet if you're haven't left yet.